04/08/2009 03:38 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

O's EuroTrip: All We Got Was This Lousy iPod

So, President Obama goes all the way to Europe, Turkey, and even Iraq, and what did he get out of it? For all those pretty pictures, a ton of nice videos of great speeches in front of enthusiastic crowds, were there any concessions from European leaders on Afghanistan or a worldwide bailout? Did he get anything of value? Uh, no, not even a stupid t-shirt. And for every little faux-pas Obama makes, like his "totally awesome" gifts to Gordon Brown and the Queen, doesn't that make it even harder to get Europe on his side? Plus, while the media coverage here in America was lavishly kind - minus Fox News, of course, who suggested Obama had repealed the Declaration of Independence -didn't anyone read all the criticism from European media?

In today's Wilshire & Washington, our hosts Ted, Teresa, and Maegan tackle all these questions, and with the help from our regular guest, Media Lizzy, we also take on this week's announcement about cuts to the Defense Budget by Mr. Gates. Lizzy isn't taking too kind to these cuts, mostly because she feels they're being done ideologically rather than intelligently. And if Obama tries to push through these cuts to Defense, fifty or so Senators are going to say, "wait just a second, that affects a ton of jobs in my state," and the President will quickly find himself in a Congressional revolt.

We also address the latest developments in gay marriage, from Vermont to Iowa, and the possibilities of future states tackling the issue. And finally, everyone gets to weigh in on the hiring of Gen-Y's favorite stoner for a White House job: Kal Penn, who is giving up his cush job as an actor on the hit show House for a public relations gig at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Will it inspire kids to be pols rather than movie actors? Will anyone ever take Kumar seriously?
-- Blaise Nutter, Show Producer

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