30 Rock: This Mom's Breast Friend

11/11/2011 10:26 am ET | Updated Jan 11, 2012

It's been five painful, mind-numbing months of breast-feeding my daughter. While I was still pregnant and completely naïve, I proclaimed that I would solely breast feed my daughter for at least a year. Well, three weeks into the job I was ready to quit. But I continued with the hope it would get easier and less boring. A few months later, it did not get any better and I dreamt of the day the nipple-tugging insanity would stop. Since I don't own a TV and I am not one of those La Leche League ladies who "stare into the eyes of their beloved child during these intimate moments" I had nothing to do. My hands were busy holding the baby and I could never figure out how to send emails while nursing. I was secretly reading formula packages at the store with deep longing. I saw my girlfriends prop up a formula-filed bottle in their child's stroller and I wanted that freedom.

Then it all changed one lonely afternoon.

On my iPhone I downloaded the application for that movie company that kept changing their identity -- what was it Netster? Quikflix? Anyway. While trying to find something of interest to watch I found 30 Rock. It seemed like a good fit. There were over 100 episodes online, which would equal 100 nursing sessions. That would give me a reason to continue breast-feeding my daughter. I could finally watch something entertaining while she ate.

With expectations low and baby screaming, I latched her on and began watching 30 Rock. Within minutes I fell in love with Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin. I stared at my itty bitty iPhone screen with joy. Finally I found happiness. The writing is brilliant, and as someone who considers herself above average in the linguistic department, I am loving the irony and honestly in the humor.

Because of 30 Rock, I now can continue nursing my daughter with optimism (even though I did go out and buy some formula and bottles at a weak moment). As a matter of fact, I am excited and thrilled to feed her, because I know I get to watch 30 Rock. At the rate that I am going, I can continue to breast feed her for at least another month. After that, I don't know. I think I'll have to breakdown and buy myself a television. Actually, my daughter's Godfather asked me what he should get us for Christmas. He said, "Sis, I know I promised you a TV, so I can get you a TV or I can buy my God daughter a crib. What do want?"

I am sure you know my answer.