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Lincoln Mitchell

A Debate Like No Other

Lincoln Mitchell | September 27, 2016 | Politics
There were a few moments in Monday night's debate when an eerie familiarity came over the debate stage. The rest of the debate, however, was something new.
Greater Good Science Center

Debunking Myths about Awe

Greater Good Science Center | September 27, 2016 | Healthy Living
By Maria Polonchek According to researchers across the country, experiencing awe can lower stress levels, expand our perception of time, and improve social well-being. As a parent, I'm especially intrigued by findings that awe encourages altruism and empathy, discourages entitlement and narcissism, and boosts creativity and...
Greater Good Science Center

White Racism May Hurt the Health of Both Whites and Blacks

Greater Good Science Center | September 27, 2016 | Politics
By Yasmin Anwar Living in unabashedly racist communities can shorten the lives of both blacks and whites, according to new research published in Psychological Science. Researchers compared the racial biases of nearly 1.4 million people nationwide to death rates in more than 1,700 US counties. Their findings suggest...
Karen Haekkerup

A Small Country With A Large Food Cluster

Karen Haekkerup | September 27, 2016 | Business
Located in Northern Europe, the Danish landscape is ideal for agriculture. In fact, out of our total area of 10.6 million acres more than 60 percent is cultivated. In the growth season, we have many hours of daylight which help us produce strong, healthy plants and animals. And today, all hours all year round, Danish companies are hard at...
Joseph T. Spadafino

Access To Contraceptives Reduces Teen Pregnancy, Does Not Lead To Increased Sexual Activity

Joseph T. Spadafino | September 27, 2016 | Impact
As it turns out, sexual activity among this demographic remained almost totally constant, and might actually be declining (more recent data will be needed to confirm this trend, if it exists). Put simply: an increase in contraceptive use does not appear to foster an increase in sexual activity.
Greater Good Science Center

How to Avoid Picking Up Prejudice from the Media

Greater Good Science Center | September 27, 2016 | Entertainment
By Amanda Sharples, Elizabeth Page-Gould In 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast, killing more than a thousand people and leaving tens of thousands homeless. That was terrible. But news media may have turned this natural disaster into a disaster for American...
Yoani Sanchez

Scholarships for Cuban Youth to Study in US Enrage Cuban Government

Yoani Sanchez | September 27, 2016 | World
World Learning's scholarships are targeted to 16-18 year old students in Cuba. 14ymedio, Generation Y, Yoani Sanchez, 27 September 2016 - The woman approaches without fear or hesitation. "How...
Cameron Craig

Video Conferencing 101: How Not To Be A Vidiot

Cameron Craig | September 27, 2016 | Business
The latest video conferencing technology is drop-dead simple to use. It's as easy as pushing one button to join a video conference. Yes, you heard it right: one single button to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime wth pristine quality.
Andrew Cotto

Dear College Students (And Recent Grads)

Andrew Cotto | September 27, 2016 | Politics
Please register and vote for Hillary Clinton. Imagine the alternative. If not, it's coming out of your grade.
Yehia Ghanem

Living Dangerously: Egypt's Unfinished Revolution

Yehia Ghanem | September 27, 2016 | World
Egypt. It would happen in just a matter of days, he insisted. I agreed that something was brewing, but I dismissed his notion that it could happen so soon
Jalysa King

Anxious Heart -- Day To Day With Anxiety

Jalysa King | September 27, 2016 | Healthy Living
Having the courage to admit that there is a problem and deal with it proves you are stronger than you may feel on one of those "bad days."
Jonah Bryson

An Adventure Under The Sea With Jonah Bryson

Jonah Bryson | September 27, 2016 | Travel
This summer, I had the chance to reconnect with the undersea world I love - the Mediterranean. But unlike my previous visits as a child, I now had the chance to go farther, deeper and stay underwater for a long time. I could now explore that world as a scuba-diver for the first time.
Sherry Bronson

Cultural Appropriation - Thank You Lionel Shriver

Sherry Bronson | September 27, 2016 | Books
I wish I could speak with ironclad certainty about the right of fiction writers to portray anyone, from any culture, in any way we wish. In her opening address at the Brisbane Writers Festival, Lionel Shriver, a celebrated U.S. author, adamantly took that stance. Her argument appeared sound: the genre is fiction, therefore it's made up, imaginary, and nobody should take offense.
Grace Wong

From Assata to Activism: An Interview With Portland Hip Hop Artist Glen Waco

Grace Wong | September 27, 2016 | Arts
Glenn Waco is a hip hop artist from a small town in the northern quadrant of Portland, St John's. He began rapping as a coping mechanism when his grandmother became paralyzed, and Waco says that rapping has always been a "therapeutic process" for him.
Sherman Yellen

Trump: The Law And Order Rerun

Sherman Yellen | September 27, 2016 | Politics
I am still digesting the presidential debate like a heavy meal that I ate too late in the evening. Of course I thought that Hillary was the winner on every point, and I believe that she profited from standing beside and up to Trump - Trump's interruptions, his glares and stares, his attention grabbing sniffles, his speaking in bumper sticker slogans, his snarling tone of voice should have been a warning to any possible Trump voter that the man is beyond unstable - but those may be the very qualities that appeal to them.

Go Short Or Long? How To Pick Your Life Insurance Term

NerdWallet | September 27, 2016 | Business
By Elizabeth Renter Among the decisions you must make when buying life insurance, one of the most important is: How long should the policy last? Choose wrong and it could cost you or your survivors. You can buy term life insurance that will cover you...
Paul Spector, M.D.

What Is Your Fear IQ? Why We Fear The Wrong Things

Paul Spector, M.D. | September 27, 2016 | Politics
Fear is having a good season. Fear of terrorists, a Trump presidency, a Clinton presidency, police violence, the Zika virus, immigrants, being left behind, and the usual lethal weather, plane crashes, cancer, Alzheimer's, ... the list goes on. A quick survey of the headlines provides a window on what we fear. And that's part of the problem.
Jennifer R. Breedon

When You Make A Deal With The Devil

Jennifer R. Breedon | September 27, 2016 | World
Rouhani made it clear that despite all of the steps we've taken, including acknowledging them positively at the Assembly of Nations in NY, nothing we've done has thawed our relationship or helped to improve the security of people living in the areas ruled by Iran or its terror proxies.
Bob Burnett

What Happened To Hillary's Lead?

Bob Burnett | September 27, 2016 | Politics
After the Democratic convention, many Democrats breathed a sigh of relief because it appeared that Hillary Clinton had an "insurmountable" 8-point lead over Donald Trump. Two months later, that lead is almost gone and Dems are worried. What happened?
Vicki Cobb

Poverty and Education

Vicki Cobb | September 27, 2016 | Education
I am always looking for topics for this blog about learning that is interesting, exciting and engaging for both teachers and students. Last year I wrote about Ruth Shuman who founded Publicolor, a nonprofit organization that gives poor kids an afterschool program that teaches commercial painting...