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A. Siegel


The "White House Organic Vegetables Brand"?

A. Siegel | Posted May 25, 2011 | Green

The United States has a bright, classy, and dedicated First Family. Virtually every day brings another example of how we might actually have the real "Best and Brightest" living at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue.

This evening, I took care of the heirloom tomato seedlings emerging on the windowsill...

Alex Remington


Middle-Aged Film Critic Writes a Book Railing Against Snark; Man on Internet Agrees

Alex Remington | Posted May 25, 2011 | Media

In January, film critic David Denby published an essay called Snark: It's Mean, It's Personal and It's Ruining Our Conversation. It's not a perfect book, but he's right. His book is a bit like Harry Frankfurt's popular essay "On Bullshit," which opened with the famous sentence, "One of the...

Brandon Perkins


Video: How Much Tweet Could a Tweetin' Twitterer Tweet?

Brandon Perkins | Posted May 25, 2011 | Media

Read More: Hip Hop, Comedy, Tweets, Twitter, Video

How much Tweet could a Tweetin' Twitterer Tweet if a Twitterer could Twitter while Tweetin'? If a social networking site with millions and millions of users can bubble under the surface, this was the week that Twitter's bubble burst. While NBA bloggers thought it was funny that Shaquille O'Neal...

Bonnie St. John


After Natasha's Tragic Death, a Call for Helmets -- from a Paralympic Skier

Bonnie St. John | Posted May 25, 2011 | Entertainment

As an Olympic ski medalist who has been skiing for over thirty years, I wonder why Natasha Richardson's tragic demise has not catalyzed people across the US to push for mandatory helmets for skiing. Instead, traffic on the internet is still arguing about whether a helmet would have saved...

Ari Melber


Beyond Obama's Town Hall

Ari Melber | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

President Obama fielded eight questions from guests at his town hall event Thursday, including one from the instantly famous eight-year-old Ethan Lopez. It is obviously great for the president to directly interact with citizens, especially as the nation makes such big choices about how to address the economic...

Mia Farrow


Mbeki a Disgrace, Yet Again

Mia Farrow | Posted May 25, 2011 | World

With his crackpot denial that HIV causes AIDS, his appointment of a health minister who recommended beets and garlic garlic as treatment for South Africa's more than 5 million HIV infected citizens, his corrupt government, his incomprehensible support of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and his refusal to use South Africa's...

T. Boone Pickens


More Momentum for the Pickens Plan

T. Boone Pickens | Posted May 25, 2011 | Green

Take it from this 80-year-old. After half a century in the energy business, I've learned a lot of lessons, and more than a few of them have been the hard way. One of the most important ones in all those years is that there is absolutely no reason for us...

Robert S. McElvaine


Something We Can All Agree On: Voluntary Assistance to Veterans

Robert S. McElvaine | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

Today we mark the sixth anniversary of the beginning of the war in Iraq. Recent reports indicate that the situation there has improved considerably. The focus is shifting back to Afghanistan. President Obama has made good on his campaign promise to set a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. The question...

Kevin Grandia


New Yorker's Elizabeth Kolbert Slams US CAP for "Donating to Deniers"

Kevin Grandia | Posted May 25, 2011 | Green

Elizabeth Kolbert, author of the 2006 global warming book Field Notes from a Catastrophe, has a piece in the New Yorker today titled "Donating to the Deniers," taking to task the corporate membership of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership for actively undermining the very goals the coalition claims to...

Roy Rivenburg


Obama Urges Bailout for 'Responsible' Vegas Gamblers

Roy Rivenburg | Posted May 25, 2011 | Comedy


After bailing out AIG, Citibank and homeowners who signed up for mortgages they couldn't afford, President Obama now wants to rescue another group of financial washouts - Las Vegas gamblers.

Although critics say the proposal would reward people who took dangerous risks, Obama insists...

Matthew Filipowicz


Evan Bayh's "Name That Obstructionist!"

Matthew Filipowicz | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh has made it official. He gave us what the country been waiting for. What the country has been pining for. He announced the formation of a "Moderate Dems Working Group", or to put it in layman's terms, a group of 15 or so

Phil Bronstein


Obama "Takes Responsibility" for AIG? Getting Mad Is Not Getting Even...

Phil Bronstein | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

It's still refreshing to have Barack Obama once again say he'll "take responsibility," this time for the AIG bonus mess. It also happens to be so much easier to say that about a mess you had nothing to do with, because then you can be responsible and outraged at...

Lloyd Garver


Free Trip To Rome - If You Have Surgery?

Lloyd Garver | Posted May 25, 2011 |

I was half-reading a book and half-watching TV the other day, when I thought I heard someone on TV advertising a "colonoscopy sweepstakes." I assumed that either I had heard wrong or it was a spoof on sweepstakes contests, so I put my book down to find out. It was...

Paul Snyder


Tense Times in Tokyo! Town

Paul Snyder | Posted May 25, 2011 | Entertainment

If last year's spate of big political movies (from Milk to Wall E via Che and Changeling) reverberated with protest and populism, the three shorts by Michel Gondry, Leos Carax and Bong Joon-ho that comprise the omnibus film Tokyo! might give a taste of this year's political cinema as, in...

Starre Vartan


Walking the Eco Talk: Green Media Veggies Follow Their Own Advice

Starre Vartan | Posted May 25, 2011 | Green

Just the other day, my friend and colleague Michael d'Estries (who runs the celebulicious Ecorazzi, and also Groovy Green, and also Ecorattle ) started a new site, Veg Daily (which he runs with partner Michael Dudell who is an eight-years-and-going strong vegetarian). Michael made the switch...

Shawn Amos


Rihanna and Chris, You Are Not Alone: Troubled Musical Couples

Shawn Amos | Posted May 25, 2011 | Entertainment

Now that Oprah has said her piece, it's my turn to weigh in on this whole Chris Brown/Rihanna thing. There are too many sad stories of tortured, codependent celebrity relationships. Two people whose accomplishments -- however credible or not -- are completely overshadowed by their crazy, dysfunctional relationships. You look...

Thomas Frank


Financial Journalists Fail Upward

Thomas Frank | Posted May 25, 2011 | Media

"Listen, you knew what the banks were doing and yet were touting it for months and months," said Daily Show host Jon Stewart to CNBC superstar Jim Cramer in their much-discussed confrontation last week. "The entire network was, and so now to pretend that this was some sort of crazy,...

Thomas de Zengotita


Why Can't Poor Tim Geithner Staff Up At Treasury? A Scandal That Calls For Diogenes?

Thomas de Zengotita | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

OK, so the heat is on Poor Tim, that's clear. Richard Shelby, that pillar of political rectitude, is leading the charge of the vengeful to secure his resignation. Like Boss Limbaugh, they are happy to see America fail if it means Obama fails--and that's practically Shakespeare's definition of tragedy....

Charlie Cray


AIG Lesson Number Two: Get out of the TARP Tar-Pit

Charlie Cray | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business

The universal handwringing, Congressional hearings, and talk about stringing greedy corporate pigs up with piano strings: There hasn't been this much media outrage about executive excess since Dennis Kozlowski's $6,000 shower curtain.

Back then, after the tickertape of corporate scandals -- Enron, WoldCom, Tyco, Adelphia, etc. -- there was...

Phil Trounstine


California Conservatives Without a Firebrand in the Governor's Race

Phil Trounstine | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

By Phil Trounstine and Jerry Roberts

Consider the problems facing conservative California Republicans. We're not talking about the low-tax, small government, laissez-faire fiscal folks. We're talking about the unflinching, pro-life, pro-gun, anti-gay-marriage conservatives who have, for decades, served as keepers of the GOP flame.

These are the...

Roy Ulrich


Health Care Reform in Critical Condition

Roy Ulrich | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Long ago, I heard Joseph Califano, President Carter's secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare (later to become Health and Human Services), tell an audience that real health care reform in this country could not become a reality until we accomplished the goal of enacting campaign finance reform at the national...

Diane Francis


US Dollar Devaluation as Predicted

Diane Francis | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business

The Chinese are starting to switch from investing in U.S. T-bills to buying hard assets for stockpiling or acquiring corporations at bargain-basement prices.

Others are buying gold. Or oil.

This week, Washington surprised markets by mopping up 5% of its own Treasuries, a form of printing money to finance deficits...

Jay Marose


Will Rihanna Be Victimized Twice?

Jay Marose | Posted May 25, 2011 | Entertainment

The next abusers of Rihanna are likely to be her young, female fans. The New York Times' Jan Hoffman wrote an amazing piece on teen fans of Rihanna and Chris Brown that seems counter-intuitive and will shock many adults:

"While thousands of teenagers have certainly turned on Mr....

Dan Glickman


Stand Up for Creative Jobs

Dan Glickman | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business

Financial news reporting has been in the news itself of late as Americans ask the timely question 'who knew what and when' about the state of our economy and the subsequent extraordinary burden being placed on every American as we strive as a nation to right the ship.

Amid the...

Ned Goldreyer


Madoff: A Remembrance

Ned Goldreyer | Posted May 25, 2011 | Comedy

Read More: Bernard Madoff

Of all Bernie Madoff's outrages none surpasses his request to keep $69 million. The betrayal of friends and charities? Well, business is business. The unfathomable scope? You know how it is: once you rip-off your first billion, the next sixty four sort of disappear on their own. But asking for...

Michael B. Laskoff


Israel on the Brink

Michael B. Laskoff | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

You learn the most about a person, an institution or a state by the ease with which it handles the most vulnerable, particularly when it can get away with bad conduct. That's why the world got so peevish with us over GITMO; it had nothing to do with the avoidance...

Marianne Schnall


Exclusive Interview with Jane Fonda: Back on Broadway

Marianne Schnall | Posted May 25, 2011 | Entertainment


After 46 years, Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda makes her triumphant return to Broadway in 33 Variations, a brilliant new play which is earning standing ovations nightly at the Eugene O'Neill theater. The play was written and directed by acclaimed playwright Moises Kaufman and...

Abby L. Ferber


How Many More Rihannas?

Abby L. Ferber | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

They shouldn't be surprising, yet they are so disturbing that one can't help but be stunned to read that "Nearly half of the 200 Boston teenagers interviewed for an informal poll said pop star Rihanna was responsible for the beating she allegedly took at the hands of her boyfriend,...

Paul Jenkins


A Crime to Make Money

Paul Jenkins | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

The obtuseness of the government and the financial industry on the subject of executive compensation is best summed up by one of the bonus defenders, who complains: "It's suddenly a crime to make money, it seems." Leaving aside the telling stupidity of assuming that the mere act of "making...

Roger Warner


The C.I.A. Man Returns

Roger Warner | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

[Part 2 in a series: The Strange New Life of an Old Secret War]

This is a series about a huge C.I.A. operation from long ago that's come to life again, in new forms - as a terrorism case in America, as a leftover insurgency abroad, and as a vexing...

Dave Johnson


Stop Corporate Lobbying With Taxpayer Money

Dave Johnson | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Why are recipients of the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) - better known as the Banking Bailout - allowed to continue to lobby? Taxpayer dollars should not be used to influence our government. We, the People should be telling them what to do, not the other way around.

TARP recipients

Jim Wallis


"Once Again" in Darfur

Jim Wallis | Posted May 25, 2011 | World

Here we are again, and again, and again. It is not a new message or a new concern. People have been suffering, starving, raped, beaten and killed year in and year out. There are those who have committed years, entire lives, to the cause. They have preached, they have marched,...

Anthony Tjan


Q&A with Mehmet Oz: Don't Let the Finance Crisis Become a Health Crisis

Anthony Tjan | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

In this interview, medical expert Dr. Mehmet Oz speaks with Cue Ball's Tony Tjan on how the financial crisis is shaving years off of lives, and what you can do about it. Dr. Oz is Professor and Vice Chairman of Surgery at Columbia University, a world-renowned cardiologist, New York Times...

Jonathan Powers


Iraq War's "Iron Anniversary" -- What Good Has Come Out of It?

Jonathan Powers | Posted May 25, 2011 | World

Around this date six years ago I was packing up my apartment in Giessen, Germany as my unit, the 1st Armored Division, "Old Ironsides", prepared for our deployment to Iraq. My fellow lieutenants and I watched with great anxiety as our comrades in the 3rd Infantry Division and others were...

Barbara Coombs Lee


Make your voice heard! Tell Obama to rescind the HHS conscience regulation

Barbara Coombs Lee | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Now is the time to raise our voices for patient choice and autonomy. From now until April 9th we must urge the Obama administration to repeal Bush's last-minute rule shielding health care workers who withhold from patients any treatment they consider morally objectionable.

Click here to email a comment...

James Hoggan


New Yale Study Finds Climate Change on America's Mind

James Hoggan | Posted May 25, 2011 | Green

A new research report conducted at Yale is out today and it details the fact that, despite the global economic meltdown, over 90 percent of Americans agree that the U.S. should act rapidly to combat global warming, including 34 percent who feel the U.S. should make a large-scale effort even...

Jeff Biggers


Nancy Sutley: 30 Years of Betrayal Later, End Mountaintop Removal Now

Jeff Biggers | Posted May 25, 2011 | Green

As a new round of explosives shattered the ridges across mountaintop removal mines in Boone and Raleigh counties in West Virginia today, unleashed by a recent U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals decision, White House Council on Environmental Quality chair Nancy Sutley gave the first indications that the Obama administration...

Jay Glatfelter


On Lost: "Namaste"

Jay Glatfelter | Posted May 25, 2011 | Entertainment

After a week off from ABC's Lost, we dove right back into the story. The Oceanic Six are back on the Island, but they are the odd men (and women) out. Ever one for transitioning smoothly, Jack seems like a lost little boy when he finds himself in the shadow...

Vanessa Richmond


Kiss Her Fat Ass? No Thanks

Vanessa Richmond | Posted May 25, 2011 | Media

I'm with anyone who thinks it's an oversized offense to slight someone based on their girth.

I'm also against the bloated double standard. There are few or no remarks made about a man's shirt, jacket or pants size when he performs a job (save when his job is directly...

Michael T. Klare


The Second Shockwave

Michael T. Klare | Posted May 25, 2011 | World

While the economic contraction is apparently slowing in the advanced industrial countries and may reach bottom in the not-too-distant future, it's only beginning to gain momentum in the developing world, which was spared the earliest effects of the global meltdown. Because the crisis was largely precipitated by a collapse of...

Andy Borowitz


Cheney to Pen Bush's Memoir

Andy Borowitz | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

One day after publisher Random House signed former President George W. Bush to write a presidential memoir entitled Decision Points, Mr. Bush announced that he had tapped former Vice President Dick Cheney to write the memoir for him.

"This book will detail the twelve greatest decisions I've made in my...

Danny Groner


Highlight the Writer's Boldness

Danny Groner | Posted May 25, 2011 | Entertainment

If I asked you to list the qualities any book writer would need to complete a book, you might include n that list superb writing ability, excellent research skills, and an ear for a good story. You might also include less professional, and more personal, qualities like patience or intensity....

Tom Matzzie


Two Lessons From An Anti-War'rior

Tom Matzzie | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

For three years I led big efforts to end the war in Iraq with and also freestanding campaigns on the war known as Iraq Summer and Americans Against Escalation in Iraq.

In the end, with collaborators like Nita Chaudhary, Tara McGuinness, Eli Pariser and others, we probably...

David Bollier


How the Commoners Built a Digital Republic of Their Own

David Bollier | Posted May 25, 2011 | Media

The Bush Administration achieved a virtual lockdown of American political culture for eight years, bringing policy innovation to an utter standstill. So consider this improbable fact: one of the most significant achievements in open, participatory democracy in history burst forth during the Bush years.

Working in the parallel universe...

Maggie Van Ostrand


Easter Equals Peeps

Maggie Van Ostrand | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

Ah yes, comfort food. We're talkin' mashed potatoes and gravy, Mallomars, potato chips and meatloaf. But for me my friends, it's the time of year where new dimensions will be reached to the very definition of the word "comfort."

It's Peeps time. And...

Marianne Mollmann


We Are All Guilty

Marianne Mollmann | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

In the many years I have worked for the promotion of women's human rights, the most frequent question I get is "why?" Why is it that, after so many years of progress in terms of women's access to education and jobs, women still earn less than men in similar position....

Jeff Danziger


Mrs. Madoff's Piano

Jeff Danziger | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business


Jamie Court


Will the Politicians Give Back Their AIG Bonuses?

Jamie Court | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

After Enron's fraud on California during the 2001 electricity crisis became clear, a lot of politicians felt they had to give back their Enron contributions.  Our consumer group was the beneficiary of a few of those returned dollars, since we fought the energy industry's deregulation schemes.


Scott Mendelson


Natasha Richardson Dies at 45 -- and People Magazine Is There Immediately (with 3D Glasses!)

Scott Mendelson | Posted May 25, 2011 | Media

As most of you know by now, Natasha Richardson died yesterday after a skiing accident. Obvious sympathies go out to husband Liam Neeson, their two...

Dawn Teo


GOP Doubles Down on Failed McCain Strategy

Dawn Teo | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Over the last week, the GOP public relations strategy has been flinging accusations at Obama for doing too much and taking on too many issues. At first, I thought it one of the funniest things I've heard from a political party. Then, the idea gained traction in the media. Every...

John Bruhns


Iraq: Six Long Years Of Deception

John Bruhns | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Six years ago today I was in Kuwait awaiting orders to cross the border into Iraq with the first wave of invading forces. It was predicted that U.S. troops would be greeted as liberators, weapons of mass destruction would be found, and democracy would flourish across the Mideast. What a...

Bakari Kitwana


A Hip-Hop Response To Chris Brown & Rihanna

Bakari Kitwana | Posted May 25, 2011 | Entertainment

For nearly an entire week, the Chris Brown/Rihanna alleged abuse incident has dominated major news media headlines. Unfortunately, these sensationalized reports did less to elucidate the national epidemic of violence against women and more to cement into our national psyche the idea that the new face...
Robert Stavins


A Tale of Two Taxes

Robert Stavins | Posted May 25, 2011 | Green

Whether they are called "revenue enhancements" or "user charges," fear of the political consequences of taxes restricts debate on energy and environmental policy options in Washington. In a March 7th post on "Green Jobs," in which I argued that it is not always best to try to address two...

Lola Adesioye


Message to the Pope: Leave Africa Alone and Go Back to Italy ASAP

Lola Adesioye | Posted May 25, 2011 | World

As I write, I am enraged... Enraged at the Pope who, while on his current trip to Africa has made a pronouncement that condoms could make the HIV/Aids situation in Africa worse. He claims that: "[AIDS] cannot be overcome by the distribution of condoms. On the contrary, they increase the...



Ending the Email Lies: Forward This

Meathead | Posted May 25, 2011 | Media

In the past year I have had to tell two dear friends that I never want to hear from them again. Both seem compelled to send sham news to me and everyone else they know. Although they do not own mainstream broadcast networks, they are broadcasters, a fact they do...

Christal Smith


Halls of Shame: How China Invaded California and Took Over Our Legislature

Christal Smith | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

With little resistance, China's communist leadership invaded California this past Monday landing in Sacramento with the clear intention of inflicting maximum harm to our democracy via the defeat of a resolution in the California State Assembly.

Mission nearly accomplished.

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 6 (ACR 6) sponsored by Assembly Member...

Rick Horowitz


It's Bonus Time at AIG!

Rick Horowitz | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Dear Mr. President: We are writing in reference to your recent comments about AIG, and in particular about bonuses being paid to AIG employees and executives. As members of AIG's board of directors, we were troubled by your remarks -- especially your use of the word "outrage" to describe those...

Adlai Wertman


How Millenials Will Save the World

Adlai Wertman | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

The ability of youth to rise above our baby boomer negativity is both refreshing and amazing. Over the past several months I have had the opportunity to speak to several groups of non-profit executives. The subjects of these meetings have inevitably been about 'how to survive these troubling times'. And...

Michael Sigman


Lying Strategery

Michael Sigman | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business

2,500 years ago, when The Buddha called for "right speech" as an ethical cornerstone, he wasn't referring to orations by conservatives. His message: happiness is based on the ability "to abstain from false speech and especially not to tell deliberate lies."

Trying to live this way doesn't stop me from...

Dr. Jon LaPook


Diagnosing Hypochondria

Dr. Jon LaPook | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

Let's face it. Most of us have at least a little bit of hypochondria simmering inside us. And it can bubble over from time to time -- especially if a friend or loved one happens to be ill. It's only natural. But when does an occasional tendency towards being hypochondriacal...

Dr. Nicholas Perricone


Michelle Obama -- The Right to 'Bare' Arms

Dr. Nicholas Perricone | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

Much has been written about Michelle Obama's penchant for sleeveless garments -- in fact, maybe too much.

Media attention notwithstanding, Michelle is not the first First Lady to favor sleeveless outfits.

Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, perhaps the world's greatest fashion icon, was often photographed wearing sleeveless dresses, as was her...

Tabby Biddle


Seeking Clarity

Tabby Biddle | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

2009-03-27-ClearVision.jpgLast week as I went to wash my face before bedtime, I noticed that my right eye was bloodshot. Tired? Maybe. Too much computer time? Probably. But, I looked a little more closely and saw that along with the red, I also had a little...

Mike Lux


It's Gut-Check Time

Mike Lux | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

I have been wrestling all day with what to write about this AIG mess.

On the one hand, as anyone who reads my stuff knows, I am a big supporter and admirer of President Obama, and was a part of Team Obama during the transition. I strongly support his bold...

Michael Giltz


Battlestar Galactica Finale DVR Alert!

Michael Giltz | Posted May 25, 2011 | Entertainment

If you're like me, you're really excited about the series finale of Battlestar Galactica, one of the best shows of the past five years. In the old days, that meant plopping down on the couch Friday at 9 p.m. to see the show. Today, that means setting your DVR...

Carl Pope


Fourteen Years Is a Long Winter

Carl Pope | Posted May 25, 2011 | Green

Washington, D.C. -- That's how long it's been since I've had energizing, affirmative conversations about solving America's environmental challenges with policy makers here. Even during the Clinton administration, after Newt Gingrich pulled off his Congressional coup the tone and mood became constrained and defensive -- the politics of limits, not...

Steven Petrow


Queeries: Can Boyfriends Make out in Public?

Steven Petrow | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

Public Displays of Affection

Q: Can a gay or lesbian couple kiss in public? On the cheek or on the lips? How about holding hands? -- Touchy feely

A: Yes, yes, yes and yes! Of course, it depends where you are.

Ah, the PDA question (that's public display of...

Paul Szep


The Daily Szep: Sheriff Cuomo

Paul Szep | Posted May 25, 2011 | Comedy


Rachel Sklar


Today Is The Sixth Anniversary Of The Iraq War - So Raise A Glass To A Soldier

Rachel Sklar | Posted May 25, 2011 | World

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the Iraq War, and as usual it's flying a little below the radar. Last year, the anniversary was overshadowed by Obama's landmark race speech the day before; this year, we're all transfixed by the colossal greed and short-sightedness of AIG. Important...

Sean Jacobs


The Worst Places in the World to Work

Sean Jacobs | Posted May 25, 2011 | World

If you don't count Baghdad, Pyongyang (North Korea) or Harare (Zimbabwe) -- cities affected by war or economic sanctions -- which cities are the most challenging places to work in?

Business Week asked a New York-based human resources consultancy, ORC Worldwide, to provide a list of the toughest cities in...

Anne Dunev


Who Needs the Brothers Grimm When We Have Teen Screen?

Anne Dunev | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there was a town called Edendale that had many little children. The children were very happy. They liked to run and play and giggle and tell stories, much like children have always done.

The parents of Edendale were very busy people....

David Sirota


Economic Credibility Gap: Obama Says People Are Angry About AIG, Axelrod Says No One Cares

David Sirota | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

I'm genuinely confused. Yesterday, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel told America he sees the use of taxpayer money to pay AIG million-dollar bonuses as an unimportant distraction. Then President Obama said, no, the country is angry, and has every right to be, and his assertion was supported...

Arlene M. Roberts


Octomom, Sextomom and the Looming Incursions on Reproductive Rights

Arlene M. Roberts | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

At the end of January, a woman in California gave birth to octuplets. Last October, a woman in New York gave birth to sextuplets. The mother in California, Nadya Suleman, was dubbed "Octomom" and has spawned bills limiting embryo implants; the mother in New York was dubbed 'miracle mom' and...

US: Obama's Iraq Plan (CNN-3/12-15)

Eric Dienstfrey | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Read More: Poll Update, Pollster

3/12-15/09; 1,019 adults, 3% margin of error
Mode: Live Telephone Interviews


Barack Obama has announced that he will remove most U.S. troops from Iraq by August of next year but keep 35,000 to 50,000 troops in that country longer than that. Do you favor...

Barry Yourgrau


A Memory of Natasha Richardson

Barry Yourgrau | Posted May 25, 2011 | Entertainment

What a tragedy....

I didn't really know Natasha Richardson. But twenty years ago I was in a movie with her, Roland Joffe's Fat Man and Little Boy, about Los Alamos and the A-bomb.

I'll always remember her at the opening script read-through, in a room off the bar in...

Olivia Rosewood


Recession: We're All in This Together, Part 4

Olivia Rosewood | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

There is no doubt that these are troubled times. But I have lately been reminded that all times do pass, and how you and I will come through this storm is self-directed. I am reminded of the light that beckons at the end of the tunnel. I am reminded that...

Robert Weissman


Lessons from AIG

Robert Weissman | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business

Watch out if you live in or visit Washington, D.C.

If you see a camera or microphone, be careful not to be trampled by a politician rushing to shout their "outrage" at AIG, and its brazen scheme to pay $165 million in bonuses to employees at the company unit responsible...

Mark Blumenthal


EFCA: Molyneux Responds

Mark Blumenthal | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

After reading Tuesday's post on the new polling data on the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), I received the following comment from Guy Molyneux, the partner at the Democratic firm Hart Research Associates that directs their polling on behalf of the AFL-CIO:

I have to quibble with...

Jon Soltz


Another Year In Iraq: Looking Back and Ahead

Jon Soltz | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

As we hit another anniversary of the start of the War in Iraq, it's impossible to not look back and shake my head in disbelief. At the same time, however, I look ahead and breathe a bit of a sigh of relief.

I was in Iraq at the start of...

Martha McCully


My Reinvention Tour: Initiation In Venice Beach

Martha McCully | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

I've been in Venice 21 days and I am still the New Girl. The simplest and the most complex incidents make me feel this way.

In New York, my exercise life was a hefty, and mostly enjoyable, part of my social life: I would meet...

Jeffrey Feldman


AIG Counter-Party Payments Worse than Bonuses

Jeffrey Feldman | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business

For anyone listening to Edward Liddy's testimony, yesterday, the key statement of the hearings came at about 2:50pm. "It appears," said Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), "that AIG has become a conduit for counter-party transfers of taxpayer money."  Amidst all the anger over the $165 million in retention bonuses gifted to...

Stefan Aschan


One Simple Strategy How to Handle Recession & Workout Depression

Stefan Aschan | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

Think of the gym: Stinking of sweating, windows closed -- hot, cold and I don't know what -- it all hits you when you work out in the winter months. It is not a joy to go to the gym; in fact, it feels like torture. The economic situation is...

Mark Weisbrot


El Salvador's Left Wins Historic Election

Mark Weisbrot | Posted May 25, 2011 | World

Last Sunday's election in El Salvador, in which the leftist FMLN (Farabundo Martí Front for National Liberation) won the presidency, didn't get a lot of attention in the international press. It's a relatively small country (7 million people on land the size of Massachusetts) and fairly poor (per capita income...



How Gov't Employees Learn About Ethics

ProPublica | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

by Olga Pierce, ProPublica

Off beat Mum/FlickrLearning about ethics is hard, and such a bummer.

Luckily, the U.S. Office of Government Ethics has found a way to make it fun!

By FOIA...

Lisa Solod


The New American Witch Hunt

Lisa Solod | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business

First, there was Senator Charles Grassley's not-so-funny suggestion that the heads of A.I.G. should commit public suicide, and then in yesterday's Senate hearing Edward Liddy, the Chairman of A.I.G. detailed the numerous death threats the employees of the company had been getting, some of them quite horrific. Senator Barney Frank...

Jeff Danziger


AIG Bonuses

Jeff Danziger | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics


The Media Consortium


Weekly Immigration Wire: 'Systematic Failures' in U.S. Detention Healthcare Immigration NewsLadder

The Media Consortium | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

by Nezua TMC MediaWire Blogger

This week, two comprehensive reports on the health of immigrant detainees were released by Human Rights Watch and the Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center. As Public News Service reports, "Immigrants are, literally, dying for decent care."

There have been many cases of...

Nancy Northup


Rewriting Science Fiction: Editing Politics from Plan B

Nancy Northup | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Science was glaringly absent the past eight years in policies created by the Bush administration's federal agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Health and Human Services. Increased emissions of the most significant forms of air pollution were touted as "clear skies." The birth...

Craig Newmark


Big support for war veterans from Obama and IAVA

Craig Newmark | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Read More: Barack Obama, Iava, Veterans

Hey, yesterday was a big day for troops and veterans. The Pentagon announced that the use of "stop-loss", which keeps service members beyond their original enlistment term, will be phased out. Here's some information from the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America:


James Moore


A Second Act for Spitzer?

James Moore | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

"Too many of us look upon Americans as dollar chasers. This is a cruel libel, even if it is reiterated thoughtlessly by the Americans themselves." - Albert Einstein

There is an attorney who can get to the bottom of our current financial crisis and lay the blame and guilt at...

Mona Ackerman


Coping With Loss

Mona Ackerman | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

Q: I don't really know what my question is, but I do know that I am really hurting. I am almost sure that you will say this is very legitimate pain and that I will soon get over it, and then learn to live with it. In the meantime, though,...

The Progress Report


Six Years Of War In Iraq

The Progress Report | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

by Faiz Shakir, Amanda Terkel, Satyam Khanna, Matt Corley, Benjamin Armbruster, Ali Frick, and Ryan Powers

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Six years to the day have passed since President Bush launched the invasion of Iraq, a preventative war of choice based...

Craig Newmark


Ask the President

Craig Newmark | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Hey, Ask the President launches now!

What questions do you think President Obama should be asked at his press conference next week? A broad coalition of new and traditional media are teaming up, including The Nation, The Washington Times and the Personal Democracy Forum, to gather...

Katrina vanden Heuvel


Ask the President

Katrina vanden Heuvel | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Of his many promises during the 2008 Presidential campaign, one of the most appealing was Barack Obama's pledge to make his administration "the most open and transparent in history." The democratizing tools mastered at and the inspiring grassroots enthusiasm for the Obama campaign opened the door to...

Michael Wolff


The Pope Talks and the Church Fails

Michael Wolff | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Popes have traditionally looked doctrinaire and absolute. That's how they've gotten away with having a point of view at odds with reality and popular opinion--because they look like popes. We've excused them, in some sense because they've just been doing their job. But the pope exception probably ceases to work...

Gavin Newsom


Greening Buildings to Create Jobs

Gavin Newsom | Posted May 25, 2011 | Green

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase "green building?" Sleek new structures with skins of advanced glass and recycled steel that blend into the landscape, facades and roofs draped in a combination of daylight-harvesting windows, wildlife habitat, and photovoltaics? New construction affords the flexibility to build contemporary masterpieces,...

Jane Hamsher


Elijah Cummings Knew About $1 Billion in AIG Bonuses for "Months" -- Why Didn't Timothy Geithner?

Jane Hamsher | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Elijah Cummings shot huge holes through the stories of both Timothy Geithner and Edward Liddy yesterday during the AIG hearing on Capitol Hill.

Cummings isn't even on the House Financial Services Committee, he's on House Oversight, but he made a special request to question Liddy. Most of the attention...

Robert S. Eshelman


The Secret War Against American Workers

Robert S. Eshelman | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business

Crossposted with

The Unemployment Story No One Notices

Juanita Borden, 39 and jobless, patiently waits as her résumé methodically works its way, line by line, through a fax machine at a state-run job center in downtown Philadelphia. Lying open before her on a round conference table...

Lawrence Lessig


AIG: Will We Solve the Underlying Problem?

Lawrence Lessig | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

As we all know by now, insurance giant AIG sparked national outrage by paying more than $165 million in executive bonuses after receiving a $170 billion taxpayer bailout.

What fewer people know is that AIG gave more than $9 million in campaign contributions to Congress -- making's list...

Robert J. Elisberg


I'm Not a Patriot, But I Still Play One on TV

Robert J. Elisberg | Posted May 25, 2011 | Media

Make no mistake, Lou Dobbs has long credentials as a reporter. It's just that watching him has morphed from journalism into a video game, to see when his head will explode. And hope it happens before yours does.

Yet there is something to be said for being in the presence...

Shawna Vercher


March Madness - Applying the Diane Chambers Law

Shawna Vercher | Posted May 25, 2011 | Entertainment

In an infamous episode of Cheers, Diane Chambers placed her bets for the football pool based on which animal/creature would win a fight in real life. (For example, clearly a (Chicago) Bear would beat a (St. Louis) Ram.) The result? She mopped the floor with everyone. I shall attempt the...

Kerry Trueman


Obamas Heed The Grassroots Plea To Give Peas A Chance

Kerry Trueman | Posted May 25, 2011 | Green


Faithful followers of Obama Foodorama, the food politics blog whose house specialty is a perfect blend of substance and froth, were treated to an especially tasty scoop yesterday--the news that there will, indeed, be a vegetable garden at the White House.


Ian Millhiser


Big Pharma's Loss is America's Gain: Obama's Outstanding First Choice for the Federal Bench

Ian Millhiser | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

If you were unfortunate enough to read the National Review yesterday, you would think that President Obama has a stealthy plan to turn America in to Gomorrah. Obama's new judge supports abortionists! He's in league with the ACLU! His nomination is payback for ACORN!

In other...

Ann Handley


The 10 Things I Hate About You

Ann Handley | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business

So the company I work for, MarketingProfs, is a virtual company, which means that the 25 or so of us on staff are scattered throughout the country, working out of our respective homes. In a practical sense, this means we can shuffle around in our slippers at the "office."...

Kathleen Reardon


What Happened to Foresight and Common Sense?

Kathleen Reardon | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Two venture capitalist friends of mine visit now and then, not because I know an ounce of what they study every day, but because anyone who is deeply involved in the vicissitudes of the economy likely lacks the big picture. It reminds me of when I was learning to play...

Christopher Brauchli


Taxes and Didactics

Christopher Brauchli | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Draw from others the lesson that may profit yourself.
Publius Terentius Afer
, The Self-Tormentor 190-159 B.C.

Prominent people have, over the past few months, taught us things about taxes for which we should be grateful. Our teachers have gone from the very lowly (see Joe the Plumber)...

Betsy Perry


A Miami State of Mind: My Brain on Spring Break

Betsy Perry | Posted May 25, 2011 | Style

Bernie Madoff should feel guilt. AIG should feel guilt and so should Chris Cox and Dick Fuld and all those other bandits. But should I feel guilty for being on vacation? After almost two weeks in South Beach, my brain cells have hunkered down and gone into hiding and even...

Sarah Walker


Coming Clean

Sarah Walker | Posted May 25, 2011 | Comedy

It's time. I'm not going to make this harder than it already is, so here it goes: I am a recipient of one of the AIG executive bonuses. My conscience has gotten the better of me and I think it's time to come clean and let the healing process begin....

Graham Hill


CARS: A Scrappy Plan, or a Clunker?

Graham Hill | Posted May 25, 2011 | Green

Vehicle sales during this recession have plunged 40%, according to this article in the Christian Science Monitor. So it's not surprising that the U.S. House is proposing to follow Germany with a "cash for clunkers" plan.

Germany's program, after all, has seen a 21% increase...

Eric Margolis


The Writing on the Wall in Kabul, Eric S. Margolis, 17 March 2009

Eric Margolis | Posted May 25, 2011 |

Canada's Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper was an ardent supporter of George W. Bush and his so-called `war on terror.' Canada contributed 2,500 troops to support the US war effort in southern Afghanistan.

But the hard-line Harper just did a remarkable volte face on CNN by...

Sean Jacobs


Obama Campaigns for South African Ruling Party ... in Zulu

Sean Jacobs | Posted May 25, 2011 | World

More like South Africa's embattled ruling party, the African National Congress is using Barack Obama to attract voters. National and provincial elections are set for next month (April 22).

The party has unveiled its new election song: "NjengoBarack Obama owaleth' utshintsho e-America, votelani i-ANC kube nokuthula e-Africa." Translated it means:...

Earl Ofari Hutchinson


Red Flags Flew From the Start on Geithner and Company

Earl Ofari Hutchinson | Posted May 25, 2011 |

Florida Republican House Rep Connie Mack was the first in the door to demand that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner resign or get the boot. Mack bluntly said what more than a few Democrats and a lot of Republicans have grumbled privately in recent days. President Obama says that...

Greg Mitchell


On Sixth Anniversary of War: Suicides Skyrocketing

Greg Mitchell | Posted May 25, 2011 | World

More than most in the media, I have followed the disturbing rate of suicides among our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and here at home for nearly six years. Often I have hailed Mark Benjamin, who has kept close tabs on the same issue (and many others related to soldiers and...

Steven Johnson


A Live Discussion on Science, Faith, Revolution, and the Birth of America

Steven Johnson | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Steven Johnson is the author of six books and the co-founder of the hyperlocal site This month you might have seen him on The Colbert Report, or read his recent essay here on the future of the news ecosystem. He joined us today for a live conversation...

Nazca Fontes


Stem Cell Argument Conveniently Avoids Certain Facts

Nazca Fontes | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

We've heard input from all ends of the political, religious, ethical and medical spectrums on last week's announcement that President Obama is lifting restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. It's not surprising that each group's agenda drives the discussion deep into an area that benefits its individual...

Alden Loury


Blagojevich, Burris and a Few Broken Hands

Alden Loury | Posted May 25, 2011 | Chicago

Somebody should pay.

Deep down, we've always known that the world of Illinois politics, or more precisely Chicago politics, is a messy place. But we've been able to sufficiently keep a lid on it until former Gov. Rod Blagojevich's arrest, and things just got worse with the controversy surrounding Sen....

US: Economy vs Environment (Gallup-3/5-8)

Eric Dienstfrey | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Read More: Poll Update, Pollster

Gallup Poll
3/5-8/09; 1,012 adults, 3% margin of error
Mode: Live Telephone Interviews


"For the first time in Gallup's 25-year history of asking Americans about the trade-off between environmental protection and economic growth, a majority of Americans say economic growth should be given the priority, even if...

Max Bergmann


McCain vs. Petraeus

Max Bergmann | Posted May 25, 2011 |

Gen-david-petraeus-mccain One of the real benefits of last year's election was that it dispelled the myth that McCain was a reasonable foreign policy centrist and exposed the fact that he was actually a reckless neocon. For instance,...

Alan Miller


Taxing and Banning: The Only Clear Strategies Our Leaders Seem to Have

Alan Miller | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

In these troubled times it seems the one thing that we can be sure of is that bureaucrats and politicians (unfortunately increasingly interchangeable these days) who are bereft of any clear strategies for tackling the big issues of our day are keen to go after the small pleasures of life...

Sara Avant Stover


Unplug and Recharge: Everyday Yoga -- Treat Your Feet

Sara Avant Stover | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

When I lived in Thailand I had the good fortune of getting a foot massage at least once a week. There, foot reflexology oases flowered on nearly every city block, and a one-hour session costs a whopping $6. Now that I have moved back to the US, things are different...

Steve Rosenbaum


Optimism And Opportunity At SXSW

Steve Rosenbaum | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business

At first, I thought it was just the group of people I was spending time with. Among them, the talk was rapid-fire and filled with unbridled enthusiasm. So on the second day at South by Southwest, I ranged further out - into the panels and into the impromptu lunch gatherings...

Jimmy Seidita


Governor Quinn Should Appoint Laurene von Klan to MWRD Vacancy

Jimmy Seidita | Posted May 25, 2011 | Chicago

Governor Quinn is off to a good start with the environmental aspects of his administration. He pleased conservation groups with his appointment of Marc Miller as the new head of the state Department of Natural Resources, reversing an 11th hour appointment by former Governor Blagojevich, and he has

NC: 2010 Senate (PPP-3/12-15)

Eric Dienstfrey | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Read More: Poll Update, Pollster

Public Policy Polling (D)
3/12-15/09; 1,000 registered voters, 3.1% margin of error
Mode: IVR

North Carolina

Sen. Burr Job Approval
35% Approve, 32% Disapprove

'10 Senate - General Election (complete list of match-ups)
Sen. Richard Burr (R) 43%, Elaine Marshall (D) 35%
Sen. Burr...

Brad Friedman


I Don't Care About AIG's Bonuses

Brad Friedman | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

I guess I'm just in the minority here, but I'm having a bit of trouble getting exercised about $165 million (just to put that into perspective, the movie sequel The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian had a budget of $200 million) in bonuses to AIG employees.

Yeah, it's...

Anne L. Weismann


President Obama: Continue to Shine the Bright Light of Transparency on Our Government

Anne L. Weismann | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

This year's Sunshine Week finds us emerging from eight long years of darkness perpetuated by the most secretive administration in modern times. Signaling a sharp and dramatic shift from this past, President Obama on his first full day in office committed his presidency to "[t]ransparency and the rule of law,"...

Sharon L. Camp


The Check's in the Mail: U.S. Resumes Funding to UNFPA Just in Time for UN Meetings

Sharon L. Camp | Posted May 25, 2011 | World

After a seven-year hiatus from contributing to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the United States is in the process of making approximately $50 million in funding available to the organization.

In his first week in office, President Obama announced his intention to work with Congress to restore...

Hal Donahue


Prostate Cancer -- DoD dismantling key Pathology Center

Hal Donahue | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

2009-03-19-WalterReedoldestphoto.jpg Oldest Known Photo of WRGH

Two years ago on a lovely spring day, my world turned upside down. Routine physical, get to the part all guys find uncomfortable and the show stops! My general practitioner says something doesn't feel right. He had...

Sally Kohn


Blue Dogs? Bring On The Purple Cats!

Sally Kohn | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Am I the only one frustrated that now that we finally have a President who looks out for the greater good of average Americans, his own party won't join the fight to take the country back from special interests? Yesterday, Indiana centrist Democrat Evan Bayh announced that he and...

Bob Franken


Bubbleheads Everywhere

Bob Franken | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

There's something pathetically remarkable about the political competition these days. What we have is a tug of war between two opposing forces both pulling us in the wrong direction.

On one side are the anti-intellectuals...those who raise the clarion call of simple-mindedness. They make their appeal to the average Joes,...

Robert Koehler


A Modest Proposal

Robert Koehler | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

"But administration officials also worry that taking too hard a line with AIG and other companies could discourage top financial experts and institutions from joining the government efforts to fix the financial system." -- Weisman, Reddy and Pleven, Wall Street Journal

"AIG built this bomb, and it may be the...

Susan Smalley, Ph.D.


Our Temporary Nature

Susan Smalley, Ph.D. | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

We often forget the temporary nature of life soothed by an illusion of stability in our day-to-day routines, lulled into a false belief that we are somehow permanent. We are reminded of this temporary nature when untimely deaths occur, like that of Natasha Richardson or the less famous faces of...

James M. Gentile


President Obama and the Promise of Science

James M. Gentile | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Even as public attention focuses rightly on shoring up our nation's financial system and addressing the credit and mortgage crisis, there is something profoundly hopeful unfolding in the sciences that has extraordinary potential for advancing our nation's economic leadership.

President Barack Obama seems to understand intuitively the words of...

Ed and Deb Shapiro


How Do You Live In A Changing World?

Ed and Deb Shapiro | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

When everything looks hopeless we do have the chance to grow into something better: what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, we call a butterfly! But, like a butterfly, the journey to such growth can be a difficult one, including having to transform ourselves as completely as a...

Eric C. Anderson


Enron Redux?

Eric C. Anderson | Posted May 25, 2011 |

The Federal Reserve's $1.2 trillion stabilization package should make you nervous. First, the Fed is now clearly engaged in a massive money printing campaign that threatens inflation in the not-so-distant future. Second, the Fed has announced a willingness to speculate in the mortgage-backed securities market with another $750 billion of...

Mark Nickolas


Imagine the Reaction If It Were Olbermann

Mark Nickolas | Posted May 25, 2011 | Media

Imagine the GOP reaction if MSNBC's Keith Olbermann agreed to host a DCCC fundraiser.

Now consider this:

Conservative CNBC host Larry Kudlow, rumored to be mulling a bid against Chris Dodd next year, is headlining a March 24th fundraiser for the National Republican Congressional Committee at DC's Building Museum,...
Lorelei Kelly


Iraq War Year Six: Our Long Goodbye to the Cold War

Lorelei Kelly | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Now that America's exit from Iraq is on the horizon -- we need to begin the long overdue conversation about how we got ourselves into this war. Beyond blaming the Bush administration and the neo-cons. Fingering them is the easy part. We need to talk about the civic and cultural...

David Murdock


KBR Work Presents 'Security Risk' Says Pentagon Official

David Murdock | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Thousands without background checks may have been given access to military bases at home and abroad.

In what appears to be a stunning lack of due diligence, the Pentagon has allowed private contractors to grant civilians access to military bases, including in highly sensitive areas like Iraq and Afghanistan, without...

Diane Francis


AIG Plutocrats Pilfer the Public

Diane Francis | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business

What is scandalous is not only the US$165 million in AIG bonuses. It's the US$180 billion which has been shoveled into AIG by taxpayers to date, funds which have mostly gone toward paying off AIG's creditors, or counterparties. These include banks, brokers, pension funds and other gamblers who paid premiums...

Dave Astor


Like AIG, We Can Do Worserer!

Dave Astor | Posted May 25, 2011 | Comedy

There's an ethics crisis in America, but it's not caused by excessive unethical behavior. Rather, most unethical behavior isn't unethical enough!

For instance, many low-income guys who steal small sums of money are in prison. But economy-ruining AIG sharks who steal taxpayer money to fund obscenely undeserved bonuses ain't worrying...

Shelly Palmer


Sony, Google Team for Kindle Killer: MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer March 19, 2009

Shelly Palmer | Posted May 25, 2011 | Media

Sony and Google have teamed to fight Amazon in the e-book market. The two companies are expected to announce a partnership today, which would give Sony Reader users access to the 500,000 books available as part of Google's digital book...

Christine C. Quinn


A St. Patrick's Day to Remember

Christine C. Quinn | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Ever since I was a young girl, St. Patrick's Day has always been an important day for me and for my family. I remember my mother throwing elaborate parties for my grade school class at the aptly named St. Patrick's elementary school, and if it wasn't a school day we...

Leo W. Gerard


Creep of the Week: AIG Bonus Grantor Edward M. Liddy

Leo W. Gerard | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business

AIG Chairman Edward M. Liddy gets the Creep of the Week award for his stunning, overwhelming, dumbfounding display of cluelessness.

Liddy not only awarded $165 million in bonuses to the very AIG employees whose risky speculation in credit default swaps bankrupted the once-great insurance giant, forcing it to beg...

Stan Goff


It's Not Rocket Science: Land Productivity, Food Rights

Stan Goff | Posted May 25, 2011 |

Originally posted at Feral Scholar

I am offering this piece by my dear collaborator, De, as an essential bit of counter-propaganda against Big Ag -- one of the key players in the oligarchy that holds sway over the Obama administration every bit as much as they have Bush II,...

Ann Pettifor


Bernanke Dodges the Bullets

Ann Pettifor | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business

On March 15th, Governor Bernanke gave an unprecedented interview to CBS. In it he lit a fuse of 'anger' against AIG. And then he retreated from the fray. Surprisingly, he is not a target of public anger. Instead that anger is aimed at the president.

This is an extraordinary...

Johann Hari


Israel's Voice of Reason? An Exclusive Interview With Amos Oz

Johann Hari | Posted May 25, 2011 | World

The unlikely story of the state of Israel - 60, sullied, surviving - is intertwined with the unlikely story of Amos Oz. He is, all at once, its most distinguished novelist, its most passionate defender, and its most notorious "traitor" - a word he uses about himself. His friend David...

Steve Parker


AIG v. Detroit - Renegotiating Contracts

Steve Parker | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business

Here's just one example of how bad things are for the Detroit Three: GM announced Wednesday that they have more than 14,000 orders for the new 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. That's a nice, round number for an eagerly-awaited car which has just gone into production.

But at the SEMA automotive...

Michael Shtender-Auerbach


What's Made in Israel Should Live in Israel

Michael Shtender-Auerbach | Posted May 25, 2011 | World

Tel Aviv: With the ascension of Avigdor Lieberman to foreign minister of Israel, the term "facts on the ground" will take on a whole new meaning. Lieberman's rise, to many, is the logical extension of Israel's self-destructive policies vis-a-vis the ongoing occupation. Not only does Lieberman support the illegal occupied...

Yoani Sanchez


Cuban Journalists Arrested in the Black Spring of 2003, Start Their 7th Year In Prison

Yoani Sanchez | Posted May 25, 2011 | World

They took Adolfo Fernandez Sainz one morning six years ago, after raiding his home as if it were that of a dangerous terrorist. There were neither weapons, nor chemical substances in his poor home in Central Havana, but his papers bore witness...

Jerome Halligan


Treasury: Okay, Who's Good With Numbers?

Jerome Halligan | Posted May 25, 2011 | Comedy

Washington, D.C. - Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner held a press conference today to announce a need on the part of the Treasury for "people good with numbers, figures, economics - things of that nature." In an ongoing attempt to fill vacancies in the department, Mr. Geithner sought a public forum...

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Brendan DeMelle


Free Paul Minor

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Brendan DeMelle | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Paul Minor did his best to comfort Sylvia, his wife of 41 years, during his brief February 20th visit. He tried to feed her, to talk with her, and to care for her the way he wished he could on every one of her final days in Hospice care. Sylvia...

Mark Kleiman


Ayahuasca Churches 2, Federal Government 0

Mark Kleiman | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Another Federal district court has ruled that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act protects the worship of the American branches of Brazilian churches that make sacramental use of a "tea" that contains DMT, a Schedule I controlled substance.
Analysis and a link to Judge Panner's opinion here.


Norman Lear


Come, Shoot the Messengers!

Norman Lear | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business

So some dozens of men and women, many of them relatively young, graduates of our best business schools, stars in the business firmament of the giant financial institution they worked for, which giant institution was now receiving billions of bailout taxpayer dollars, accepted large bonuses under the terms of the...

Dylan Loewe


How Democrats Might Actually Build a Permanent Majority

Dylan Loewe | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

Roughly four years ago, the Republican Party was on top of the world. President Bush had just been re-elected. Both the House and the Senate were controlled by the GOP. The Democratic Party had a bumbling message, so nuanced that it was becoming increasingly difficult to explain. Republicans had an...

Robert D. Stolorow


America in an Age of Trauma

Robert D. Stolorow | Posted May 25, 2011 | Politics

In this radio interview I discuss my ideas about emotional trauma (RD Stolorow, Trauma and Human Existence, Routledge, 2007) and extend them to the state of the American psyche in what I consider to be an Age of Trauma. The current economic collapse, in addition to being a collective...

Warren Holstein


Family Values, Schmamily Values: The GOP's Bristol/Levi Hypocrisy

Warren Holstein | Posted May 25, 2011 | Comedy

Well it seems that the latter-day Joseph and Mary trophies of the religious right-wing pro-life movement have been tarnished and their lackluster bronze has turned a gangrenous green, which is starting to show through the shoddy, flaking shiny gold paint (applied so gingerly for their RNC debutante debut). It seems...

Dr. Dennis Gottfried


Too Much Medicine: A Doctor's Guide to Better and More Affordable Health Care

Dr. Dennis Gottfried | Posted November 17, 2011 | Healthy Living

Mrs. Treppen had an entourage of specialists: a cardiologist, a gastroenterologist, a pulmonologist, a dermatologist, an urologist, an orthopedic surgeon, a gynecologist, and a neurologist. With all those doctors, she had every part of her body covered. I was her internist, and for her my role was not to provide...

Michael Pertnoy and Michael Kleiman


The Last Survivor: Stop Saying 'Never Again'

Michael Pertnoy and Michael Kleiman | Posted May 25, 2011 | World

Stop Saying "Never Again" from Genocide Prevention Month on Vimeo.

At the beginning of April in 1994, Jacqueline Murekatete was nine years old. As was common in Rwandan culture,...

John Standerfer


Bernanke Goes Nuclear

John Standerfer | Posted May 25, 2011 | Business

While Congress spent another day playing political "Clue" -- Senator Dodd -- with the red pen -- in the backroom, Ben Bernanke reminded us once again why the Federal Reserve is currently the most powerful institution on the planet. Many of us have been led to believe that the foundation...

Dr. Josh Dines and Dr. Rock Positano


New Treatment Techniques for Athletes Suffering from Cartilage Injuries

Dr. Josh Dines and Dr. Rock Positano | Posted May 25, 2011 | Style

Read More: Injuries, Knee Injury, Sports

As the seven time All-Star Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets checks out for season-ending microfracture surgery on his knee, new attention has been focused on cartilage injuries in athletes. Cartilage injuries in the knee are not uncommon in collegiate and professional athletes of all sports, although contact and high-impact...

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