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Clay Broga


Memorial Day -- More Than a Day at the Beach

Clay Broga | Posted July 26, 2012

We are filmmakers in our late 20s and, like most everyone in our generation, we take a lot of things for granted. Past Memorial Days have simply been a day off from work, a trip to the beach and a barbecue in the backyard. This one is different.
Zorianna Kit


The 2012 Billboard Music Award Gift Bag

Zorianna Kit | Posted July 26, 2012

At the 2012 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 20th, music nominees, presenters and performers such as Katy Perry, Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, Usher and Alicia Keys received a Sports Sac weekender bag full of goodies ranging from clothing to electronics to vacation getaways.
Paddy Duffy


Eurovision: The Heavily Strobing Highlights

Paddy Duffy | Posted July 26, 2012

Generally in Eurovision, countries are faced with a stark choice: do they send the best-looking women they can find, or the biggest nutters they can find? This year seemed to take a swing to the former, although the nutter side was still well-manned
Robert Simpson


Team England: Explaining the Stark Differences in Achievement by the National Football and Cricket Teams

Robert Simpson | Posted July 26, 2012

Read More: Cricket, Football
The idea that success with England would not be the main priority of an England cricketer may sound strange in today's climate but that fact was before the implementation of central contracts playing for your county was the main job of a cricketer. Turning out for England was a bit of a jolly one enjoyed for a few weeks in the summer and during the winter.


What Is it Like to Take a Cross-Country Road Trip by Bike?

Quora | Posted July 26, 2012

This question originally appeared on Quora. By Jane Huang, Dilettante Cyclist I knew nothing about cycling. I decided to ride my bike across America anyway. I had signed up with a tour company that promised to...
Rachael Freed


Take Time to Make This Day a Memorial Day

Rachael Freed | Posted July 26, 2012

Traditionally Memorial Day is to honor the memories of those we've lost, particularly those who sacrificed their lives in military service for our country.
Father Alberto Cutié


Who Is Responsible for Secrecy in the Legionaries of Christ?

Father Alberto Cutié | Posted June 4, 2012

For years there have been many people in authority above him who were repeatedly made aware of the struggles and difficulties surrounding the abusive behavior of the founder and other dysfunctions in the Legionaries
Juan Vené


En la pelota: Feliz fin de semana con

Juan Vené | Posted July 26, 2012

Acerca de los Yankees, aparentemente en venta, se pregunta el "New York Daily News"...: "¿Manhattan sin el Empire State Building?... ¿Nueva York sin la Estatua de la Libertad?... ¿Brooklyn sin su puente?... ¿Los Yankees sin los Steinbrenners?". Pero no, no será así, al menos por ahora.
Carla Buzasi


The Week That Was: A Step Back in Time

Carla Buzasi | Posted July 26, 2012

Did I miss the collective time-travel mission back to the 1950s this week? I only ask because a glance at a choice selection of headlines from the past seven days certainly suggests so. Either that, or someone (a man, presumably) decided it was time to sweep all the advancements women have made over the past few decades under the proverbial carpet. (Swept by a woman in a gingham pinny and rollers, I sure hope.)
John Shore


Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State writes IRS about Pastor Charles Worley

John Shore | Posted July 26, 2012

I think Barry W. Lynn's letter could prove to be the snowball that finally starts the avalanche that ultimately wipes out political proselytizing from the pulpit of American churches.
Bonnie St. John


An Inconvenient Truth on Memorial Day

Bonnie St. John | Posted July 26, 2012

The inconvenient truth that won't be discussed enough this weekend is that fewer and fewer members of our armed forces are actually dying in today's wars. This Memorial Day, let's consider the courageous, wounded warriors.
Yesenia Méndez Sierra


Pérdida del deseo sexual: Cómo las hormonas te traicionan

Yesenia Méndez Sierra | Posted July 26, 2012

Muchas mujeres se me han acercado muy preocupadas por la falta de deseo sexual. Piensan que ya no podrán recuperar ese deseo sexual o que a lo mejor ya no quieren o no desean a su pareja. El deseo sexual es el motor de la sexualidad, toda pareja debe tener un buen nivel de deseo mutuo para poder funcionar, de lo contrario la relación se volverá aburrida, monótona y más amistosa que romántica.
Dr. Irene S. Levine


Friendship Advice: My So-Called Friend

Dr. Irene S. Levine | Posted July 26, 2012

My so-called friend deleted me on Facebook because of an accidental slip-of-the-tongue. She talks about me behind my back and when I try to apologize, she ignores me. What should I do?
George Halvorson


Celebrating Being in a Diversity League of Our Own

George Halvorson | Posted July 26, 2012

At Kaiser Permanente, we have a wonderful level of diversity among our caregivers and staff, and among our patients and members. Our diversity gives us the sensitivity and the connectivity that we need to serve our members respectfully and well.
Allen Frances


Spitzer Recants: Why Can't APA Admit Mistakes and Correct Them

Allen Frances | Posted October 31, 2012

If a legendary figure like Bob Spitzer can correct his mistakes, surely the American Psychiatric Association can do the same -- for the sake of protecting our patients and keeping the mental health field united.
Glen Browder


Chernobyl Zombies? Chernobyl HIV? Chernobyl Forever?

Glen Browder | Posted July 26, 2012

Get ready, world! Chernobyl is back, almost 10,000 days later, in vivid color, with gore, blood, and ... zombies!
Dylan Ratigan


Sustainability = Security: The Next Mission for America's Vets

Dylan Ratigan | Posted July 26, 2012

Over a million vets will be re-entering civilian life over the next five years -- one of the largest in our country's recent history. This Memorial Day weekend, we are focusing on the next mission facing our war heroes.
Regina Weinreich


Kerouac in Cannes: A Road Not Taken

Regina Weinreich | Posted July 26, 2012

I am pleased that the reports from Cannes about the On the Road, Walter Salles' film are mainly favorable, although I have taken note that some say there is no inner world for the characters, that the film has no discernable plot, that it is overlong.
John Brown


Propaganda, Public Diplomacy and the Smith-Mundt Act

John Brown | Posted July 26, 2012

Propaganda is an instrument of war used by a government, primarily but not exclusively, against a present or possibly future enemy, and a democratic government should not propagandize its own people.
Annette Insdorf


The Central Park Five Premieres in Cannes

Annette Insdorf | Posted July 26, 2012

Audiences have been galvanized by The Central Park Five. "It would be foolish to say that the story is done, that we live in a post-racial society. That's what we struggle with ... to come to terms with America's original sin, which is race."
Jack Levison


Pentecost for the Rest of Us

Jack Levison | Posted July 26, 2012

A violent, rushing wind. Fiery tongues. Foreign languages. The spectacle of apparent drunkenness. Peter's successful debut. These are the accouterments of Pentecost that leave most of us out of this story.
Theodora Clarke


Preview: Russian Art Week in London, May 2012

Theodora Clarke | Posted July 26, 2012

This weekend marks the start of Russian art week in London. Despite the double-dip recession in the UK the Russian market has remained buoyant. Most of the major auction houses are hosting sales of Russian paintings, icons, Fabergé and works of art.
Erika L. Sánchez


A Brief Reflection on Sex Work

Erika L. Sánchez | Posted July 26, 2012

I never intended to look at sex workers as an othering voyeur, but rather as a woman who is both genuinely curious, empathetic, and outraged at the conditions that force them into this kind of work.
Marc Middleton


The Baby Boomers Commencement Address

Marc Middleton | Posted July 26, 2012

In a very real way, we're all graduates of the school of life and we all have the opportunity to continue to grow and contribute. So here's my commencement address for all of us approaching or inhabiting middle age and wondering what's next?
Mark V. Vlasic


"Old Country" Bonds: Chicago and the Future of the Atlantic Alliance

Mark V. Vlasic | Posted May 26, 2012

Despite the fact that NATO might be "the most successful military alliance the world has ever seen," our transatlantic bonds go far beyond combined military operations. They are interwoven into the very fabric of our society.
Tracy McMillan


Why You're Still Not Married

Tracy McMillan | Posted July 26, 2012

I am here with four ALL NEW REASONS why you're still not married.
Erica Crompton


Volupte - a Haven for Saucy Soldiers and Burlesque Bombshells

Erica Crompton | Posted July 26, 2012

Take some moments away from it all and transport yourself back to a time when men used to say 'Ma'am' and 'yes sir'. Step back into time of days gone by - service sweethearts, saucy soldiers and burlesque bombshells.
Malaika Bobino


Yankees Offense Explodes on Ross

Malaika Bobino | Posted July 26, 2012

It was a fresh start against a team that was unfamiliar to him. Not knowing what to expect the New York Yankees decided to take the high road and just play their game. The Yankees did just that when their offense exploded to defeated the A's 6-3.
Chez Pazienza



Chez Pazienza | Posted July 26, 2012

Things are so thoroughly screwed-up these days that it's incomprehensible that any sort of raging against the dying of the light will make one bit of difference. Case in point: birtherism -- the conspiracy that simply will not die.
David Bier


Iowa Congressman Steve King Is Wrong On Immigration

David Bier | Posted July 26, 2012

If America wants to attract the world's best and brightest, it should base its immigration policies not on picking dogs, but on America's traditional openness, holding itself out as the land of opportunity once again.
Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm


Honor Sacrifice by Supporting Vets

Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm | Posted July 26, 2012

Caring for veterans shouldn't be a partisan issue. It should an American one. We must remember them, as a nation, through a commitment to treat our living veterans as well as they have treated us.
Norm Stamper


"Memorial Day Will Never Be the Same"

Norm Stamper | Posted July 26, 2012

There is much anguish at the plight of returning vets and their families, but as we enter the Memorial Day weekend, every vet and civilian in the country can take hope and inspiration from an amazing documentary released last year.
Hans Proppe


Seed Pods in my Hand (PHOTOS)

Hans Proppe | Posted July 26, 2012

Over the years I have collected various seed pods as I ran across them in various travels and swap meets. Their size alone is astonishing.
Rodger Streitmatter


8 Legendary Same-Sex Couples (PHOTOS)

Rodger Streitmatter | Posted July 26, 2012

When I came up with the book title 'Outlaw Marriages' , my title was totally edgy. But then the tide started to turn against me.
Barbara Weibel


Across Nepal, Thousands Demonstrate Against Demand for Provinces Based on Ethnicity

Barbara Weibel | Posted July 26, 2012

It's been four long years in the making, but it now appears that the exuberant hopes for peace and prosperity that prevailed following the overthrow of the monarchy might finally be realized.
Robert V. Taylor


Embracing Inclusion Banishes Fear

Robert V. Taylor | Posted July 26, 2012

My own fears were not about the people I loved rejecting me. They were all fears about those outside of my immediate circle of trust and love.... In naming and befriending my fears, their power to confine and define me was deflated.
Terri Cole


Need a Fearlessness Boost? Get More Sleep! (Video)

Terri Cole | Posted July 26, 2012

This week, I want to explore how sleep and fear are related. Their connection is direct and undeniable, as lack of the prior leads to an increase in the latter.
Matt Wilstein


The Best Late Night Clips of the Week (VIDEO/PHOTOS)

Matt Wilstein | Posted July 26, 2012

Mitt Romney launched his major general election ad campaign this week and the late night hosts (minus the still on vacation Stewart and Colbert) were there to brutally make fun of him.
Zach Veach


BULLY Movie: Moving Away from a Place of Crisis

Zach Veach | Posted July 26, 2012

As a kid who was bullied in the public school system, I hope we can move away from dealing with bullying from a place of crisis and instead guide a bullying strategy rather than accepting it.
Nehad Ismail


Kofi Annan Must Announce the Failure of His Syrian Plan

Nehad Ismail | Posted July 26, 2012

Bashar Al Assad must be rubbing his hands with glee. His heavily armed security forces and henchmen are killing the Syrian people right under the noses of the UN observers and the noses and ears of the silent witnesses Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-Moon. The UN and NATO are unwittingly providing cover for the massacres in Syria.
Kwame Dawes


JUBILATION 50! Calabash Kicks Off

Kwame Dawes | Posted July 26, 2012

It has been two years since the last incarnation of Calabash. During those two years Colin Channer, Justine Henzell and myself, the founders and organizers of this literary festival have thought long about the continuation of this wonderful gift.
Sylvain Raymond


Règlement du conflit étudiant: ma proposition

Sylvain Raymond | Posted July 26, 2012

Au-delà du tintamarre légitime en protestation à la Loi 78 qui visiblement ne règle absolument rien, il importe de retourner le plus rapidement possible au débat initial au cœur du conflit. J'irai tout simplement, et directement au fait avec l'ébauche d'une proposition qui me semble juste et équitable sans même devoir sombrer dans le compromis.
Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks


The Leader of the Future Comes From the Past

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks | Posted July 26, 2012

f we are to negotiate the coming years safely, we may need a new kind of leadership. We need the rediscovery of an ancient kind of leadership that has rarely been given the prominence it deserves. I mean the leader as teacher.
Don Tapscott


Living Out Loud -- Should We All Be More "Open?": Big Brother 2.0 (Part 6 of 7)

Don Tapscott | Posted July 26, 2012

If history is any guide, advances in privacy have tended to arise in the wake of widespread privacy abuses. Something similar may be happening today with data breaches and identity theft, as more and more people come to understand the pain and consequences of personal data misuse.
Bob Kerrey


Becoming Aware of Civic Unawareness

Bob Kerrey | Posted July 26, 2012

Civic education is vital in preparing students for the responsibilities and obligations of democratic citizenship. But a third of native-born American citizens fail the history and civics exam administered to immigrants who are seeking U.S. citizenship.
James Zogby


Romney: Going Negative, Subtly

James Zogby | Posted July 26, 2012

It is important to note some worrisome signs indicating that Mitt Romney and his campaign may have opted for a more subtle approach to establishing the "otherness" of Barack Obama.
Annick Vigeant


Le sens des casseroles

Annick Vigeant | Posted July 26, 2012

La saison touristique s'en vient et les casseroles ne semblent pas vouloir se taire. La contestation reçoit des appuis du monde entier : France, États-Unis, Chili. Le ras-le-bol est mondial. L'hiver avait mis le couvercle sur la casserole des indignés, mais le printemps leur a fait prendre racine et se multiplier.
Rosane Doré Lefebvre


Grève au Canadien Pacifique: pourquoi jeter de l'huile sur le feu?

Rosane Doré Lefebvre | Posted July 26, 2012

J'ose à peine y croire. Et pourtant... Quelques heures à peine après le déclenchement d'un conflit de travail au Canadien Pacifique, la ministre du Travail, Lisa Raitt, a déclaré aux journalistes vouloir dégainer le bazooka législatif -«à la première occasion» pour forcer le retour au travail des employés en grève pour 72 heures.
Gretchen Rubin


7 Tips I Use to Spark My Creativity

Gretchen Rubin | Posted July 26, 2012

I've read a lot of advice about how to spark creativity. Everyone's creativity takes a different form, however, so the advice that works varies from person to person.
Ira Israel


Mindfulness for Authentic Relationships

Ira Israel | Posted July 26, 2012

Once we make the decision to take ourselves off of autopilot and live mindfully and authentically, the possibilities for real connections, peace, ease, calm, love, and joy flourish.
Ben Colclough


Kilimanjaro: 5 Things They Don't Tell You

Ben Colclough | Posted July 26, 2012

It's been written about countless times, but Kilimanjaro still holds some secrets.
Jim Calio


Leela Leads India's Luxury Hotel Boom

Jim Calio | Posted July 26, 2012

Today, Leela Hotels, Palaces & Resorts is one of the fastest-growing luxury hotel chains in India.


Travel Is Always More Fun When You're the One Doing the Traveling (PHOTOS)

Travelzoo | Posted July 26, 2012

While many travel experts jump at the chance to visit popular tourist destinations such as Costa Rica, Orlando, Ireland or Las Vegas, some venture off the beaten path.
Juan Cartagena


Sobre vigilancia policial a la juventud latina en Nueva York

Juan Cartagena | Posted July 26, 2012

Nueva York es un ejemplo clásico, de hecho, es el centro mundial de la sobre-vigilancia policiaca. En el año 2002 al inicio de la administración del alcalde Bloomberg alrededor de 97.000 personas fueron sujeto a la política de Detener y Registrar.
Kergan Edwards-Stout


Memories and Memorial Day

Kergan Edwards-Stout | Posted July 26, 2012

This Memorial Day I'll pause and honor the many of my own troops who have fallen in battle. They may not have had the uniform or the recognition of our armed forces, but the wars they fought were just as valiant, and I, for one, am richer for their many, varied gifts and sacrifices.
Angela Lutin


Why I Finally Stopped Lying To My Teenage Son About Dating

Angela Lutin | Posted July 26, 2012

As my marriage fell apart and my ex saw us even less frequently, our son shifted into what he considered his role of "Man of the House." And, in one of many mistakes I've made in parenting, I let him.
Josh A. Goodman


Tyler Clementi's Suicide: Best to Look Not Only at Ravi But at Society at Large

Josh A. Goodman | Posted July 25, 2012

Ravi's Twitter posts, webcam spying, and homophobic attitude were stigmatizing, and it is possible that these pushed Clementi to a tipping point. But Clementi's suicide did not happen in a bubble with only him and Ravi; it took place in a society in which homophobia is still rampant.
Emerson Whitney


Carmen Carrera and Janet Mock on Lorena Escalera, Media Justice, and 'Utmost Fabulosity'

Emerson Whitney | Posted July 25, 2012

A wildly insensitive New York Times article on the life and death of trans artist and drag performer Lorena Escalera flared tensions between the gender-variant community and the paper when it was published as part of the Sunday edition on May 14.
Troy Roness


Call Me a 'Milksop' All You Wish, But I'm No 'Yes Man'

Troy Roness | Posted July 25, 2012

What are we going to do about all of the "non-manly" guys running around the United States? Apparently, the great assumption is that by engaging in activities ranging from military exercises to boy scouting, we could eliminate the "problem" altogether.
Jason Stanford


This Evolution Won't Be Televised

Jason Stanford | Posted July 25, 2012

The arc of history is long and bends toward progress, but it usually starts in a bad place. Former congressman Chris Bell knows this, because he went through his own reevaluation on gay marriage.
Mike Spradley


San Diego Dedicates Harvey Milk Street

Mike Spradley | Posted July 25, 2012

On May 22, 2012 a large crowd gathered at the corner of Center Street and what was formerly known as Blaine Ave., in San Diego, for the unveiling of the nation's first Harvey Milk Street, named for the first openly gay man ever elected to public office in the United States.
Kathy Huang


Tales of the Waria: Inside Indonesia's Third-Gender Community

Kathy Huang | Posted July 25, 2012

I had no idea that transgender people could live so openly in Indonesia, a country with the world's largest Muslim population. Like many Americans I had this notion of Islam as being particularly unforgiving toward sexual minorities. How could a community of warias possibly exist?
Bryan Safi


6 Reasons Why You Should Be Cool With Gay Marriage (VIDEO)

Bryan Safi | Posted July 25, 2012

And as the old saying goes, "If 50 Cent is doing it, shouldn't we all be?" So for all of you out there who still aren't convinced, here are my six reasons why you should be cool with gay marriage. I'm looking at you, Manny Pacquaio.
Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell


Words Matter

Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell | Posted July 25, 2012

I joined the struggle for LGBT equality because of the shared experience of injustice. No immediate member of my family is LGBT, and my sexual orientation is heterosexual, but if I claimed to embrace the words of Dr. King, I must live and act out the values of those words.
Kim Morgan


The Wonderful Wistful World of Wes Anderson

Kim Morgan | Posted May 26, 2012

Recently, The Guardian's film blog ran a small piece highlighting the trailer for Wes Anderson's upcoming -- and for Anderson fans, greatly anticipated -- Moonrise Kingdom (which I haven't...
Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson


NAACP, Marriage Equality, Obama, and Voting Rights: The Perfect Storm

Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson | Posted July 25, 2012

Voting rights are LGBT rights! Elder rights are LGBT rights! Economic rights are LGBT rights! The perfect storm of officials and movements coming together to support the American dream of equality is here.
Domenick Scudera


Prima Donna

Domenick Scudera | Posted July 25, 2012

For gay men of a certain age, the passing of Donna Summer last week was a significant loss. Those of us in our late 40s and 50s remember this disco diva in her 1970s prime. Upon hearing the news of her death, all the memories attached to that time have come flooding back.
Zach Stafford


Is Grindr Keeping Me Single?

Zach Stafford | Posted July 25, 2012

Grindr not only helps intensify the sexualization of the user but also creates a divide between gay men. We have become more concerned with our phones than the people in front of our phones.
Peter Baksa


Who or What Is God?

Peter Baksa | Posted July 25, 2012

What is the story you are telling yourself? How does this story keep you stuck, fearful, angry and arguing for more of the same?
Annick Mauriange


"Quand on veut travailler on trouve du travail"

Annick Mauriange | Posted July 25, 2012

Faux. A moins de se contenter d'un job de balayeuse ou d'ouvrier, ou là certes, on trouve du travail. Mais allez dire ça à un ingénieur au chômage.
Martin Quenehen


La politique aquatique

Martin Quenehen | Posted July 25, 2012

J'étais à Biarritz pour une émission de radio avec la surfeuse Lee Ann Curren. Je me suis mis à voir des vagues partout et je me suis dis : voilà une super métaphore.
Lori Gard


Dispatches From Down East: Think Before You Insult Someone.

Lori Gard | Posted July 25, 2012

Recently, I sadly listened to Melissa Scott, a Prince Edward Islander with spina bifida, recount in an online radio interview the story of a recent shopping experience gone wrong. She parked her car in the handicap spot, and despite the permit hanging in her vehicle, came back to find a note that read: "You are not handicapped. You are obese."
Peter Worthington


Black is Back, And (Some of) Canada Loves Him

Peter Worthington | Posted July 25, 2012

One hesitates to guess what was on Black's mind as he walked up Spadina Avenue to the journalistic offices of HuffPost and AOL, but he must have been slightly uneasy or wary of his reception -- would he be shunned, welcomed or ignored? Whatever concerns he may have had evaporated immediately. He was an instant rock star.
Jeannine Hayat


Récrire l'histoire de la psychanalyse à la suite de William Boyd

Jeannine Hayat | Posted July 25, 2012

Dans L'attente de l'aube, ouvrage récemment publié, William Boyd déborde des limites du roman d'espionnage pour réaliser une œuvre ambitieuse, à la fois autobiographie fictive et essai de psychanalyse.
Thierry Dussard


Tokyo-Paris, dans les pas de Takanashi et d'Atget

Thierry Dussard | Posted July 25, 2012

Yutaka Takanashi est un drôle de petit bonhomme qui pose sur Tokyo un regard amusé, derrière ses lunettes rondes comme des hublots. Son monde semble en effet se limiter au périmètre mouvant de cette ville qui s'étend comme une flaque d'eau, sans être tentaculaire pour autant. On présente souvent la...
Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret


Au-delà de la nudité

Jean-Paul Gavard-Perret | Posted July 25, 2012

Les photographies demeurent aussi léchées que simples. Pourtant rien de plus complexe que cette apparente simplicité d'où émane une charge poétique rare.
Bertrand Delais


L'homme pressé...

Bertrand Delais | Posted July 25, 2012

Ils sont deux... L'un est devenu Président et l'autre son ministre de l'éducation... Ils sont deux et l'on n'en voit qu'un. Il est de profil mais on devine son regard. Son visage exprime de la détermination mais aussi une forme de précipitation...
Brigitte Adès


Mort de Ben Laden: Le double jeu du Pakistan

Brigitte Adès | Posted July 25, 2012

Pourquoi ne présente-t-on pas comme un héros le médecin pakistanais, docteur Shakeel Afridi, dont les informations ont été décisives pour la capture de Ben Laden, le 2 mai 2011?
Aurélien Le Genissel


L'envers de Cannes: l'hôtel Martinez

Aurélien Le Genissel | Posted July 25, 2012

Il y a deux façons de pouvoir vous sentir comme une star à Cannes. Soit réussir à monter les marches le jour de la présentation d'un grand film. Soit marcher les quelques mètres qui séparent l'entrée du fameux hôtel Martinez de la foule curieuse et survoltée. En espérant apercevoir une star qui arrive ou qui s'en va.
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