10/18/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

W&W: Can Saving the Economy Save Us From Spurious Sarah News?

So, sorry, Ms. Palin, but something happened on Wall Street to bump you off the front page. A little major market crash, that's all. Now, the candidates are scrambling to respond to Black Monday and the financial crisis; who's up to snuff on their economic policy? Hosts Ted, Maegan, and Teresa wonder if this help the campaigns concentrate on the issues and move beyond the personality attacks? (Magic Eight Ball says, "Not if Steve Schmidt has anything to say about it.")

Enough of that; back to Palin. How about Sarah's interview with Charlie Gibson? Did Gibson - sorry, "Charlie" - remind you just a little of Professor Snape? Was he trying to mend past journalistic sins on his part? Was the whole pop-quiz nature of the interview condescending and how will Katie Couric's interview differ? Will Tina Fey's staggeringly good impression of Palin on SNL bring the media back to its senses in covering the VP choice, like SNL did with the Democratic primaries? And what is it about Barbara Streisand that just drives conservatives nuts?

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