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Nikolas Kozloff

A History of Vandalism: Welcome to Ukraine's Historic Holocaust Site

Nikolas Kozloff | December 3, 2016 | World
While many Ukrainian politicians and political activists alike have embraced pointed views on their country's thorny and controversial World War II past, relatively few may claim direct personal experience of the Holocaust. Abraham Kristein, however, is the rare exception of someone who not only witnessed horrific wartime atrocities in Soviet...
Sheldon Filger

President Donald Trump: An Earthquake For America's Media

Sheldon Filger | December 3, 2016 | Politics
The election of Donald J. Trump as America's 45th president was not only an irredeemable defeat for the political establishment in the U.S. in general, and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in particular. It represented a seismic shock for the nation's mainstream news media. Never before had American journalism, in print...
Jackie K. Cooper

"Believe" Delivers Lessons In Faith, Hope and Charity

Jackie K. Cooper | December 3, 2016 | Entertainment
Movie Review Jackie K Cooper "Believe" (Freestyle Releasing) During the holiday season you are going to be bombarded with one "amazing" film after another, or so the studios say. But amid all the hoopla and hollering about these "must see" movies you might overlook a small quiet film that...
Erica Abeel


Erica Abeel | December 3, 2016 | Entertainment
The Oscar folks ought to take their cue from the Gotham Independent Awards, which kicked off awards season November 28. Whoever's in charge, and that's got to include Frank PR, the Gothams are a helluva show. This 26th year there was a zaniness careening around the cavernous Cipriani on Wall...
Madelaine D'Angelo

Art Basel in Miami Beach 2016: The Best Events of the Week

Madelaine D'Angelo | December 3, 2016 | Arts
Photograph by Seth Browarnik Opening Night of Perrier-Jouët's L'Eden The three-day event series, held in partnership with DesignMiami/ and run by Simon Hammerstein (of NYC's the Box), opened at Casa Faena with burlesque performances and a performance by Sarah...
Bruce Fein

Reflections on Fake News

Bruce Fein | December 3, 2016 | Politics
Fake news is an old story. It has featured in domestic politics and international affairs since the beginning of time. The British famously defined an ambassador as an "honest man sent abroad to lie for the good of his country." A prime mission of the Central Intelligence Agency is to...
Andy Schmookler

Trump Voters: Should We Write Them Off or Try to Bring Them Back from the Dark Side: Part I

Andy Schmookler | December 3, 2016 | Politics
A friend tells me that I'm wasting my time with my efforts to engage the conservatives of my very red congressional District (VA-06), using challenging weekly op/ed pieces in the region's newspapers. He tells me that my efforts -- to bring their beliefs into alignment with reality, and their political...
Shayne Looper

An American Brand Of DIY Spirituality

Shayne Looper | December 3, 2016 | Religion
This is not DIY spirituality. It's a fallacy for people to think they can encounter God on their own terms. It's more than a fallacy; it's idolatry.
Tom Falco

I liked Li Hongbo's work at Art Miami

Tom Falco | December 3, 2016 | Miami
It's Art Basel week in Miami, or Miami Art Week - the difference is that the "real" Basel is in the convention center in South Beach and the satellite shows all over the downtown and midtown, and Wynwood area, are Miami Art shows. I prefer the satellite shows, but as Wynwood and midtown Miami get more and more gentrified, many of the tented shows have moved around and they aren't all in a row on one street anymore. That hopefully will change next year, when a big part of the shows move to one location - the former Miami Herald site on Biscayne Bay in downtown Miami. Anyway, here are some things I saw at Miami Art Week, I always love Chinese artists Li Hongbo's paper sculptures you see in the video above. Amazing work. The hidden element of surprise of course, is the best part. And here is a collage of just a few things I noticed while wandering around.
Basil Soper

Allies And Chill: 5 Ways You Can Be Helpful In 2017

Basil Soper | December 3, 2016 | Queer Voices
I ask you today to get uncomfortable, learn, listen and absorb these ways that will allow you to show up and be an ally to the trans community in particular.
Jessica Elliott

Locker room talk continues to leave the locker room - AZ sports reporter goes on racist, sexist, bigoted rant.

Jessica Elliott | December 3, 2016 | Black Voices
When Arizona resident Krystal Poleon was parking her truck in a Phoenix Hooters parking lot, she dinged the car next to her. She immediately went over to check and see if any damage was done and was surprised to find the driver in the car; she apologized for hitting his...
Celia Wexler

Trump Should Not Encourage Politics In Church

Celia Wexler | December 3, 2016 | Religion
Frank discussion is good for the church. But not when disagreement descends into something mean and nasty, as it often does in the political realm. That's what makes one of President-elect Donald Trump's pledges so upsetting to me.
Jessica Elliott

Locker Room Talk Continues To Leave The Locker Room - Sports Reporter Goes On Racist, Sexist, Bigoted Rant

Jessica Elliott | December 3, 2016 | Black Voices
When Arizona resident Krystal Poleon was parking her truck in a Phoenix Hooters parking lot, she dinged the car next to her. She immediately went over to check and see if any damage was done and was surprised to find the driver in the car; she apologized for hitting his...
Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis

Everyday I Will Move Forward But I Will Never Move On

Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis | December 3, 2016 | Impact
This time leading up to December 14th, specifically the weeks after Thanksgiving, is always a bit harder than every other day. I have found over the past 3 years, 11 months and 17 days that when something horrible happens in your life it becomes wholly a part of you.
Violeta Ayala

El Chapecoense y el Piloto Boliviano.

Violeta Ayala | December 3, 2016 | Latino Voices
Foto Tomada de Facebook. "Es una satisfacción para nosotros que ellos (el Chapecoense) nos hayan elegido" decía sonriente Miguel Quiroga, el piloto que hablaba con emoción al decir que ellos podían personalizar su avión. En el exterior llevaban el logo de los...
Jenny Block

Here's What Happened When They Went Low And She Went High

Jenny Block | December 3, 2016 | Queer Voices
Natalie Elle Elaine Woods is blowing up these days in the most joyful and healing way possible, and it's all because of a simple act of kindness that has inspired people all around the world.
Marc Hershon

Soundcast Review: Terms

Marc Hershon | December 3, 2016 | Entertainment
Terms Episodes 1-3: Election Night/The Cage/Opening Gambit The story goes that Terms creator Lindsay Graham has had the plot for his new Spoke Media soundcast bubbling in his brain dating back to the Clinton administration: An unexpected and controversial candidate...
Christopher Elliott

No, Car Rental Insurance Is Not Mandatory*

Christopher Elliott | December 3, 2016 | Business
Read More: Cars, Business News
Car rental insurance isn’t required. Or is it? If you’re not sure, then you’re one of many confused car renters — a confusion some car rental companies appear to be taking advantage of. Consider what happened to Nancy Ferguson when she rented a car from Avis...
The Conversation Global

Thailand's future under King Rama X: lessons from three Asian countries

The Conversation Global | December 3, 2016 | World
Buddhist monks pray in front of a picture of Thailand's new king at Wat Pho temple in Bangkok on December 1. Jorge Silva/Reuters Patrick Jory, The University of Queensland Thailand's crown prince has become King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun or...
Michael Darer

Trevor Noah's Interview With Tomi Lahren Is A Perfect Example Of Why The White Liberal 'Discourse' Fetish Is So Damn Absurd.

Michael Darer | December 3, 2016 | Politics
Whether or not you know it, comedy news “annihilates,” “demolishes,” “eviscerates,” or “destroys” at least one thing a week, whether it’s racism, white privilege, Donald Trump, the GOP, Mike Pence, gun nuts, or the white supremacists hiding beneath the ‘alt-right’ banner. Yes, according to the various articles that tumble...