01/17/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Obama's Press Policy: Is Muckraking the New Shoe-Throwing?

Hey, keep your shoes on! Just because Obama's in office, that doesn't mean journalism is going to be okay! Is the media business model still collapsing? How will bloggers and the White House Press Corp challenge the new administration? Is Obama following the Bush model of secrecy over transparency? Jay Rosen, professor of journalism at NYU and author of the award-winning blog PressThink, joins our hosts for a fascinating discussion into the future of online journalism.

Also, what about Time's choice for their Person of the Year? Barack Obama - who's that? Thank goodness it wasn't some nebulous concept choice this year... And is Obama creating a Democratic power vacuum by creating a bunch of vacancies in the Senate through his cabinet
choices? Is he risking his majority? And finally, yes, we gotta talk SHOES! Is the whole shoe-throwing incident overblown? Could it be national catharsis for a president we'll never see regret anything? Or is it just hilarious? Tune in to this week's Wilshire & Washington, with hosts Ted, Teresa, and Maegan, and they just might tell you!

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