7 Tips To Release Your Stress In Minutes

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Is your life crazy busy? Do you wake up excited to greet the day or do you wish you could stay in bed just a little longer? Do you feel fresh and on top of things or does it feel like you are always fighting to catch up with life? Can you even remember the last time that you felt great physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? Trust me you are not alone! And at the heart of all of these issues is...STRESS.

We all know that stress can eat up a lot of our energy. The demands of modern day living are so intense that they can take their toll in many ways -- from mild headaches and fatigue, to deadly heart attacks and strokes. Many health care problems can either be attributed to or worsened by unreleased stress, yet very few people take time to balance their stress. Now there are thousands of books on stress, but the challenge is -- with so much information -- what to do and where to start? Drug companies take advantage of this. Backed by heavy marketing, they have convinced us to rely on drugs in one form or another to help us relax, sleep, or simply get through each day.

But there is another way. Below are several simple and natural techniques that immediately remove stress and put you into a euphoric state of relaxation. They are proven, they are simple, and best of all you can write your own prescription any time you want. You can never OD on these babies.

7 simple but powerful ways to release stress on command in just minutes.

1. Meditating is one of the oldest and most powerful techniques to release stress known to man (and woman). Since ancient times, sages from every corner of the world have stressed, no pun intended, the benefits of simply quieting the mind. On our site and in our program we teach several different techniques that everyone can do in just a few minutes. But to start, just sit comfortably and DON'T DO ANYTHING for five minutes. That's it.

2. If you want to take it a step further...close your eyes. Maybe move from sitting to lying down. The goal here is not to actually sleep but to close your eyes, get away from your computer, not answer your phone, and give your eyes a rest. Your eyes take in so much information that you will be amazed at how much better you feel after just a couple minutes of being quiet with your eyes closed.

3. For the truly ambitious add conscious breathing. Sitting or lying with eyes closed, try breathing into specific parts of your body. Basically, all you have to do is focus your attention on a body part, i.e. your shoulders, and take a long slow breath. Then imagine all of the fresh air going directly into your shoulders, and as you exhale removing all stress. Then repeat to as many other parts of our body as you desire. The body responds incredibly well to conscious attention.

4. Without a doubt, our all time favorite stress management technique is the "bounce and shake." Simply stand up and start to bounce up and down gently. Just 60 seconds of light bouncing can completely change how you feel. Don't believe us? Try it. No, really, try it right now. Get up and just start to bounce. The speed is up to you as you allow your body to shake off unwanted stress. The important thing is just to get moving. This is especially fun to do in front of a mirror first thing in the morning. And by fun, we mean "funny." Imagine doing this in your pajamas, with your hair all crazy, pillow lines on your face (you get the picture). It's almost impossible not to smile or flat out laugh if for no other reason than how ridiculous you look. This leads to another great de-stressor...

5. Smile or laugh. Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Smiling and laughing are powerful tools in releasing stress as they flood our bodies with endorphins and remind us not to take life so seriously. A great tool for this is to make a play list on YouTube with your favorite "funny" videos. We have a growing list of our favorites, which are always on call when we need a quick "laugh" break.

6. Another very powerful de-stressing technique is to simply soak your feet in warm water. All you need is a plastic bowl, pan, bucket whatever that is big enough to put both your fee in. Throw a little Epsom salt in and give yourself a five minutes spa treatment. It's great at the end of the day but it is also great in the middle of the day. You may feel weird the first day or two in the office bathroom, but we guarantee others will follow when they see what a difference it makes.

7. And last but not least, go outside for a brisk walk, and get a big dose of fresh air. This is pretty self-explanatory and is one of those tried and true techniques that we sometimes just forget about because it's so obvious. Being outside in itself is healing but especially in a green place like a park, forest or near a lake or ocean. Fresh air and nature are two of stresses worst enemies, both of which are always there to help and are waiting just outside your door...literally.

We understand that you are busy, and that even though you would love to be living a more balanced life, that is no easy charge. That is why our focus is to not just give you the information but to help you build powerful health habits into your daily routine. Our program, The INNERGIZER, starts you off with nine simple but powerful habits that can be done in less than 15 minutes a day and will not only release your stress but give you access to your own inner source of unlimited energy, or as we call it "INNERGY." But that's not the best part...the best part is...well... you're going to have to visit us at Complete Balance to find that out.

Complete Balance... It's a Way of Life.

Peace and Innergy,
The Baietto Brothers