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Thane Rosenbaum
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Thane Rosenbaum is a novelist, essayist, and law professor, the author of the novels The Stranger Within Sarah Stein, The Golems of Gotham, Second Hand Smoke, the novel-in-stories, Elijah Visible, and the works of nonfiction, The Myth of Moral Justice, and Law Lit, From Atticus Finch to "The Practice": A Collection of Great Writing about the Law.

His most recent book is entitled Payback: The Case for Revenge. Mr. Rosenbaum’s articles, reviews, and essays appear frequently in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, among other national publications. He is the John Whelan Distinguished Lecturer in Law at Fordham Law School, where he teaches courses in human rights, legal humanities, and law and literature, and directs the Forum on Law, Culture & Society.

Entries by Thane Rosenbaum

The 24th Annual New York Jewish Film Festival Returns

(0) Comments | Posted January 19, 2015 | 3:43 PM

Manhattan is an island awash in film festivals. If there are new movies with a thematic niche, chances are there's a film festival with a clever lineup of screenings -- and film junkies lining up outside -- somewhere the city.

Over the next few weeks one of the...

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David Lat's Supreme Ambitions Is a Fun and Entertaining Read

(0) Comments | Posted January 5, 2015 | 10:08 AM

What Herman Melville once did for the lowly scriveners who toiled away in the law firms of the 19th century, David Lat, the founder and managing editor of the seminal blog, Above the Law, has now done for a higher-class of the bar's handy-helpers: the often brilliant, always industrious, but...

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John Grisham's Latest Thriller, Gray Mountain

(6) Comments | Posted November 17, 2014 | 2:58 PM

Death, taxes and John Grisham's annual return to the bestseller list are all we can reliably count on nowadays. The first two are best to avoid, if at all possible. The last is simply unavoidable. With nearly 300 million books sold around the world, reading Grisham has become a global...

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Gale Brewer Should Be Manhattan's Next Borough President

(0) Comments | Posted September 6, 2013 | 2:02 PM

With the primary elections just days away, it's a good time to reflect on the difference between politicians and public servants. Politicians we know all too much about. They are the candidates who run for public office professing altruistic motives when, in fact, their motives are entirely ulterior and self-centered....

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The Devil That Never Dies

(0) Comments | Posted September 4, 2013 | 10:53 AM

No other writer has held mass murderers, deniers of truth, and propagators of hate to a higher standard of moral accountability than Daniel Jonah Goldhagen. His writings about ordinary Germans during the Holocaust (Hitler's Willing Executioners), the Catholic Church' s history of anti-Semitism (A Moral Reckoning), and the world's complacency...

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The ROMEOWS Is Part Seinfeld, Part My Dinner With Andre

(0) Comments | Posted July 19, 2013 | 4:23 PM

The Brooklyn of hipster Williamsburg, hip hop and hoops at the Barclays Center, and literary Park Slope has made living there now a haven for the young, svelte, super cool and artsy. But there was a time when Brooklyn evoked nothing but reminiscences of classic egg creams and the heart-breaking...

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John Tuturro's Master Class in The Master Builder

(1) Comments | Posted June 3, 2013 | 3:52 PM

It's quite a feat to pull off gloomy Henrik Ibsen in hipster Brooklyn, but that's precisely what takes place at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's (BAM) production of Ibsen's, The Master Builder, starring one of the borough's favorite sons, the always-versatile John Turturro.

Ibsen obviously isn't for everyone....

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Tom Cruise Defends Daughter in What Is Shaping Up as Valkyrie II

(26) Comments | Posted May 29, 2013 | 11:15 AM

This July will mark nearly 70 years since the aborted assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler, which was memorably re-imagined in the 2008 thriller, Valkyrie, starring Tom Cruise as Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, a righteous military man ashamed of the stain that the Nazis would forever leave on Germany.

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Billy Bragg at Town Hall, Dancing on Margaret Thatcher's Grave

(1) Comments | Posted May 6, 2013 | 1:27 PM

Billy Bragg, post-punk troubadour of protest songs and paeans to the working class, took to the stage at Town Hall last week and, almost instantly, danced on Margaret Thatcher's grave. An audience filled largely with Americans who never voted for Ronald Reagan didn't seem offended at all.

So fitting that...

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Chaim Potok's Asher Lev Still Lives

(0) Comments | Posted March 7, 2013 | 12:18 PM

The great Jewish-American novelist, Chaim Potok, who died over a decade ago, may have been the first multicultural artist of any serious note. The Chosen, his best known book, has become almost as ubiquitous on high school readings lists as The Catcher in the Rye or The Adventures...

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Jesse Eisenberg and Vanessa Redgrave in Post-Holocaust Play

(1) Comments | Posted March 1, 2013 | 1:33 PM

Jesse Eisenberg, the Academy Award-nominated actor (The Social Network) who has cornered the market on playing complicated, socially awkward young men with chips on their shoulders and bite on their tongues, appears Off-Broadway in The Revisionist, a play he wrote and in which he co-stars at the Cherry...

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Grand Central Terminal: The Book

(0) Comments | Posted January 24, 2013 | 11:48 AM

For most people around the world, Grand Central Terminal is not so much a train station as a metaphor for directionless mayhem, traffic run amuck, bodies barely dodging one another -- only a miracle can divert a head-on collision of either man or machine.

Of course, Grand Central Terminal is...

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Ed Koch Documentary and Plenty More at the New York Jewish Film Festival

(0) Comments | Posted January 14, 2013 | 4:00 PM

The 22nd Annual New York Jewish Film Festival runs through January 24, 2013 at the Walter Reade Theater, offering yet another dazzling year of short films, features and documentaries -- 45 films from nine countries -- that capture the breadth of the Jewish experience from around the world.

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Into the Woods in Central Park

(1) Comments | Posted August 10, 2012 | 4:50 PM

The crickets of Central Park are alive with the sound of Sondheim.

With all the world's eyes presently cast on the track and fields of London, New York City theatergoers have their own Olympic treat awaiting then inside a lush and luminous forest at the Delacorte Theater. In celebration...

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Stuyvesant's Stanley Teitel Resigns?

(12) Comments | Posted August 6, 2012 | 11:48 AM

At a time when everyone laments America's declining status as educator of its children -- its ranking among world nations slipping with each yearly study -- and with no solutions in sight for broken school systems all across the country, the resignation of Stuyvesant High School Principal Stanley Teitel is...

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Don't Miss The 21st Annual New York Jewish Film Festival

(0) Comments | Posted January 23, 2012 | 2:37 PM

The Jewish Museum and the Film Society of Lincoln Center kicked off the 21st annual New York Jewish Film Festival at the Film Society's Walter Reade Theater and Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center on January 11, 2012, with screenings that run through January 26. The festival...

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Casey Anthony Verdict: A Jury of Idiots or Hapless Peers?

(544) Comments | Posted July 7, 2011 | 3:18 PM

Days after the Casey Anthony verdict, the drumbeat against America's jury system has swelled to an angry Greek chorus: "What were the jurors thinking--the mother partied for a whole month when her daughter was presumably missing?"

Many of these same confounded citizens also threw up their hands with the...

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Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Adolf Eichmann -- and Revenge

(34) Comments | Posted May 6, 2011 | 7:07 PM

With the assassination of an unarmed Osama bin Laden and questions arising whether he should have been abducted and brought to the United States to stand trial, the distinctions between justice and revenge once more confuse and confound the law abiding.

Fifty years ago Israel's spy network kidnapped Hitler's most...

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Sidney Lumet: The Prince of New York City

(3) Comments | Posted April 12, 2011 | 2:24 PM

Sidney Lumet died this past weekend. By now, with news cycles spinning like centrifuges, Lumet's death will soon be old news. That would be a shame. This is one of those losses that should linger for a little while longer, and surely not be forgotten.

This is actually my second...

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Egypt: The Days of Rage and the Days After

(23) Comments | Posted February 17, 2011 | 12:56 PM

Passover arrived early in Egypt. The modern day Egyptians didn't wait for a Prince of Egypt to liberate them from President Hosni Mubarak. Who needs Moses when there's social media? Without plagues or the parting of the Red Sea, Mubarak finally just let his people go.

Actually, weeks after...

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