Candid Camera: Video Journalism Alters DC's Media Culture

04/01/2009 04:11 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Remember when Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma brought us a truly awful rendition of Elton John's "Rocket Man," all because he made an unfortunate bet over the NCAA Football National Championship Game with Florida Senator Bill Nelson? Oy vey is right, but it MUST be seen! That video, among (perhaps more incisive) others, was produced by's Andrew Satter, who joins the hosts of Wilshire & Washington to talk about video journalism and DC media culture in the Obama Era. What are the faux-pas of video-journalism? How do you balance between gotcha-videos that can go viral and honest reporting? And what are the benefits of experimentation in this new field? Satter (see more of his work here) talks DC under Obama. Has access to the White House changed dramatically with new administration? Is the old guard left out in the cold? And does DC feel any different after such a momentous seachange?

Ted, Teresa, and Maegan also tackle the new auto bailout/takeover and the G20 summit. Teresa isn't too happy with the cars produced by GM or Chrystler but she sounds happy that the CEO is a goner. Maegan and Teresa both share responses to the situation from their social network circles. Satter talks the psychological benefits of sending Obama overseas and the culinary benefits of how empty DC is right now (good restaurant reservations for all!). Finally, Ted brings up the latest development in gay marriage - but this time it's online dating! Apparently eHarmony has been forced to create an online dating site for same-sex people. Is it separate but equal? And isn't "Compatible Partners" just the most ridiculous and un-romantic name possible?

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And here's that marvelous video of our dear Senators Coburn and Nelson engaging in a few shenanigans, even if they never quite reach Elton's level:

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