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Simon McCormack

NYPD Ignored Court-Imposed Rules While Spying on American Muslims

Simon McCormack | August 28, 2016 | Politics
It is difficult to overstate just how invasive, stigmatizing, and ineffective the NYPD's surveillance of Muslim New Yorkers has been. It not only alienates people from police, but it sows mistrust and fear among community members themselves.
Julie Fox Gorte

Why Diversity and Equality Should Go Hand in Hand

Julie Fox Gorte | August 28, 2016 | Women
There are business reasons, as well as moral ones, to assure that women and men have equal opportunities to contribute in the workplace. And at Pax World that's something we think has value for investors as well.
Carl Safina

Personality; Not Just For People Anymore - Part I

Carl Safina | August 28, 2016 | Green
We are watching "elephants," true enough. But I realize, embarrassed, that I know nothing of how these beings live, of who they are. I scarcely know what it means to be "watching elephants." Cynthia Moss knows, because she's been here, watching, for forty years--more time than any other human has ever watched elephants.
Angela Schonberg

Women's Equality Day: 96 Years + Voting Strong

Angela Schonberg | August 28, 2016 | Women
On August 26, 1920 the United States Congress passed the 19th Amendment to grant all women full and equal voting rights. Throughout the years women have played an active role in the electorate.
Dana McKenna

I Heart Nora Ephron

Dana McKenna | August 28, 2016 | Women
I first experienced Ms. Ephron with her film "Heartburn" in 1986, based on her semi-autobiographical book by the same name, starring Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson. Although, I confess, at the time, I was struck more by the credit music by Carly Simon, prompting me to buy one more of her albums just so I could listen to "Coming Around Again" again and again.
Bob Schulman

St. Lucia: Bora Bora in the Caribbean

Bob Schulman | August 28, 2016 | Travel
Mountaintop resort on St. Lucia. Photo courtesy of Jade Mountain. No one is really sure how the southern Caribbean island of St. Lucia got its name. A popular story says it came from the day in 1498 when Christopher Columbus first...
Young Professionals in Foreign Policy

A New Opportunity for Economic Integration in South America

Young Professionals in Foreign Policy | August 28, 2016 | World
The comeback of center-right administrations in South America could lead the region towards new integration opportunities, yet the road ahead remains challenging. By...
Joseph A. Palermo

What the Mylan Epipen Scandal Tells Us About American Capitalism

Joseph A. Palermo | August 28, 2016 | Politics
The fact that this sordid practice of manipulating the patent laws to fleece people with allergies has any legal bearing at all only serves to further de-legitimize the "establishments" of both major political parties, the Congress and all the other governing and regulatory institutions.
Mehmet Oz, M.D.

For Presidential Candidates, 70 is the new 45

Mehmet Oz, M.D. | August 28, 2016 | Healthy Living
by Dr. Mehmet Oz & Dr. Michael Roizen Controversy blossomed this week surrounding the health of our presidential candidates. That's because we're heading into this fall's presidential election knowing relatively little about the medical history of either major-party candidate, and at 68 and 70, respectively, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump...
David Seaman

Wikileaks Revealed Massive Political Corruption: Where's The Coverage?

David Seaman | August 28, 2016 | Business
The corporate media, especially the television media, has not been adequately covering the scope of the latest Wikileaks batch of emails. Especially since some of the revelations may have a material impact on the upcoming presidential election in the United States, many feel these Wikileaks documents should be discussed in-depth...
Rep. John Lewis

Why I March: From 1963 To Today

Rep. John Lewis | August 28, 2016 | Politics
We knew on that bridge in Selma that we were staring down a pivotal moment in history. I believe the same is true in 2016.
Rep. John Lewis

Why I March: From 1963 To Today

Rep. John Lewis | August 28, 2016 | Politics
We knew on that bridge in Selma that we were staring down a pivotal moment in history. I believe the same is true in 2016.
Robert S. McElvaine

The "Race to the Bottom" Has Only One Runner

Robert S. McElvaine | August 28, 2016 | Media
Jackson, Mississippi. The media have decided that the presidential campaign is a "race to the bottom" in which both campaigns are engaged in "mudslinging" and voters are, rightly, equally disgusted with the way the two major party candidates are behaving. This assessment is...
Tim Giago

Modern Day Activists Call it 'Historic Trauma'

Tim Giago | August 28, 2016 | Education
Notes from Indian Country By Tim Giago (Nanwica Kciji - Stands Up For Them) What has been the long-term impact of the Indian boarding school experiment? I say experiment because over the past 125 years the Indian people have been used for many social, educational and welfare...
Richard Crepeau

Sport and Society for Arete - Football Returns

Richard Crepeau | August 28, 2016 | Sports
The Olympics in Rio are over and the tales of the ridiculous and the sublime will now fade into the background. Our fascination with swimmers and gymnasts and the many and varied tales of obstacles overcome will give way to the sports that occupy the American fan on a regular...
Sidonie Sawyer

A Visit To The Charming Montmartre Museum And The Renoir Gardens.

Sidonie Sawyer | August 28, 2016 | Travel
There is more to Montmartre than the famed Pigalle hot red center - hot as in sexy - although with the French canicule (heat wave) at his worst right now, it's literally hot! hot! hot! in Paris, but that will not...
David Seaman

Hillary Clinton's Health Is Superb (Aside From Seizures, Lesions, Adrenaline Pens)

David Seaman | August 28, 2016 | Business
Hillary Clinton: Stronger Together. How strong? Well, the great woman's health is excellent, superb even. Her heart and mind one hundred thousand times stronger than the strongest beams of steel that built our great American cities more than a century ago. Her soul a shining exemplar of selflessness, service, and...
Magda Abu-Fadil

Charlie Lives On at "Chaplin's World"

Magda Abu-Fadil | August 28, 2016 | Entertainment
The Tramp, The Immigrant, the comedian, the actor, the writer, the musician, the composer, the director, the husband, the father, the genius. The legendary Charles Chaplin (Abu-Fadil) Charlie Chaplin was that and more. It's only fitting that the museum celebrating...
Byron Williams

Navigating Welfare Reform, Poverty is Tricky Business

Byron Williams | August 28, 2016 | Impact
Welfare reform, perhaps the signature legislation of Bill Clinton's presidency, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. The use of the word "celebrated" would depend greatly on who was asked. The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act transformed an open-ended cash assistance program to a finite program that attached benefits to...
Georgianne Nienaber

Spirit Wins and Media Lies Lose at Standing Rock Protest

Georgianne Nienaber | August 28, 2016 | Green
"We are tipis going up to see the stars. Enjoying the campfire with drums in the distance. Who can ask for more this very blessed night." ~~An Elder at the Standing Rock Main Camp, Cannon Ball ND Smells of sweet burning sage linger in the late evening and drift...