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Adam Levin

Does Your Airline Really Understand Data Security?

Adam Levin | October 9, 2015 | Technology
A friendly reminder to organizations in regular communication with the public: You never know who John Q. Public is; for example, it could be me--Adam K. Levin. (Not to be confused with the singer of the almost same name--Adam Levine.) But there are a bunch of Adam Levins, which is...
Doug Millard

Defeating Earth's Gravity: It All Comes Down to Money

Doug Millard | October 8, 2015 | UK Tech
Today, we still send humans into space, but the next big challenge will likely have to do without the big bucks of the first space race: whether the mission is to send people to Mars or perhaps to reconnoitre an asteroid.

Futurologist: By 2050, Most of Us Will Be Having Sex With Robots

Inverse | October 8, 2015 | Technology
This article originally appeared on Inverse. By Ben Guarino By 2050, robots are going to be everywhere, says futurologist Ian Pearson, a consultant at the UK company Futurizon who, tellingly, also goes by @Timeguide on Twitter. They'll...
Andy Plesser

(VIDEO) Biggest Ad Challenge Is 'Invalid Traffic': comScore's Trigg

Andy Plesser | October 8, 2015 | Technology
COLOGNE -- As an acronym, it doesn't seem to make any sense. But "IVT" (that's "invalid traffic") is now the new industry jargon for what had been called "non-human traffic", the scourge of online ads being triggered to defraud advertisers using fake views. The Media Ratings Council this summer put together...
Melanie Nathan

The Innovative Ways GPS Is Being Used in Today's Society

Melanie Nathan | October 8, 2015 | Canada Business
The Global Positioning System, more commonly known by the abbreviation GPS, is much more than a simple map tool for driving. While using GPS satellite navigation can help save time and gas money on long car trips, GPS applications go far beyond travel to areas such as farming, animal tracking, and even gaming.
Andy Plesser

(VIDEO) Virool is Using Facial Recognition for Ad Targeting

Andy Plesser | October 8, 2015 | Technology
Virool, the video adtech platform that provides publishers with a means to monetize video advertising outside of the traditional video player and into the content stream, is analyzing the facial expressions of consumers to measure reactions to specific video ads, explains CEO Alex Debelov, in this interview with Beet.TV...
James A. Roberts

Cellularitis: Sleeping With Our Smartphones

James A. Roberts | October 8, 2015 | Technology
Are you having a love affair with your cell-phone? Nearly two-thirds of adults sleep with their cell-phone in their bed or within arm's length every night, according to Pew Research. An astounding 90 percent of teens and young adults are sleeping with their cell-phones.
Jessica Biber

Test-Driving UberEATS: Lunch Delivery in 5 Minutes

Jessica Biber | October 8, 2015 | Technology
For the past few years, Uber has delivered drivers to my door in a matter of minutes. Today, it delivered something even better: food.

The Real Reasons Silicon Valley Won't Fix The 'Important' Problems

Quora | October 8, 2015 | Technology
Don't software engineers work on real problems all the time? If a software engineer is hired by anyone, as a contractor, employee or self-employed, they are, I am assuming, working on a problem that is real to someone. These problems are as diverse in nature as humans are diverse.
Graham Ahearne

Nero to Neurons to Networks

Graham Ahearne | October 8, 2015 | Technology
The ancient Roman emperor Nero gets a bad rap. He's infamous for allegedly fiddling while Rome burned, and in fact has been accused of starting that fire to clear room for a palace he was building -- all in all, not a great move for approval numbers.
Kathrine Mott

How to Grow Tech Talent Right Now

Kathrine Mott | October 8, 2015 | Impact
Educators have found--and medical science supports--that children are capable of developing new skills when they are young, especially during the middle school years. It's the critical time to introduce students to coding, engineering, and other high-demand industries in the evolving American economy.
Edward J. Black

The Hidden Cost of Internet Connection: Will the FCC Intervene?

Edward J. Black | October 8, 2015 | Technology
While many consumers complain about the cost of both their wired broadband and mobile broadband services, it's up to the FCC to support more competition so that companies naturally have more incentive to offer better rates and service.
Janell Burley Hofmann

Instagram iRules for Beginners

Janell Burley Hofmann | October 7, 2015 | Parents
1. Pause before you post. Ask, does this feel/sound/seem like something I should share? Yes?! Go for it! 2. Be tech positive & post only comments, pictures, & shares that lift up. It's contagious!
Oliver Leung

Making Love on a Whim

Oliver Leung | October 7, 2015 | Technology
There are plenty of opportunities to find prospects online, but according to Eve Peters,
Joel S. Bloom

Getting Personal With Big Data

Joel S. Bloom | October 7, 2015 | Technology
If you're like most people, Big Data may not mean much to you yet. It might even just make your eyes glaze over. Like the cloud or cybersecurity or bioprinting, it's just one more thing you don't have to know about -- until you do.
Kathy Naasz

'Can I Actually Get a Degree in Tweeting?'

Kathy Naasz | October 7, 2015 | Business
You're going to have to know more than how to post a Facebook update to earn a six-figure paycheck. A career in social media requires education and experience in general business and marketing disciplines.
Lolita Taub

3 Tech Millennial Entrepreneurs Make It Easy to Like Work

Lolita Taub | October 7, 2015 | Technology
It can be difficult to like traditional work. That's why, this week, I connected with 3 tech millennial entrepreneurs who are making it easy to like work again. My goal: to share some tricks and tips on making it easy to like work.
Alex Salkever

Google Cars Becoming Safer: Let the Robots Drive

Alex Salkever | October 7, 2015 | Technology
Humans, sadly, are far harder to program or improve because our systems are not software. Let's admit it. The data continue to mount. Let the robots drive, please, and help more of us arrive alive.
Cindy Rizzo

Lesbians Who Tech: I Have Seen the Future and It Is Filled With Brilliant Lesbians

Cindy Rizzo | October 7, 2015 | Gay Voices
Eight hundred queer women and a smattering of men crowded into an auditorium at NYU Law School Friday for the annual Lesbians Who Tech (LWT) Summit, an event that rotates between San Francisco and New York City in the U.S. and has now branched out globally.
Doug Lebda

How to Stay Financially Safe in a Digital World

Doug Lebda | October 7, 2015 | Business
Computers, smart phones and other internet-enabled mobile devices are the primary vehicles we use to communicate and exchange information. Although this exposes us to potential cyber security risks, there are ways to limit the negative impact of a security breach.
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