03/04/2015 11:07 am ET | Updated May 02, 2015

The Top Adventure Destinations of 2015

There are trips, retreats and vacations--and then there are adventures.

Adventures are the experiences that can't quite be put into words, despite your best efforts. They bring on a series of transcendent moments--you are open and observant, while simultaneously humble and grateful--you are your best self when on an adventure.

The Top Adventure Destinations of 2015

These explorations will forever change your outlook on the world--and consequently, your life. Let them.

Adventure can be found just about anywhere, but the effects are most profound when you step entirely out of your comfort zone. What better way to leave your comfort zone than actually leaving your state--or country for that matter.

Take a look at the top 15 adventure destinations of 2015 and then start charting your own course.