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Advertising Week

Building Olympic Brands Beyond The Games

Advertising Week | July 27, 2016 | Business
By Duncan Hall, Strategist & Ewan Ferrier, Creative Partner at Brand Union The Olympics is arguably the greatest institution in our culture. It represents both the human instinct to compete and succeed, as well as notions of community, education, and development. Cities...
Gone to the Snow Dogs

DIY DOG SMOOTHIE Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Gone to the Snow Dogs | July 27, 2016 | Taste
It's time to make a DIY Dog Smoothie!  It has been very hot in Northern Michigan, and huskies are not big fans of the heat.  This DIY Dog Smoothie is the perfect treat for those hot days!  And not only is it fun to make for your dog, you can share it with them as well!  This  DIY Dog Smoothie is people friendly too! Directions for DIY Dog Smoothie Ingredients 1 cup Fresh Strawberries 1 cup Frozen Bananas 2/3 cup Unsweetened Coconut Milk (or water) 1 Container cup Plain  Greek Yogurt Reddi Whip (optional) Directions Wash your strawberries, cut them in half, and place them in a bowl.  Peel and slice frozen bananas and place in a bowl.  For this recipe I used my NutriBullet (find one here Affiliate Link).  Place all ingredients into your blender of choice, and blend!  Now pour the Smoothie into whatever dishes you choose.  As an added bonus, top them with a touch of Reddi Whip! I feed my girls about 1/2 a cup at a time, once per day until it's all gone. And YES, you can share this smoothie with your dogs!  It's good for them and good for you!  So you can enjoy this DIY Smoothie Dog Treat together! We hope you enjoy making this treat with your dogs!  Don't forget to share this with your friends so they can make it with their dogs! Let us know in the comments what type of treat you want us to try making next time! I think they are ready to get snacking! MORE Treat videos: * Please note that I'm neither a vet nor an animal nutritionist, so it's advisable to consult with your own authority when trying new foods, and also to ensure that your dog's home cooked diet is balanced & includes all of the nutrients that are necessary for your dog's...
Gina Hall

How to Hit the Refresh Button on the L.A. Dating Scene

Gina Hall | July 27, 2016 | Los Angeles
If you're feeling burned out with the same old dates, it's time to "update." Several classic experiences have been modernized, including some activities you might not have even thought about since college. With that in mind, here are three updates for you this summer.
Mary Manning Cleveland

John Perkins: New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Mary Manning Cleveland | July 27, 2016 | Business
In 1946, when I was a year old, my father hung up his Navy uniform and joined the U.S. Foreign Service. He could have returned to a well-paid position at Borden Cheese, but he wanted to continue serving his country after World War II.
Carol Morgan

Self-Reflection: Who Are You & What Can You Improve?

Carol Morgan | July 27, 2016 | Women
I have two older sisters, and while we are all seemingly similar in personality, we are very different at the core of who we are. If you met us at a party, you would think we are all friendly and outgoing -- perhaps all being extroverts. But if you peel back the layers of who we really are, we are very different.
Jude Temple

8 Ways to Discover Your Spiritual Side

Jude Temple | July 27, 2016 | Women
I grew up in a secular household. As a kid, I thought this was pretty awesome. I never had to go to Sunday school and I got to sleep in every weekend. But as I got older I began to realize that growing up without religion also meant I'd never considered my spiritual side.
Deva Dalporto

Meghan Trainor: 'Me Too' Mom Parody

Deva Dalporto | July 27, 2016 | Parents
When I first saw Meghan Trainor's "Me Too" video I thought, "Damn I wish I looked that glam when I brushed my teeth. Or that good in a giraffe onesie."
Greg Kushnick, Psy.D.

This Quote Will Change The Way You View Life With Your Phone

Greg Kushnick, Psy.D. | July 27, 2016 | GPS for the Soul
Let this quote remind you of how precious life is and how fast time flies, especially when you have children.
Sarah Murray

New Life For My Old Shoes: Could Storytelling Encourage Recycling?

Sarah Murray | July 27, 2016 | Business
We certainly need to make it more convenient to recycle. But for at least some products, could storytelling be one of the tools we use to help cut waste and conserve more of the world's natural resources?
Women Entrepreneurs (WE) NYC

How To Become A Media A-Lister

Women Entrepreneurs (WE) NYC | July 27, 2016 | Women
Here are three essential items you must have at your fingertips so you're ready to share your story when the press comes knocking.
Free The Slaves

2016 Freedom Award to Target Bonded Labor Slavery in India or Nepal

Free The Slaves | July 27, 2016 | Impact
Free the Slaves periodically honors survivors, activists and organizations that demonstrate outstanding courage, innovation and dedication in the fight to end slavery. The Freedom Awards celebrate anti-slavery heroes and innovators from around the globe by showcasing what some of the best anti-slavery work...
Christy DeGallerie

Why I Won't Thank White People When They Speak Up For Black Lives

Christy DeGallerie | July 27, 2016 | Black Voices
I use to thank white people for speaking up when we got murdered. Then after awhile it dawned on me, and I asked myself this question: "Why am I handing out cookies to allies?" I found it bizarre that I was thanking people for being human.
Laurie Hollman, Ph.D.

Tips for Having Conversations With Your Kids

Laurie Hollman, Ph.D. | July 27, 2016 | Parents
Teens can be quite sensitive to feeling heard. They enjoy being greeted when they come home from school but not questioned about their day, especially grades when they first walk in the door. Let them tell you in their own time about what they are doing with their friends, their feelings about kids they like and don't like and why they feel that way.
Tina Plantamura

So, You Want To Date My Son

Tina Plantamura | July 27, 2016 | Parents
Be comfortable enough to be exactly who you are. Whoever you are around your closest friends should be the same when you're around him. Do not feel the need to act differently when you're with him--whether it's acting more mature, more bubbly, more intellectual, more adventurous, or more reserved. You don't need to change for anyone.
David S. Simon


David S. Simon | July 27, 2016 | Comedy
Are you a real Christian who lives by what your bible preaches or are you a fake one who pretends to be virtuous while spewing unsullied animosity towards anyone who does not agree with you while you actively prevent the struggling lower class of America from enjoying the same kind of life that you feel that you are entitled to?
Life by DailyBurn

How Low Should You Squat? (And How To Improve It)

Life by DailyBurn | July 27, 2016 | Healthy Living
To fire up your muscles in all the right places, here is Boyle's breakdown of the squat, from the ground up.
Ali Hashem

Why Iran Stood With Erdogan

Ali Hashem | July 27, 2016 | World
So, beside its public condemnations, did Iran play a role in directly thwarting the coup? Did it, for instance, share intelligence that helped Erdogan preserve his reign? Al-Monitor put forward this question to a senior Iranian official who was in direct contact with Turkish officials during the hours of the coup attempt. His answer was short but to the point: "No."
Amy Koko

Becoming Whole After Divorce

Amy Koko | July 27, 2016 | Divorce
Maybe it's painting, playing an instrument, becoming a nuclear physicist (that was my second choice). Whatever it is, do it. Yes, divorce is sad, it's heart breaking, it's an ending. But it's also a beginning. Dig deep. Listen. Get whole.
William Kenower

Why Every Writer Is a Visionary

William Kenower | July 27, 2016 | Books
I think of my friend often when I listen to writers talk about their latest idea for a new book. Every writer is a visionary in their own way. Our stories, like my friend's schools, begin in a place where only we can see them. It is so exciting, it is so life-affirming, to perceive something tangibly before it exists. At such times we are in touch with life's complete creative potential. It is as if we can perceive, not just the apple tree, but also all the apples it will produce.
John Malik

True Southern Charm in Aiken, SC

John Malik | July 27, 2016 | Travel
Aiken, SC, is unique in that it's a fairly cosmopolitan town yet lacks a large airport, harbor, or direct access to an interstate highway. Isolation such as that can be the death knell of a small town yet Aiken has survived and thrived. It's routinely visited by Southerners, Californians, and New Yorkers charmed by its lively downtown, the occasional sand covered street, and its horse-based economy.