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Amy Schumer Can Finally Smile More Now That She's Seen A Smile Expert

The Huffington Post | Andy McDonald | July 7, 2015 | Comedy
At last, women who are told to "smile more" have a solution! On the latest "Inside Amy Schumer," Amy is urged to see a expert who can bring her smile up to the next level. Cock and smile, that's all there is to it.  Do you know the difference between a good smile and a creepy smile? Oh, no -- we're actually asking, because it's led to some poor life decisions on our part. To subscribe to our HuffPost Entertainment WhatsApp account:1. Download WhatsApp on your phone.2. Save this number, 347-334-1794, in your phone’s contacts.3. Text "POP" to that number via your WhatsApp account.You can unsubscribe at any time by texting “STOP" to the same...

Kylie Jenner Announces New Website With Stunning Instagram Selfie

The Huffington Post | Julia Brucculieri | July 7, 2015 | Entertainment
If you, like thousands of other people on the Internet, want to know Kylie Jenner's beauty secrets, you're in luck -- the 17-year-old is ready to dish.  The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star announced via Instagram Monday night that she'll be launching her own website,, where she'll share...

Author Jenny Han Discusses The Successes And Shortcomings Of The Young Adult Genre

The Huffington Post | Riley Griffin | July 7, 2015 | Arts
Strolling down the promenade in a retro paisley dress and chunky glasses, Jenny Han perfectly embodies the vision of a Brooklyn author. After publishing her first book as a student at Chapel Hill, Han found an earnest love for the Young Adult genre and has since released her 10th novel....

Amy Schumer To Women Everywhere: 'You're Entitled To Orgasm'

The Huffington Post | Alanna Vagianos | July 7, 2015 | Women
Amy Schumer refuses to apologize -- not for her looks, not for her feminist views and definitely not for her orgasms. In Glamour's August 2015 issue, Schumer talks about feminism and some awesome hook-up advice. In true Amy fashion, the comedian's recent comments...

Nude Female Athletes Preach Body Love On ESPN's Cover

The Huffington Post | Nina Friend | July 7, 2015 | Women
Sometimes, we need a little reminder that athletes -- like other humans -- come in all shapes and sizes. ESPN's annual Body Issue, which includes profiles of professional athletes discussing their sports and their bodies, shows just that. Amanda Bingson, USA track and field hammer thrower, is...

Listen To Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' In 20 Different Styles

The Huffington Post | Erin Whitney | July 7, 2015 | Entertainment
Why listen to Taylor Swift one way when you can hear her music in 20 different styles? Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs, who covered Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" last year in the style of various musicians, decided to make Swift's "Bad Blood" his latest cover. In the video, Vincent covers "Bad Blood" in the musical styles of everyone from Janis Joplin to TLC to Pearl Jam. He also lends his vocals to other random impressions for the song, like Chef from "South Park" and Shaggy, because why not? To subscribe to our HuffPost Entertainment WhatsApp account: 1. Download WhatsApp on your phone.2. Save this number, 347-334-1794, in your phone’s contacts.3. Text "POP" to that number via your WhatsApp account.You can unsubscribe at any time by texting “STOP" to the same...

Watch Young Women Destroy Gender-Based Barriers #LikeAGirl In Under 3 Minutes

Alanna Vagianos | July 7, 2015 | Women
A powerful new ad is reminding young women that they can conquer their limitations -- like a girl. On July 7, Always released a video called "Unstoppable," featuring young girls talking about the ways society limits them because of their gender. The spot is a follow-up to Always'

Amy Schumer: 'Sex Is Just Explained Incorrectly To Us'

The Huffington Post | Nina Friend | July 6, 2015 | Women
Amy Schumer tells it like it is. In a CBS News profile on July 5, Schumer broke down the problem with the way young men and women are taught about sex. "Sex is just explained incorrectly to us," she said. "It's like everything -- magazines, sitcoms. Men...

Teen Trespasses On Abandoned 'OITNB' Set, Show Has Great Response

The Huffington Post | Taylor Pittman | July 6, 2015 | Teen
A Netflix binge just wasn’t enough for this "Orange Is The New Black" fan. Samantha Gardella from Monroe, N.Y., wanted something more, so she visited the set of the Netflix original series. The idea came after Samantha noticed a tweet from a local radio station explaining that scenes...

Girl And Guy Prank Complete Strangers With Some Extreme PDA

The Huffington Post | Andy McDonald | July 6, 2015 | Comedy
Definitely putting the P in PDA. Farah Brook, the comedian who went around Grand Central Station trying to kiss total strangers, is back with a new video, this time showcasing some very public displays of affection to a lot of unsuspecting New Yorkers. In honor of International Kissing Day, Brook and a guy friend innocently asked total strangers to take a picture of them. The couple then proceeded to get extremely affectionate while the stranger looked on, unsure of what to do next. Eventually, some strangers just simply walk away, awkwardly (and hilariously) laying the camera down on the ground, while Brook and the guy continue to go at it. Also on...

How One 14-Year-Old's Dream To Help Underprivileged Girls Became A National Success

The Huffington Post | Caroline Steyer | July 6, 2015 | Teen
Most 14-year-olds are busy studying for biology tests, trying out for school sports teams and musical productions, and searching for spare time to sleep. Not Allyson Ahlstrom. At age 14, she started a non-profit organization, and nearly six years later, Threads for Teens is a nationally-recognized organization doing...

Krispy Kreme Is Celebrating Its Birthday By Selling A Dozen Donuts For 78 Cents

The Huffington Post | Carly Ledbetter | July 6, 2015 | Taste
Krispy Kreme is celebrating its birthday this week by giving out the best present ever: a dozen donuts for under a dollar. The chain will offer up a dozen Original Glazed donuts for just 78 cents at participating locations on Friday, July 10. Krispy...

How To Defend Yourself Against A Shark Week Fan, Because They're Convo-Killing Machines

The Huffington Post | Andy McDonald | July 6, 2015 | Comedy
Da-dum ... da-dum ... Shark Week is here again -- and for us non-Shark Week folk, that means suffering through a week of people yammering on and on about how awesome Shark Week is. And it potentially means the death of thousands of otherwise rich and lively conversations about anything...

New 'Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2' Posters Show The Cast Ready For Battle

The Huffington Post | Julia Brucculieri | July 6, 2015 | Entertainment
A new collection of "Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2" posters has been released, showing the cast decked out in war paint and ready for battle.   The series of images is titled "Faces of the Revolution" and features portraits of Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), Gale (Liam Hemsworth),...

First Daughter Malia Obama Spotted On The Set Of HBO's 'Girls'

The Huffington Post | Erin Whitney | July 6, 2015 | Entertainment
There's a new girl in Lena Dunham's Brooklyn crew, and she just so happens to be the first daughter. Malia Obama was spotted on the set of HBO's "Girls" last week in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. According to photos from Page Six, the eldest first daughter, who...

This 1-Minute Ad Shows Just How Fierce The 'American Woman' Is

Alanna Vagianos | July 6, 2015 | Women
The American woman is competitive, diligent and never gives up -- basically, she's a straight-up badass. A new Nike commercial puts that badassery on full display, starring the women of the U.S. National Soccer Team who triumphed over Japan in the finals of the World Cup on...

Instagram Just Quietly Introduced A Major Improvement To Your Photos

Alexandra Ma | July 6, 2015 | Technology
Now with more delicious pixels!

20 Photos That Highlight The Beautiful Diversity Of Plus-Size Bodies

Alanna Vagianos | July 6, 2015 | Women
Corissa Enneking is here to remind everyone that there is a lot more diversity in the plus-size community than the few plus-size women we see in magazines and on the runway. In June, the fat-positive writer and fashion blogger created a body-positive campaign...

15 Whimsical Photos That Bring Kids' Imaginations To Life

Caroline Bologna | July 6, 2015 | Parents
A child's imagination is a powerful, wondrous thing. Photographer and mom of four Rhiannon Logsdon's magical photo series breathes life into children's dreams and imaginations. Working with her clients' kids, as well as her own children, Logsdon asks her tiny subjects about their interests and asks them...

The American Girl Action Movie Dolls Aren't Ones You Want To Play Around With

Andy McDonald | July 6, 2015 | Comedy
They're kicking ass and then sewing up the hole in that part of the pants they just kicked! The American Girl Dolls were insanely popular in the late '80s and into the '90s, but they've now moved into the nostalgia phase. And as with the nostalgia phase of any beloved...
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