No Gym -- No Excuse: Part 2

08/02/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

These mattress exercises were devised by Michele Bond (CPT, NASM), while Marc Natividad, (NCCPT, NCEP, Power Plate, and TRX), is all over the rest of the furniture! (Marc can be contacted through the Santa Monica Spectrum Club.)

Both are trainers at the Santa Monica Spectrum Club.

Remember, these are designed to tone you and get your heart pumping fully clothed. However, if you are in a hotel room and if you prefer to sweat naked -- for the maid's sake, I'd suggest hanging the "Privacy Please" sign on the door...



Lie prone on bed (on stomach) with just your shoulders off the bed (the rest of your body is on the bed, supported) Arms are hanging down in front of bed. Brace abdominals and glutes as you raise arms out to the side, hold a second and return to starting position. Try 2 sets of 15-20 reps.

Mattress Maniacs: Try to see how much of your body you can have off the bed and still maintain good form... Lower back not hurting.

This is good for shoulders, back, core, and glutes.


Lie on the bed on your back. (Clothes on, please) Scoot your bottom so it's just at the edge of the bed. Bring your knees over your hips, legs at 90 degrees, pointed toes, with your arms at your side. Slowly lower one leg down, aiming your toe towards the ground. Only go as far as you need to in order to feel the abs working. Don't let that lower back arch. Try 2 sets of 12-20 reps.

Mattress Maniacs: Try touching the floor with your toes or do this exercise with slightly less bent legs.

This is good for abs and hips.


Standing on the bed with legs wider than hip width, feet slightly turned out, and knees bent. Shift weight to one leg, then the other. As you get comfortable with the mushy surface of the bed, try to pick up the pace. Try to do this for one minute.

Mattress Maniacs: Add punching arms and/or change the weight shifting to just quick right/left legs pushing straight down -- like football player quick leg drills. Keeping your feet in contact with the bed at all times, act like you are drawing your leg up but then force it down and go super fast. The easier version is just weight shifting but you can still feel your legs and glutes pretty well if you do it for over a minute. Remember: No Jumping, lest Hyatt or Marriott object to your mattress workout.

This is good for core, legs, and glutes.



With a little space under the sofa, it's the perfect spot to insert your feet or hands and do an array of abdominal exercises. How about crunches to start? Isolate your feet underneath the sofa, leave the low back on the ground, and use the upper abs to pull forward. Staying in the same position, pull your right elbow to your left knee and then alternate with the left elbow to the right knee for your obliques. Last, rotate around with your head near the sofa, grab the bottom of the sofa with your hands, and lift your feet off the ground up to 45 degrees and lower again without touching the ground to isolate the lower abs!!


Wherever you go, there's always something to lean on. For this counter part, you can lean forward with your hands positioned on the counter and go for some incline push-ups. Your hands can be positioned wide with the elbows out like doing a push-up on the floor, or even better -- keep your elbows tucked in to get a little more of the triceps as well. Bringing the feet further away from the counter will increase the resistance and closer to the counter will decrease the resistance. You might want to think about hanging your Do Not Disturb sign on the outside just in case!


You bet it is! As simple as it is, the chair is another great workout waiting to happen. So, have a seat why don't you, and then stand up again. If you do it fifteen times in a row and three sets, it constitutes the perfect squat. Keep your posture in check with your arms out in front of you and your chin up. Try your best not to use the arms on the chair to push yourself up or a forward momentum to propel yourself out of that chair. It's an easy stand and sit ...just like that! The title "honorary chairperson" is just a squat away!!

Next time you travel, try these out. Better yet, try them at home... And perhaps you'll be inspired to hit the road.