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Lava Amps: Tapping into Volcano Power

XPRIZE | January 29, 2015 | Technology
If you're familiar with geothermal energy, you know most existing geothermal projects rely on high-temperature permeable rock relatively near the surface that has its own naturally occurring water supply.
Tammy Kahn Fennell

An Open Letter to Apple From Parents Everywhere

Tammy Kahn Fennell | January 29, 2015 | Parents
We want to use your products, we just don't want our children to keep losing them... because looking for something nearly as thin as a credit card amongst transformers, books, blankets, shoes, backpacks, crayons, and snacks... well... it might just make us lose our minds.
Adrian Nazari

President's State of the Union and White House Proposals Do Little to Address Real Privacy and Data Security Concerns

Adrian Nazari | January 29, 2015 | Technology
While I share president Obama's goals, I fear the complexities of data security could lead to solutions that don't solve the problems -- or actually could make the problems worse.
Druce Vertes, CFA

PCs Were the Triumph of the Nerds; iPhone is the Revenge of the Cool Kids

Druce Vertes, CFA | January 29, 2015 | Technology
Microsoft's triumph was driven by standards and economics. Corporate IT picked IBM and hence Microsoft. Clone competition drove costs down. Scale and platform effects made PCs and eventually Windows ubiquitous. The iPhone is driven by the consumers. No IT folks pushed iPhones. End users demanded it.
John T. Delaney

2014: A Contradiction of Devices and Desires

John T. Delaney | January 29, 2015 | Technology
As much as 2014 will be remembered by these seemingly unlinked events and tragedies, the common element to the widely publicized stories was the role of technology in causing the problem or the inability of technology to solve it.
Kait Sawyer

The Instagram Effect & Faux-tography

Kait Sawyer | January 29, 2015 | Hawaii
What began as a personal platform for sharing photos has turned into a lucrative advertising and marketing module for business owners, entrepreneurs and beyond.
Greg Autry

NASA's Investment in Commercial Space Is Vindicated!

Greg Autry | January 29, 2015 | Business
Last week, Google and Fidelity announced they were acquiring about 10 percent of Elon Musk's Space Exploration Technologies, "SpaceX."
Edward Lando

Snapchat is Taking Risks it Doesn't Have to, and That's Impressive

Edward Lando | January 29, 2015 | Technology
Snapchat is becoming a very complex, deep product. They initially rocketed because there was no faster, more lightweight way of sending a photo. Now their new content channels are hard to find all the way to the right of the app.
Emily Reich

On Web Originality and Public Discourse

Emily Reich | January 29, 2015 | College
One no longer has to be an expert in a field to voice one's opinion. The result is a surplus of articles and blog posts filled with opinions, ideas, and ruminations that range from pointless to profound.
Homa Sabet Tavangar

Use Twitter to Create a Global Classroom

Homa Sabet Tavangar | January 29, 2015 | Education
At a time when global news is sounding alarms across so many issues, the need to connect, be informed, and deepen our understanding is greater than ever.
Young Entrepreneur Council

How to Launch a Killer Kickstarter

Young Entrepreneur Council | January 29, 2015 | Small Business
If you want to get that much-needed funding for your product, crowdfunding is a great option. But to guarantee success, you have to launch a top-notch campaign. Beyond reading the creator requirements for Kickstarter, these eight steps can help ensure your campaign gets shared -- and funded.
Vala Afshar Chief Strategy Officer: Companies Must Innovate Around The Customer

Vala Afshar | January 29, 2015 | Technology
What do you need to successfully build a long-lasting relationship with your customers? As the Chief Strategy Officer for, the #1 most valuable cloud company in the world, Micheal Lazerow spends most of his time trying to answer this question. By spending time...
Adam Levin

The Simple Email Trick that Identity Thieves Hate

Adam Levin | January 29, 2015 | Technology
It may sound ridiculous at first, but a strategic deployment of the most common and visible form of personally identifiable information--the humble email address--might be enough to send a would-be identity thief packing to an easier mark.
Janine Francolini

Everything We Really Need to Know About Social Media We Learned in Kindergarten

Janine Francolini | January 29, 2015 | Technology
It seems like such a simple idea, to play nice with others. But too often we know social media is associated with meanness. It doesn't have to be that way. It's possible to have social media with soul.
David Mandell

The Sharing Economy Is a Gateway Drug

David Mandell | January 29, 2015 | Business
Those who have challenged this in the past instigated social progress, political recourse and cultural revolutions -- all phenomenons rooted in change, outlined to disrupt the norm and drenched in risk -- risk we can't afford to take.
Meia Chita-Tegmark

Why AI?

Meia Chita-Tegmark | January 28, 2015 | Technology
I have come to believe that the reason is that AI engages some of our deepest existential hopes and fears and forces us to look at ourselves in novel, unsettling ways. Even though the ways in which we are forced to face our humanity are new, the issues and questions are old.
Brian Hanley

What Happened to Snapchat's Best Friends Feature and What It Means for Your Relationship

Brian Hanley | January 28, 2015 | Technology
With the Best Friends feature gone, we can no longer rely on the fear of getting caught to act appropriately. We must hold ourselves accountable for our actions. It doesn't matter who's watching.
Illah Nourbakhsh

Systems Science Meets Planet Earth

Illah Nourbakhsh | January 28, 2015 | Technology
Thanks to global social media, that groundswell of change can touch us more more quickly than ever before; so it's time for technology to help us deeply rethink our relationship to the planet.

17 Ways to Make Your Resume Fit On One Page

FindSpark | January 29, 2015 | College
You may look at your resume and think that everything on it is too important to be left off. But let's get real. You're looking for an internship or entry-level job, which means you have just a few years experience.
Jennifer Meer

Why You Should Talk to Your Partner About Technology

Jennifer Meer | January 28, 2015 | Technology
Too often, his time with the kids is limited really to bedtime hours -- that brief window between 6:30 and 8pm. When he's home during those hours, it is imperative to me that he have his phone put away.
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