03/24/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Post-MA Massacre: Mr. Cosmo's Victory, SCOTUS FAIL, and Obama's 2010

On today's Wilshire & Washington, it's looking grim for the Democrats. Or was this their plan all along? This week's first big headline should be the Coakley KO in Massachusetts, but in some ways, the much bigger story was the decision handed down by the Supreme Court yesterday, essentially ruling that corporations are people too and they deserve the right to political speech. Now, whether or not this means a person can marry a corporation, I'm not sure, but it's going to certainly mean that big-money industries like oil, pharma, health care, etc are all going to have a little more say in our political system. Oh, you didn't think it was possible? Ha. Just wait for it: "Senator John McCain (R-AZ, brought to you by Exxon Mobil)." It's coming, ladies and gentlemen. But what will the immediate impacts be of this change in campaign finance laws? Weren't there enough loopholes already in McCain-Feingold? Is campaign finance reform dead? How will it impact the 2010 midterm election?

But the Scott "Mr. Cosmo" Brown victory in Kennedy's home state is still looking like a big huge wrench in that whole "liberal agenda" and the Dems' chances come 2010. Since everyone's pretty much set on waiting for Brown to be seated before continuing the epic struggle that is health care reform, that fight is probably going to become a little more, well, epic. Of course, the Dems never really had a supermajority anyway, not with fake Dems like Senators Lieberman, Baucus and Nelson. It was a supermajority in the same way that Glenn Beck is a force for good on cable TV. Will Obama be able to wrestle health care reform out of this 59-41 congress? Should Dems be freaking out for 2010, or is this just a reminder that voters blame the people in power for their problems and not the people responsible?

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