12/09/2009 11:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Pamela Geller's Pretty Hate Machine

Newsmax has had a bad run of late with its columnists.

Longtime writer John L. Perry penned a column advocating a military coup against President Obama; Newsmax removed it after a public outcry, and Perry hasn't written for Newsmax since. After giving Bernard Kerik a column and spending months trying to rehabilitate his reputation amid corruption allegations, quietly put him aside after he pleaded guilty to several of those charges.

Then Pat Boone, in a Nov. 2 column, described Obama and his administration as "political voracious varmints" who must be dealt with, "figuratively, but in a very real way," by "tenting" the White House the way one does with a house infested by rodents; Newsmax had to pull that one too, though Boone has continued as a columnist. (WorldNetDaily, meanwhile, does not object to Boone's eliminationist rhetoric, as the column still resides there.)

So who's next? I nominate Pamela Geller as the next Newsmax columnist most likely to have a claim quietly retracted.

Newsmax officially added Geller as a columnist in August. Her bio claims that at her regular blog, Atlas Shrugs, she is "bringing you the news you will not hear from the mainstream media, covering little-reported events of great import." But of course, there's no attention given to the wacky extremist views she holds.

Geller -- a former associate publisher of the New York Observer formerly married to a New York car dealer that owned a dealership linked not only to an alleged fraud scam but the killing of two police officers (the dealership is listed as partly owned by Geller, who has denied any knowledge of or involvement in the alleged scam) -- is rabidly anti-Obama, anti-Islam and pro-birther. She has also had dalliances with European fascists and promoted the far-right British National Party. (Geller doesn't think these folks are "neofascist," apparently feeling that their anti-Islamic activism excuses their political leanings.) Geller's Newsmax columns reflect these views.

Indeed, Geller -- who once notoriously published a video blog of herself in a bikini -- is one pretty hate machine. In just a few short months, she has hurled vicious attacks at President Obama, embraced birtherism, and blown far out of proportion the case of an Ohio teen who claims her Muslim parents want to kill her for converting to Christianity, making baseless claims and ignoring inconvenient facts.