Republican Domination Online? #topprog Plays Catch-up on Twitter

02/04/2009 01:58 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Looking for a Twitter primer? Listen in to today's show and hear from Chris Cardinal, CEO of Principal Strategy, Inc., who introduces us to the wide world of hashtags for twitter: #topprog for liberal thoughts and news, #dontgo for conservative thoughts and news, and #tcot for microblog entries from top conservative lawmakers. Are Republicans suddenly ahead of the curve in terms of new media? Have they taken any strides forward in organizing though?

So Barackstar can't deliver the GOP house votes? Not a single one, eh? Now what? Hosts Ted Johnson, Maegan Carberry, and Teresa Valdez-Klein weigh in Obama's full-court press to get the Republican Senators on board his stimulus package, and his media blitz on all the major networks last night. Will any of this work? Can conservatives really get behind such a big spending bill? Teresa offers a compelling argument for GOP support of the stimulus.

Finally, Blago has to get a few parting shots as he fades into the void. You miss him already, don't you? Was he insane? Was he brilliant? Does he have a future as a commentator, a la Elliot Spitzer? There's no question, the guy was entertaining.

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