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Extravagant Islands You Can Actually Buy

Imagine your perfect island getaway. It probably involves clear, turquoise waters, decadent fruity cocktails, a whole lot of sun, and a beach so quiet you'd think the rest of civilization had been washed out to sea.

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With most island destinations being home to touristy resorts, that sort of trip might seem like a total fantasy that could never come true. Even the most secluded destinations are usually shared with a few other vacationers.

Unless you own the place privately, that is. Just think, a remote plot of unattached land to call your own. It isn't entirely impossible; to make it come true you just need a big chunk of change.

After all, purchasing an island requires a bit more moola than say, a flight and hotel accommodations for an adventure to a faraway place. For the amount of isolation and relaxation it could provide, maybe it would be worth the extra investment though.

From Canada to the Bahamas and Greece to Abu Dhabi, there are islands all across the world just waiting to be scooped up by new owners. Aside from earning the money needed to buy one, all you have to do in order to get your name on the deed to the land is call up a real estate broker and let them know you're interested.

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OK, the process might be a bit more complicated than that. But still, it's not impossible. And hey, aiming big is what The American Dream is all about right? Whether you choose to pursue it halfway across the globe or just off the coast of New England is totally up to you, though.

  • Nurai Island—Abu Dhabi
    Sotheby’s describes this Abu Dhabi island quite accurately when calling it an “amazing estate.” With a sprawling, six-bedroom beachfront household, a private helipad, luxury spa, first-class fitness center, and a handful of watersport accessories, there's no doubt Nurai Island is anything short of astonishing. Oh and in case you were worried about where your staff might stay, don’t worry because there’s a chef’s quarter and maid’s chamber too. Sothebys; $14,974,136 USD Photo Credit: Shutterstock Click here to see the All The Extravagant Islands You Can Actually Buy
  • Six Senses Con Dao—Vietnam
    Aptly labeled as a “paradise for nature lovers,” this private villa situated among an archipelago of 14 islets prides itself on low environmental impact through the optimization of natural light and ventilation. But even with its back-to-basic, eco-friendly features, the island is far from primitive. It includes a private massage pavilion, custom kitchens with individual wine cellars, built-in sound systems, flat screen TVs, and Wifi. All this amidst protected tropical forests and immaculate white sand beaches featuring some of Vietnams most coveted diving spots. Sothebys; $1,700,000 USD Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  • Judge Island—Beaufort, South Carolina
    Serenity awaits behind the front gate entry to this modern but cozy three-acre estate tucked away in the corner of South Carolina’s Lady’s Island district. Ocean views are all around as well as the breathtaking sights of both the Saint Helena Sound and Morgan River. Perfect for an adventurous, active family, the island’s custom-designed home includes four bedrooms and three full baths, two fifty-inch Lennox Estate Fireplaces, a workshop, and ground floor covered dog run. Sothebys; $1,495,000 USD Photo Credit: © Flickr / Andrew Smith Click here to see the All The Extravagant Islands You Can Actually Buy
  • Private Island—Brittany, France
    Imagine calling a castle-like fort on a quite French Island home; sure sounds like one hell of a childhood dream coming true. Located off the coast of Brittany, France, this unnamed intimate island boasts stunning sandy beaches and a more than 200-year-old fort that features its very own watchtower with a brilliant view of the sea, a fireplace lounge, and space for five more friends to stay. Sothebys; $2,661,368 USD Photo Credit: © Flickr / KotomiCreations
  • Sturdivant Island—Cumberland, Maine
    Maybe it’s not tropical but this three-acre island off the coast of Maine can easily compete against listings that claim warm-weather whereabouts. Its convenient location provides easy access to remote relaxation amidst cozy, cottage accommodations surrounded by charming walking trails and exquisite beaches. Sothebys; $2,250,000 USD Photo Credit: Google Maps Click here to see the All The Extravagant Islands You Can Actually Buy

-Katie Rosenbrock, The Active Times

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