THE BLOG Still Celebrating the Online Inauguration

02/21/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

We have a new white house website, updated with a blog, and you can even subscribe to a feed. Oh, yeah, and there's a new president there too, but back to technology. Really, can anything be official until the website changes over? But with Obama in charge, will the website be anything more than just PR? Can it help people organize and work together, like his campaign did?

But that Inauguration: it sure was something, eh? What happened with Justice Roberts? Did screwing up in front of millions of people maybe remind us all that Obama wasn't born in a manger and to temper our expectations accordingly? I had my eye on some gold and myrrh, but I can wait. And with all this "hope" and "good feeling" in the air, is this really going to be the end of consumerism, when we put away our childish things? Uh, no. We're going to go with, "No, Americans love pizza and hamburgers and plasma TVs." And did people really have to give ol' Bushie the metaphoric one-finger salute as he flew off into the sunset? I mean, he did come to work every single day - except for a few holidays, anyway...

Still, yesterday was a highly impressive feat. Two of our hosts, Ted and Maegan, were in Washington DC for the festivities and they offer their own personal perspectives from the ground, even though they're recovering from late night "networking." Teresa talks about volunteerism, and how people have already started to get involved in her part of the country, volunteering at local charities. Technology is also a big topic of the day, with twitter, CNN Live, and Facebook being huge winners in one of the internet's biggest days ever.

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