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Earl Ofari Hutchinson

With Kaine On The Ticket, Democrats Can And Should Put Race Back On The Table

Earl Ofari Hutchinson | July 24, 2016 | Politics
Kaine is not the LBJ of presidential politics, but he's about as close as it gets to a candidate on the ticket with a civil rights pedigree that he doesn't run from.
John W. Traphagan

Some Thoughts from a Professor as Students Head Off to College

John W. Traphagan | July 24, 2016 | College
As both a college professor and parent of a college student, this time of year always seems to raise a variety of thoughts as freshly minted high school graduates head off to their new adventures. In couple of weeks, green first-year students will be wandering around campuses everywhere, looking young...
Kylie Dunn

The Basics of Your Author Platform

Kylie Dunn | July 24, 2016 | Entertainment
"You must have an author platform!" Everyone keeps saying this, but what does that mean? And how do you go about it? Basically, your author platform consists of a home where people can find out about you and your books (website), and an engaged audience who is keen to...


SOE MOE LWIN | July 24, 2016 | World
Finding Fault In Others .. Is The Easiest Thing In The World ... Finding Fault In Oneself ? Now
David Seaman

"Ethereum Classic," Another Bitcoin Scam

David Seaman | July 24, 2016 | Business
Ethereum Classic is, in my view, a total and absolute scam by any traditional financial definition of the word "scam." It doesn't have the support of the Ethereum developers, nor of Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin, making it vaporware and an altcoin created in protest of Ethereum's hard fork decision. Now...
Mark Silva

Debbie "Wasserperson:" The True Story

Mark Silva | July 24, 2016 | Politics
Debbie Wasserman Schultz / Getty Images When Debbie Wasserman was elected to the Florida House of Representatives, at the age of 26, she arrived with a mission. The newly minted lawmaker from South Florida was intent on making state statues "gender-neutral,"...
Daniel Wagner

Prospects for a Post-Maduro Venezuela

Daniel Wagner | July 24, 2016 | World
Over the past several weeks, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans have crossed the previously closed border with Colombia to purchase the basic necessities they can no longer buy at home , a net result of Venezuela's ongoing economic and political turmoil. What a testament to how desperate life has become...
Roger Hickey

Two Democratic Parties Meet At Philadelphia Convention. Can They Unite To Beat Trump?

Roger Hickey | July 24, 2016 | Politics
Because Hillary needs to win the general election support of Sanders voters, the Clinton team allowed the Bernie supporters to write much of the Democratic Platform.  The result was a progressive victory. 
Karin Badt

Yahoo Nightmare - Total Wipeout of Emails

Karin Badt | July 24, 2016 | Technology
At four in the morning, I had a bad dream and woke up. So I decided to distract myself by checking my email. Only to find out that the nightmare was my email account. Totally wiped out. Fifteen years of correspondence erased. No more folders. As clean as virgin snow....
Zorianna Kit

GBK's Pre-ESPY Awards Gift Lounge

Zorianna Kit | July 24, 2016 | Sports
ESPY award nominees, presenters and other athletes and entertainers came out last week to the Line Hotel for Copper Tires & GBK's 2016 Pre-ESPY Lounge and Poker Tournament benefiting the Animal Wellness Foundation and the LA Clipper Foundation. Odell Beckham Jr., Marcell Dareus...
Bill Schneider

The Risk Factor

Bill Schneider | July 24, 2016 | Politics
Hillary Clinton's choice of Tim Kaine as her running mate is being described as ``safe.'' Safe is not exciting. But it offers a powerful contrast with Donald Trump. Trump is high risk. ``A Trump presidency would be dangerous for the nation and the world,'' the Washington Post declared...
Kevin Kruse

The Miracle Morning For Writers

Kevin Kruse | July 24, 2016 | Business
When people find out I'm an author, they often hit me with some form of, "Oh, I've got a great idea for a book, but I just don't have the time to write it." As if writers have some special access to a secret reservoir of time that others don't....
Pranay Gupte

The Writing Life: Digging Into The Past To Learn About The Present

Pranay Gupte | July 24, 2016 | Media
Writing is a lonely profession. Let no one tell you otherwise. This is what it comes down to: It's just you, your computer, and your stack of notebooks. Whether you're a journalist filing stories on tight deadlines, or a novelist, or someone who writes biographies - as I do...
Kevin Kruse

How To Change Bad Meeting Culture

Kevin Kruse | July 24, 2016 | Business
The hot-shot product manager burst into the conference room ten minutes late. "Sorry guys, I'm on 'marketing time.'" The six of us already in the room had been waiting on him to start the meeting. Six people, times 10 minutes each, equals a full hour of wasted time. There was...
Ira Kalb

Obstacles to Creative Disruption

Ira Kalb | July 24, 2016 | Business
This is the second post in my Creative Disruption trilogy. The first one provided strategies to protect your company from disruption. In this one, I would like to focus on the obstacles that companies need to overcome if their product or...
Marty Rudoy

Wasserman-Schultz Out As DNC Chair: Right Move, Wrong Reasons

Marty Rudoy | July 24, 2016 | Politics
The resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz from the Democratic national committee chair is the right move but is being made for the wrong reasons. She was first removed and stripped of a speaking role earlier today from the chair of the DNC Convention because of the furor over the...
Charles Karel Bouley

Uncomfortable Themes Make For Relevant Revival Are WE at the Cabaret?

Charles Karel Bouley | July 24, 2016 | Entertainment
Harrison, Goss and the Kit Kat Girls in Cabaret. Photos courtesy of Pantages Theatre By Karel Charles Karel Bouley I was uncomfortable leaving the Hollywood Pantages'production of Cabaret and I wasn't sure if that was a good thing. I've been to many a musical there, where by the end we are on our feet, dancing, singing, practically leaping out back to our cars and singing all the way home. This wasn't one of them. But how could this be? This was the film that came out when I was ten years old, in 1972, starring, or, should I say, making the star of a young Liza Minnelli. I was pre-gay then, but I knew, I simply knew the Bob Fosse choreography, the singing, the dancing, the brazenness would be iconic. I was right. I saw the movie again in my late teens and knew, oh, the lines! Green nail polish became "Divine Decadence" and I still gasp when Michael York yells "Screw the Baron," and Liza so casually replies "I have" only to have Michael York laughingly reply, "Well, so do I..." Oh the scandal! Yes, there was the whole Hitler thing, but so many movies of the time used WWII as a backdrop since it hadn't even been over for three decades and it was the war of my parent's generation (Vietnam would become mine since I was born in 1962 and then Iraq). But none of it mattered inside the Kit Kat club where everything, including the org-a-stra, was beautiful. In there, life was a cabaret indeed, with German and Jew, soldier and non getting along just fine as Joel Gray, in another star-making role, became the narrator of the times inside and out. The love story between German and Jew and the fact the two became two separate things even though many were born in Germany and were as German as the next seemed secondary to me years ago. But Wednesday, July 20th, 2016 as I sat in incredible seats, Joey Fatone to my left, my good friend Daniel Charleston to my right, I knew the Republican National Convention was going on. As I heard "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" eerily played on stage, I pictured trump behind the screen, Queen's "We Are The Champions" playing and thinking, "I bet if someone had heard this song, they would have played it instead..." In 1929 English novelist Christopher Isherwood left his upper middle class life and moved to Berlin, where he embraced his attraction to men full gusto. He worked as an English tutor and in 1931 met Jean Ross, who would become the fictional Sally Bowles. In 1935 he wrote a short novel "Goodbye to Berlin" and it, along with the 1935 "Mr. Norris Changes Trains" became "The Berlin Stories." Those stories serve as the source for the 1951 Play and 1955 Film "I Am Camera," both starring Julie Harris. In 1966 the stories became the Broadway hit "Cabaret" and in 1972 an Oscar-Winning film. Isherwood would end up in California, friends with Truman Capote and Aldous Huxley. He would start an affair with a man almost 30 years his junior, Don Bachardy, when he was 48. The affair would last until his death at 81 in Santa Monica. Many regard his greatest work to the "A Single Man" about a day in the life of a gay English Professor in California. It would also become a film starring Collin Firth. So Isherwood was an outcast, gay, and thus the Kit Kat Club and had a life of colorful friends, and thus, "Cabaret." But he also saw the ugly side, the dangerous side, and he saw first hand what happens when those inside the cabaret ignore what is truly going on outside. He saw first hand how true evil can and will take power if given a chance, and while many good people tried or try to stop it, sometimes, an angry population coupled with a slick nationalist populist can destroy great culture and great nations, and many lives along the way. The immortal music of John Kander and Fred Ebb is far from dated, and the book by Joe Masteroff is more relevant now than ever since the material's inception by Isherwood. Randy Harrison (gorgeous as an adult as he was a teen in "Queer As Folk") is the emcee, the devilish voice that entices you to play, to indulge, to enjoy, to ignore reality and make fun of the evil. When he sings "If You Could See Her Through My Eyes" to a dancing gorilla and finishes with "She wouldn't look Jewish at all..." Yes, there's a thunk in the theatre. And yes, so many of us thought you could replace the word Jewish with Muslim in today's world all too easily. And I couldn't help think of actress Leslie Jones from "Ghostbusters" who was sent a photo of a gorilla comparing it to her by some some self-loathing gay conservative just the day before. Harrison is sexy, commanding, and yes, eerie enough for the part and while who doesn't want to see Alan Cummings in the role, Harrison's incarnation is young and fresh, almost a millennial Emcee with a warning for an entirely new generation. Andrea Goss has the biggest shoes to fill and you can't, so don't go there; and that's the most brilliant decision of this production. Goss is not Minnelli at her prime, no one is. But neither was Sally Bowles. Goss is probably more close to the real Jean Ross than Minnelli. For instance, in the theme song, Goss' inflection of the simple world "corpse..." I've sung that song more times than Liza and I'll tell you, I never really got it. I never really understood that Bowles was looking at her friend's corpse, her dead body, laid out like so many other of her friends at the time. And that "Cabaret" wasn't a screw it all, grab a drink and let's party song at it's core, it was more of a defiant declaration that we don't have a choice in it, the powers that be, outside of the cabaret, are often greater than ourselves. Goss made me see Bowles' humanity more than Minnelli, as I may have been eclipsed by her star and less by the role. Lee Aaron Rosen's Bradshaw is Isherwood, coming to terms with his love of men, of decadence, of freedom, right as his freedom and the freedom of so many was coming under attack, particularly gays, gypsies and Romas, they, we, were rounded up before the yellow stars, the pink triangles. Ned Noyes is Ernst Ludwig, a friend, until a swastika divides them. Shannon Cochran and Mark Nelson Fraulein Schneider and Herr Schulz two people who find love later in life only to have ideology come between them; and not even their own. Andrea Goss and the Kit Cat Girls. Photo Pantages Theatre Randy Harrison as the Emcee. Photo: Pantages Theatre People torn apart, a country divided by fear and hatred of those that are different; residents blaming immigrants, demagogues rising to power fueled by a media gone mad; gays, jews, blacks, muslims being injured or killed in the name of religion...if it sounds familiar it's because the themes of "Cabaret" are happening in the USA right this very moment. At the end of the play, when Harrison's emcee turns around and his outfit becomes that of a concentration camp with a pink triangle and a yellow Star of David, as the gunfire is heard and the blackout happens, in the darkness in my mind's eye I see the Donald Trump ad with Hillary's face and the Star of David being used and them pleading ignorance; you want the highest office in the land and your staff is so stupid....anyway. Thus, the feeling I referenced at the beginning. Are we sitting in the Cabaret, watching Rome burn? As Noam Chomsky says Donald Trump is a threat to our very existence, as organization and expert after expert warn of the dire consequences of his election and as hatred not only rises but now shows its face everywhere unashamed and often with deadly results, are we dancing along with the Kit Kat boys and girls while our country falls apart? The emcee being whatever talking head is on the 70" incarnation of the Kit Kat Club beamed right in to our own darkened living room or to our 7" computer screens daily? When you go see "Cabaret," and you should, expect it to leave you bothered; expect it to hit a little too close to home; expect it to make you feel and think. And that's called great theatre, and somehow, characters born in 1931, themes played out almost 100 years ago, are made relevant and alive by a first rate cast and crew as the Kit Kat Club beckons patrons back one more time. Watch Karel: Life In Segments weekly on Free Speech TV on ReallyKarelTube. To hear this or other interviews get the FREE Karel Cast App, subscribe in Spreaker to the Podcast or simply go to the most incredible website on all the planet, save this one,
Byron Williams

Sitting this Election out is no way to Take a Stand

Byron Williams | July 24, 2016 | Politics
I recently had someone share with me that they had no plans to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in November. They were repulsed by both candidates and were considering leaving the presidential portion of the ballot blank. Though the sentiments seemed heartfelt and sincere, they were reflective...
Raghida Dergham

Erdogan's Falling Out With The West Makes Him In Need of Moscow

Raghida Dergham | July 24, 2016 | World
In whose interest is it for the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to launch a crackdown on judicial, educational, and military institutions, impose a state of emergency, and vow to execute those behind the coup against his Islamist government? In whose interest is it for Erdogan to establish for himself...
Laura Bartlett

We Get From The World What We Invest In Ourselves

Laura Bartlett | July 24, 2016 | Business
In life, the most important person you will ever know is yourself. But how much time do you spend working on YOU and your mindset? I heard a story recently that will help you answer that exact question. There was a man...