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Samira Asemanfar


How Barbra Streisand's Manicure Made an Impact on My Life

Samira Asemanfar | Posted July 8, 2012

But there are those of us who end up learning the tools to turning this crazy fixation on beauty into more than just a mindless addiction. So, I went about my way starting Bellacures to tend to one's hands, feet and ultimately, heart.
Robert P. Jones, Ph.D.


Why Are Millennials Leaving the Church?

Robert P. Jones, Ph.D. | Posted July 8, 2012

Pastors and priests seeking to fill their pews with young churchgoers have a tough task ahead. Many younger Millennials have already moved away from the religion in which they were raised, mostly joining the growing ranks of the religiously unaffiliated.
Ellen Shane


Mother's Day Without My Daughter

Ellen Shane | Posted July 8, 2012

On this Mother's Day, two years after being a mother to one less child on this earth, I think of all the other moms who share this same circumstance. We are bonded by this tragedy and share a grief that will never dissipate.
Alec Gewirtz


Party Politics

Alec Gewirtz | Posted July 8, 2012

While most of this publication's readers are obsessing over national party politics, the youth of America are worrying about a very different sort of party: prom.
DeAndre Roberts


A Second Civil Rights Movement

DeAndre Roberts | Posted July 8, 2012

We're going through a second civil rights movement. Now, we've switched our attention from "negroes" and "whites" to "gays" and "straights."
Joe Calder


North Carolina Amendment 1: Jim Crow 2.0

Joe Calder | Posted July 8, 2012

My question to all North Carolinians is this: Do we really want Amendment 1 of the North Carolina Constitution to restrict the rights of fellow citizens?
Carmin Chappell


Fashion Bloggers are the New Fashion Icons

Carmin Chappell | Posted July 8, 2012

Teen fashion enthusiasts are turning to different outlets like Instagram to flaunt their creativity. Searching the tag "OOTD" (Outfit of the Day) provides pages of snapshots captured and edited by users.