09/21/2011 09:04 am ET | Updated Nov 21, 2011

Are You Buying It? Mateo Bijoux's $45000 Necklace

I first came across Mateo Bijoux in my Paper Magazine days when he was emerging as an accessories designer. And recently, I was on a preview and learned the designer was launching a luxury jewelry line. I left stunned. All of the pieces from his Spring 2012 collection were amazing, but it was the price points of a few pieces that had me singing "hallelujah".

I thought to myself, "Are we not afraid to spend anymore?" It seems to me that long gone are the days when designers were afraid to hit you where it hurts, especially new ones. From Victoria Beckham's $25000 bag, to the The Row's $35000 backpack, and now, young black jewelry designer Mateo Bijoux is giving you a run for you money with a $45000 necklace.

Say what?

Seemingly, you can't start low and bridge your way into the luxury lane, unless you are Reed Krakoff. So designers are setting the bar high, and producing quality to establish themselves in a high end market.

If you were in the market for buying a luxe piece, would you opt for a up and coming brand? Most people would just go for what they know.

As to his credit, the piece is made of 18kt Gold, 7.3 carats of brilliant white (conflict free) diamonds and over 300 carats of "Sleeping Beauty Turquoise". Each stone was hand selected for its uniqueness and color. The necklace is called the Carmel Turquoise Necklace, rightfully inspired by his home, Jamaica. The gold represents the richness of its culture and the turquoise represents the beautiful water which surrounds the island.

With that said, if you've got some serious bread in the bank, be sure to pre order one for yourself, and one for my mom too.