10/26/2008 09:35 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Jill Biden Rallies in Tampa

By Insiyah Saeed

TAMPA - At a small auditorium in a modest neighborhood in Tampa, Jill Biden, wife of Senator Biden arrived a few minutes after 3:15 p.m. on Saturday, October 25th, to persuade local Floridians to vote. Earlier that day Mrs. Biden had been to rallies in Orlando and Lakeland. The scene was enthusiastic, the people friendly, eager, and most of all hopeful. Hip hop, positive songs played to elevate the mood.

Campaign staffers for Obama were there to ask people to vote, ex-New Yorkers were in the crowd of volunteers, and the press had their own section. Ellen Tuttle and her mother were there, and they were not undecided.

"In a nutshell, the reason I vote for Obama is because he resonates hope, and McCain resonates fear," Ellen said. "We need hope right now."

Her mother, Mary Lou, 74 is also voting for Obama.

"I haven't been energized by a presidential candidate since JFK," she said.

The canvassers and staffers announced a spaghetti party on the weekend, free rides to voting stations, and sent out a flier advertising an upcoming Obama rally on Monday, October 27, featuring actress Alicia Silverstone. Friends who had not seen in each other in a while waved hello to each other and embraced. It seemed as though the campaign was bringing all sorts of people to together old, and new, all in the name of hope.

"In just a matter of days you will have the chance to be part of something historic," said Jill Biden.


Al Felman, a staunch Obama supporter, holds out a sign to let passersby know Jill Biden is speaking


Jill Biden is introduced to the crowd


Jill Biden shakes hands with voters after her speech in Tampa


Gary Dolgin and his son pose for a pic outside the rally. His son wears an Obama mask in preparation for Halloween