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Hamish Jenkinson


East-West: The Art of Dialogue...With a Glint of Graffiti

Hamish Jenkinson | Posted November 26, 2012

This week I was at the launch of The Shafik Gabr Foundation's 'East-West: The Art of Dialogue', a new charitable initiative to encourage and stimulate dialogue between the East and West at the Dorchester Hotel in London.
Jim Hill


New SpongeBob SquarePants Song Urges Shoppers Not to Be Jerks This Holiday Season

Jim Hill | Posted November 25, 2012

So who's responsible for the catchiest holiday song to come along in years? Would you believe Michael Vick and South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson? It was Vick and Wilson's bad behavior which helped inspire the creation of that new Xmas classic, "Don't Be a Jerk (It's Christmas)."
Frank H. Wu


Buying Underwear and Headphones: Selling Higher Education

Frank H. Wu | Posted November 27, 2012

I bought some underwear the other day at Walmart. I felt pretty good about the price. The package of three was a national name, all cotton. It was cheap, much less than what I would have paid at a department store. I realized that I no longer care about "the...
Jules Evans


Top Ten Tips for Recovering From a Mental Illness

Jules Evans | Posted November 23, 2012

Here are my top 10 tips for recovering from mental illness. Tell me any really good tips I've missed out in the comments. They're not commandments, just what worked for me - feel free to disagree.
Matthew Phillips


Don't Drink and Jive: Why Alcohol and Performance Do Not Make Cosy Bedfellows

Matthew Phillips | Posted November 23, 2012

I don't feel the need to rid myself of inhibitions prior to a gig because, in all sincerity, the stage is one of the few places that I can be entirely myself, warts and all. If you can't amplify your neuroses and insecurities at a show then, frankly, what's the point?
Katie Simmonds


Women in Sport: An Even Playing Field?

Katie Simmonds | Posted November 26, 2012

The power of female athletes to draw audiences in London 2012 highlights the appetite for women's sport. However, the current lack of coverage is creating a glass ceiling effect. The lack of exposure on the playing field is reflected in the boardroom with few women in senior positions at sports clubs and governing bodies.
Sophie May


Why NICE Mustn't Withdraw Severe Asthma Treatment That Gave Me My Life Back

Sophie May | Posted November 23, 2012

The doctors at the hospital sat my mother down and told her there was nothing else they could do, that my body was shutting down and that I was going to die. That was it - I was going to die because of asthma. It sounds crazy but sadly over 1100 people do die from asthma every year.
Jonathan Lim


A Response to 'a First Class Degree From Oxbridge - So What?'

Jonathan Lim | Posted November 26, 2012

We need to rise above our preoccupation with struggling between studies and our non-academic activities. The distinction between work and play is mostly arbitrary, and constrains us to thinking that we need to always maintain a constant balance between the two. University life isn't just about balancing lifestyles.
Liam McLaughlin


The Victims of Needless Wars Are Always the Innocents

Liam McLaughlin | Posted November 23, 2012

The Israel-Palestine conflict is a defining issue of our time, but has also ended up becoming a primary example of the so-called 'confirmation bias', where a particular position is adopted, and then retrospectively justified with selective pieces of evidence, ignoring anything which may be contradictory.
Lisa Power


Ready to Be Tested? England's First National HIV Testing Week Starts Today

Lisa Power | Posted November 28, 2012

Have you ever been at risk of HIV? Most people think they haven't, and quite a few of you are wrong. In fact, around 25,000 of you in the UK are so wrong that you're walking around with HIV without knowing it. If you're one of those 25,000 (and let's face it, that's much better odds than winning the Lottery, which many of us hope to do) then you are risking your own health and life, and you may well be unwittingly putting others at risk too.
Paul Carroll


Attending Your Own Funeral? Coming Soon

Paul Carroll | Posted November 23, 2012

Twitter, of course, seems to be doing its best to despatch the still living to the great beyond, with rumours of the deaths of pop stars, film actors and politicians regularly reaching halfway round the world before the 'mistake' - for which read 'spoof' - is unmasked. Margaret Thatcher has already died 10 times this year in the bubble of social media.
Theo Randall


Recipe for the Weekend: Linguine With Lobster

Theo Randall | Posted November 23, 2012

This luxurious and surprisingly quick dish is the ultimate weekend indulgence and the very best way to eat one of my favourite foods. I always source my lobster from the British Isles, particularly Scotland, as it has a wonderfully sweet and fresh flavour.
Ann-Marie Wilson


Why Do We Need an International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women?

Ann-Marie Wilson | Posted November 23, 2012

A total elimination of all violence against women and girls may be hard to imagine but each day I think about saving one girl from FGM. This means she is spared from a painful, traumatic and potentially fatal procedure.
Lynne Featherstone


On the UN Day for Eliminating Violence Against Women and Girls

Lynne Featherstone | Posted November 26, 2012

Physical and sexual abuse of women is a global scourge, that transcends borders. From the UK, where one in four women will be the victim of domestic abuse in their lifetime to Zambia, where 47% of women have suffered gender-based violence.
Jesse Michels


The Cease-Fire Must Be Upheld; A Ground Invasion Would Prove Disastrous

Jesse Michels | Posted December 10, 2012

Indiscriminate missile fire on civilian centers is reprehensible. But what is Hamas' goal in launching missiles at Israeli civilian centers to begin with? Do they believe they are going to wipe Israel off the map with crude, inaccurate scud missiles? Hardly.
David Finkle


First Nighter: Tommy Tune Invigorates Cabaret and So Does Ben Rimalower

David Finkle | Posted November 23, 2012

Thanks to Simon Cowell and to the scornful fellow's frequently equating "cabaret" with "old-fashioned," millions of televiewers have no idea that cabaret can be as fresh a form of entertainment as any others available to the hungry public.
Victor Stenger


Particles Are for Real

Victor Stenger | Posted November 23, 2012

A common conception exists among today's theoretical physicists. That is, the symbols that appear in their mathematical equations represent "true reality" while our observations, which always look like localized particles, are just the way in which that reality manifests itself.
Seamus McKiernan


Dispatch From a Best Buy on Black Friday

Seamus McKiernan | Posted November 23, 2012

The Thanksgiving dishes were in the dishwasher. It was 11 p.m. and Black Friday was just an hour away. I was standing in front of the Best Buy in Wilton, New York. I had come to witness the sport of shopping.
Tim Knight


Watching the Watchdog: The Great Firewall of Journalism

Tim Knight | Posted November 23, 2012

I've got two new heroes. Their names are Cindy Michaels and Tony Consiglio. Until last Tuesday they were the top journalists and news anchors at a small TV station in Bangor, Maine. Then they quit. On air. So why are a couple of on-air anchor resignations enough for me or anyone else to add their names to the pantheon of journalistic heroes? It's because of the firewall these two respected -- and paid for with their jobs.
Peter Hall


Does the Loonie Trump the Greenback Yet?

Peter Hall | Posted November 25, 2012

Mention exchange rates and most Canadians will immediately assume U.S. dollars. With most of our trade still denominated in USD, the fixation is natural. China is seen by many as an upcoming reserve currency, but that day is still a long way off. On both Canadian and world stages, the greenback still takes the lead role. But as we move into the next growth cycle, others will play increasingly significant supporting roles.
Joel Brokaw


Dueling Emails Turn Into Thriller "Gem"

Joel Brokaw | Posted November 23, 2012

The City of Dark Magic by Magnus Flyte is one of those rare cases when the behind-the-scenes story behind a great novel is almost as intriguing as what is found on its pages.
Fabian Pfortmueller


BlockFriday -- A Collective, Positive Response to Black Friday!

Fabian Pfortmueller | Posted November 23, 2012

We never fully understood Black Friday. People travel across the country to spend Thanksgiving with the people they love. And then the next day, they get up at 6 a.m. to find the best deal and go on autopilot. Isn't there so much else we can do on this day, surrounded by our families?
Chase Pelletier


Karate Chopping Away at Diabetes

Chase Pelletier | Posted November 23, 2012

I haven't let diabetes slow me down for one second or stand in the way of my dreams. It isn't always easy, but it has made me stronger. Karate has helped me a lot. Nothing comes easy when you train; it takes dedication to train so that you can react effectively when it really counts. Managing diabetes is like that.
Melinda Winner


A Recipe for Success: Five Tips for Cooking with Arthritis

Melinda Winner | Posted November 23, 2012

In my 20s, I was living life to the fullest, when one night I woke up with unbearable pain that left me unable to even move my legs. I was referred to a rheumatologist and diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). At 25, I thought this meant my life was over. Most of all, I was terrified that I would have to give up doing the one thing I loved the most: cooking.
Stewart J. Lawrence


Susan Rice: Have the Democrats Found Their 'Condi'?

Stewart J. Lawrence | Posted November 24, 2012

Condi Rice stood out in a sea of White faces in the GOP, but she also gave flesh to Bush's successful drive to woo more minority voters. Obama is anxious to find new ways to legitimize himself to African Americans who wonder whether their steadfast support will be reciprocated.
Joel Bordman


Let's Talk Solutions, Not Politics, for OxyContin Addiction

Joel Bordman | Posted November 23, 2012

For weeks now, Ontario's Minister of Health, Deb Matthews, has been trading barbs with federal Health Minister, Leona Aglukkaq, over whether or not she should intervene in Health Canada's decision to approve the generic version of the painkiller oxycodone. As this debate plays out and the attention starts to focus on the intergovernmental conflict instead of the important public health debate, we must not lose sight of three simple facts.
Marco D'Egidio


La cosa strana di queste primarie

Marco D'Egidio | Posted November 23, 2012

Se il nostro fosse un Paese politicamente normale, non sarebbe strano che i leader di due partiti che progettano di allearsi alle elezioni si candidino entrambi alla primarie, correndo il rischio di esaltare la loro reciproca diversità - e quindi di far traballare le fondamenta della futura coalizione? Sì, sto...
Mike Schreiner


Ding Dong, the Mega Quarry Is Dead

Mike Schreiner | Posted November 23, 2012

The proposed Melancthon Mega Quarry is dead. At approximately 2,300 acres, the proposed quarry was 1/3 the size of Toronto. The people of Ontario have sent a strong message. We want laws that put water and food before aggregates. Ontario must close the loopholes that fail to protect clean water and preserve prime farmland.
Brenden Hurley


How to Prevent Another Cyclist's Death

Brenden Hurley | Posted November 23, 2012

Five people have died riding their bikes in Toronto this year. Now is the time to realize that being on these streets goes both ways. This is particularly relevant as days get shorter and most commuters must ride in the dark during winter. Worse, inclement weather makes riding inherently dangerous. However, as a cyclist you can make choices to mitigate these risks and arrive safely at work and home each day.
Annette Bernhardt


What Kind of Walmart Do We Want for Our Country?

Annette Bernhardt | Posted November 23, 2012

Instead of playing the Grinch, we need a Walmart that respects its workers. We need a Walmart that is willing to share the profits that its employees help to produce.
Andrew Sheehan


Dispatches From Damascus: The Old City Under Surveillance

Andrew Sheehan | Posted November 23, 2012

The Syrian government has now established a permanent network of surveillance over the old city. One night recently I was strolling through the souq and saw a figure walking slowly ahead of me in the poorly-lit passage, an object dangling from their arm. When I drew within a few paces, he started and turned quickly to face me, watching me closely as I passed.
Yuritzi Cacho Carranza


Tu actitud ante la vida determina tu bienestar

Yuritzi Cacho Carranza | Posted November 23, 2012

¿Con qué ánimo amaneciste hoy? ¿Has notado que tu estado emocional influye de manera importante en la forma en que respondes a los estímulos que recibes del entorno en que te mueves y del medio en que interactúas? Si al despertar te sientes molesto o algún evento altera tu estado emocional de manera negativa, es posible que tu actitud sea inapropiada durante el desarrollo del día, lo que en ocasiones puede ser comprensible según las circunstancias. Sin embargo, existen gran cantidad de personas que por costumbre o por tratarse de un rasgo propio de su personalidad, se manifiestan "normalmente" con actitudes hoscas, amenazantes, indiferentes o altivas.
Raghida Dergham


The Gaza War Reinforces Palestinian Division and Threatens Abbas's Palestinian Authority

Raghida Dergham | Posted November 25, 2012

The most recent war in Gaza has provided an opportunity on the field for Israel to test its new anti-missile system, the Iron Dome, and for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to prove to Israeli voters his ability to protect his country's civilians from rockets fired by Hamas or Hezbollah. The...
Jeff Rose-Martland


Is Veterans Affairs Canada Targeting This Family?

Jeff Rose-Martland | Posted November 23, 2012

Retired Corporal Dennis Manuge is the driving force behind the SISIP class action lawsuit over pension clawbacks. Last year, Manuge revealed that, in 2009, the Minister of Veterans Affairs was briefed on private details of his medical conditions and finances. Now, the former mechanic with the Royal Canadian Regiment says VAC also breached the privacy of his brother, Anthony.
Regina Weinreich


Documentaries on the Case: The Central Park Five and Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God

Regina Weinreich | Posted November 23, 2012

On April 19, 1989, you could not miss the headlines -- and the horror of the Central Park jogger case. The Central Park Five, a deft examination of the most publicized rape case in NY history, questions the handling of this case.
Matthew Dubé


Français au travail: une année perdue

Matthew Dubé | Posted November 23, 2012

Mes collègues Robert Aubin et Alexandre Boulerice tenaient un point de presse devant les locaux de la Banque nationale à Montréal pour déplorer le fait que les employés du secteur informatique devaient désormais communiquer en anglais. Choqués, les députés avaient proposé un projet de loi visant à assurer aux Québécois le droit d'avoir des relations et des contrats de travail en français. Le texte législatif avait malheureusement été rejeté par les autres partis politiques, dont les conservateurs.
Matt Gould


Gay Art a Mother Can Enjoy

Matt Gould | Posted November 23, 2012

The pieces in this show are reflections on the words, wit and wisdom created by, for, about and against the gay male experience by people like short story author Thomas Glaves and poets Walt Whitman and Mark Doty. I even got my then 89-year-old mother to write a bit. There is a portrait of her -- look ma, no penises! -- entitled "My Lady of Mayerthorpe."
David Trumble


Tales From The Autism Spectrum: My Friend AmberDawn...

David Trumble | Posted November 23, 2012

The power of art and creativity to illuminate the world for others is not simply a cultural benefit, but also a deeply important tool to help the authors themselves navigate their way through their own emotions, experiences and journeys.
Debbie Wolfe


Giving Two Ways this Holiday Season

Debbie Wolfe | Posted November 23, 2012

A poll for World Vision Canada indicates that 63 per cent of Canadians plan on giving to charity this holiday season. But many also want to buy gifts for loved ones. Learn how you can do both at the same time -- even with limited funds. This tough global economy is one of the reasons why so many children around the world need help this holiday season.
Bosse Lindquist


Give Us the Money: Does Celebrity Activism Work?

Bosse Lindquist | Posted November 29, 2012

Focusing on Bono and Bob Geldof's high-level lobbying in my documentary allowed me the opportunity to see whether my prejudices about celebrity actually hold true: were their efforts as self-centred, short-sighted and superficial as many believe? Spending the better part of 18 months in the company of politicians, gatekeepers, lobbyists, rock stars, aid workers, government ministers, experts and activists, confirmed the fact that a great deal of development aid money has been squandered in the past.
Heather Magee


Vancouver Nightlife For 30-Somethings

Heather Magee | Posted November 23, 2012

The biggest complaint I hear from my 30-something friends is that they just want to go some place where they can dance, order from a proper wine and cocktail list (sans Jager shots) and be surrounded by people in our demographic. A seemingly tall order these days, but if you're looking for a good night out in Vancouver I recommend the following...
Julie Niquette


Elle danse avec la folie, de Mélanie Fortin

Julie Niquette | Posted November 23, 2012

Sœurs et amies, Alice et Marie sont très proches. Elles caressent toutes les deux des rêves qu'elles se confient souvent et elles s'encouragent mutuellement à les réaliser. Alice rêve d'écrire, de rencontrer l'amour et Marie; de danser dans la troupe de ses rêves. À l'abri, dans l'enfance, tout ça demeure possible. Toutefois, à 20 ans, la vie de Marie, et celle de sa famille, bascule.
Eric Nuzum


Listen: 'The Power of Crowds' on the TED Radio Hour

Eric Nuzum | Posted November 29, 2012

This past May, the TED Radio Hour explored the fascinating ideas behind mass-collaboration. Crowd-based actions on the Internet, open-source city building, virtual music composition and performance... the journey into the world of shared expression is uplifting and powerful.
Doctora Nancy Alvarez


No quiero hablar de eso

Doctora Nancy Alvarez | Posted November 23, 2012

Desde el punto de vista psicológico es toda una clase de cómo ser padres de "alguien diferente". Se desarrolla hace varios años, cuando la gente no era sincera ni hablaba la verdad, cuando ser espontáneo y directo significaba ser mal educado... aunque aún hoy, eso queda en la mente de mucha gente en este bello planeta.
John F. Gray


Vancouver's Startup Community Accelerating Out Of Diapers

John F. Gray | Posted November 23, 2012

A stimulating evening in Vancouver recently provided an excellent snapshot of a startup community that's starting to grow up. It comes as the city improved on its ranking of the world's top startup ecosystems. This week, the Startup Genome Project updated its list, placing Vancouver ninth in the world, compared to its 16th showing on the previous list.
Enrique Ballesteros Durán


La vida, precoz y larga, de Torre Repetto

Enrique Ballesteros Durán | Posted November 23, 2012

Extraño las buenas partidas de ajedrez con mi hijo Luis Enrique, quien recién cumplió siete años. Este místico juego lo ayudó a pasar una etapa muy complicada de su breve vida. El primer año de la primaria la cursó en una escuela que nunca le llenó del todo pero fue ahí en donde se encontró con el tablero mágico que atrapó su atención. De repente, comenzó a platicar las historias de Bobby Fisher y un gran maestro mexicano: Carlos Torre Repetto. Algo había oído del primero, pero la historia del segundo me impactó. Durante un lustro, México tuvo a uno de los más grandes ajedrecistas de la historia que dejó de jugar muy joven y bajo circunstancias misteriosas.
Francine Laplante


Économie parallèle

Francine Laplante | Posted November 23, 2012

Il suffit de traverser le pont Mercier et de rouler sur une distance de plus ou moins 10 kilomètres en direction de Châteauguay ou de ville Ste-Catherine pour constater l'ampleur du phénomène de l'économie à plumes. En roulant sur ces routes, on constate le nombre démesuré de petites cabanes pouvant offrir une panoplie d'articles répondant à tous nos désirs : cigarettes, cigares, alcool, essence, poker, bingo, et j'en passe. Nous pouvons obtenir tous ces articles et services en payant comptant, sans payer aucune taxe et, en prime, être servis dans un anglais impeccable.
Chris Lehmann


More of Something That Is Already Flawed Isn't a Good Thing

Chris Lehmann | Posted December 3, 2012

In today's Philly Inquirer, there was the following editorial: School days are too short. The editorial is framed around how Cherry Hill, New Jersey teachers agreed to extend their days by 30 minutes, and how, if you do the math, that adds up to 14 extra days of...
Daniel M. Swain


Democracy on Parole

Daniel M. Swain | Posted November 26, 2012

The recent elections of police commissioners in the UK, or more specifically in England and Wales, are a brilliant example of democratic stupidity. Whilst it's a particularly silly example of strange ideas not corresponding to reality, it also highlights a point that many people seem to miss. That 'more democracy'...
Leah Lamb


Stand in Line or Stand for FREE?: yerdle Says Share, Don't Shop

Leah Lamb | Posted November 27, 2012

My brother loves to make predictions. Six years ago Alex predicted that we were moving towards a sharing economy. I thought that sounded like a perfectly lovely utopian fantasy, but surely we don't have enough political will to actually shift our core values around ownership. Enter economic downturn from stage...
Rachel Yee


Better Than Front Row Seats!

Rachel Yee | Posted November 23, 2012

Although it was cold and wet, I was overflowing with happiness and anxiety as I waited for the British / Irish boy band, One Direction, to come out on stage.
JD Halperin


Gen Y Feeling Stress? Get a Grip

JD Halperin | Posted November 23, 2012

We're lucky to have the time to worry about the self-esteem of our children or the discrepancy between the size of our childhood fantasy home and our current urban shanty. While of course we calibrate our problems and react to them according to the world we actually occupy there's something to be said for perspective.
Hunny & Elliot Reiken


Hunny Reiken, 80, Talks With Her Husband, Elliot Reiken, 86

Hunny & Elliot Reiken | Posted November 23, 2012

It was the summer of 1946. Hunny Feller and her identical twin sister, Bunny, were waitresses at a hotel. ANOTHER set of identical twins, Elliot and Danny Reiken (RYE-kin), worked as musicians in a band there.
Adrian Brijbassi


Does Calgary or Toronto Win the Grey Cup of Travel?

Adrian Brijbassi | Posted November 23, 2012

The Argonauts and Stampeders will battle it out on the gridiron for CFL supremacy on Sunday, but which of the finalists in the 100th Grey Cup game hails from a better city for travellers? looked at how Toronto and Calgary stacked up against each other in seven categories. Here are the results...
Simone Verde


La campagna troppo "quadrata" di Tabacci

Simone Verde | Posted November 23, 2012

È talmente "concreta", l'Italia di Bruno Tabacci, che la bandiera tricolore è diventata, sul suo sito, un tiro a segno quadrato. La sua comunicazione visiva è del tutto artigianale, un po' goffa e restituisce un'idea amministrativa della politica fatta con i piedi per terra, senza troppe pretese.
Jenna Garecht


10 Reasons I Love One Direction

Jenna Garecht | Posted November 23, 2012

For three minutes and twenty-seven seconds anyone -- old, young, tall, short, skinny, heavy, British or American -- can feel absolutely gorgeous.
Jocelyne Robert


Sexe et pouvoir: Les femmes politiques ont-elles un genre et un sexe?

Jocelyne Robert | Posted November 23, 2012

On aime que les hommes politiques soient séduisants. On sourit de les voir séducteurs. À peine tolère-t-on qu'une femme politique soit séduisante. Séductrice? Elle est condamnée sans merci pour légèreté et immoralité. C'est pas peu dire, nous sommes parvenus à déposséder Pauline Marois de ses foulards, lesquels marquaient non seulement sa personnalité, mais aussi sa féminité.
Minnow Hamilton


Savvy and Original Holiday Cards

Minnow Hamilton | Posted November 23, 2012

Don't panic. It's still early enough to get organized with your annual Christmas cards. We know you want your beautiful family to stand out from the rest. That's why we rounded up a list of the 18 Best Holiday Cards. It won't take long to find something fabulous and original -- just for you.
Keith Brooks


The Key to Creating 18,000 New Canadian Jobs

Keith Brooks | Posted November 23, 2012

We looked at the $1.3 billion in taxpayer money our federal government currently hands to the oil industry in the form of subsidies and asked: what if, instead of subsidizing polluters, the money was invested in industries that cut pollution? We crunched the numbers and found that $1.3 billion invested in renewable energy or energy efficiency could create between 18,000-20,000 jobs.
Justin Beach


Is a Free Education Your Next Download?

Justin Beach | Posted November 23, 2012

The music, film, television and publishing industries have all had to make serious adjustments to cope with the arrival of the Internet. Now it is the universities that are facing a new world where they may be forced to compete with free.
Alex MacDonald


The Trouble With Veolia and Palestine

Alex MacDonald | Posted November 26, 2012

The Israel-Palestine conflict touches a nerve internationally more than any other conflict. Rarely does it seem to feel like just a lot of foreigners killing each other in some far-off exotic land, it feels like it hits home more directly. The controversy surrounding Veolia exemplifies this - the opponents of Israel's occupation of the West Bank see opposing contracts with Veolia as an opportunity to give their objections an immediate voice with an immediate effect.
Jean-Jacques Aillagon


La course à la chefferie

Jean-Jacques Aillagon | Posted November 25, 2012

PRÉSIDENCE DE L'UMP - Il faut se ranger à l'évidence, la fracture qui sépare les deux continents de l'UMP, ses Armagnacs et ses Bourguignons, n'est la conséquence que de l'aspiration contraire de deux personnalités à prendre date pour l'élection présidentielle de 2017. Et ce psychodrame est détestable à bien des points de vue. Il dégrade la dignité d'un grand parti politique d'opposition, ce qui est regrettable parce que si la République a besoin de majorités claires, la démocratie, elle, a besoin d'oppositions fortes.
Don McNay


Five Things to Do if You Win the Powerball Jackpot

Don McNay | Posted November 23, 2012

Work with a financial advisor who works with more money than you have. There are financial advisors, estate-planning attorneys and trust officers who have worked with $100,000,000 or more. The scorekeeper for your local bowling league is not one of them.
Radley Balko


Police In Two Texas Cities To Get Dog Training

Radley Balko | Posted November 23, 2012

Back in April, Jessica Greene and I wrote a piece for HuffPost about the odd and troubling trend of police shooting dogs. We looked at a couple dozen recent such stories, then called the police department in question to see if they gave their officers training on how...
Federica Cardia


La malasanità in "piazzetta"

Federica Cardia | Posted November 23, 2012

Leggo scoraggiata che si continua a parlare della "piazzetta" del Pronto Soccorso del Policlinico Umberto, un non-luogo inquietante dove si respira a pieni polmoni la problematica politica e sociale della malasanità. Io quel posto, purtroppo, lo conosco bene...
Charlie Todd


200 People Are Funnier Than 1

Charlie Todd | Posted November 22, 2012

One thing I've learned producing events for Improv Everywhere over the past decade is that if I give our participants creative license, they'll come up with choices that are far better than the ones I could brainstorm sitting in front of a blank Google Doc.
Marcin Jakubowski


Do We Want An Efficient Economy?

Marcin Jakubowski | Posted November 26, 2012

In 2008, I dropped my theoretical physicist's chalkboard and began developing the Global Village Construction Set -- an open source, collaborative project. Today, we are showing the results that come from having zero competitive waste. Our approach is collaborative. Our business model is helping others replicate our enterprise.
Claire Shropshall


Adventures in Meditation - Part 1

Claire Shropshall | Posted November 26, 2012

'Go away I'm MEDITATING!' wasn't something I expected to snarl at the knock on my bedroom door while in the throes of meditative bliss, but as it turns out, finding inner peace through this traditional Buddhist practice isn't as easy as it looks.
Dusty Wright


Thankful For Tasty New Rock Music!

Dusty Wright | Posted November 23, 2012

It's been a terrific month for mining new music. With the holidays around the corner, here are some early suggestions for music very much worth sharing with friends, lovers, bosses, and family.
Sahara Sharma


By My Troth, I Believe: Faith Shorts Finalist

Sahara Sharma | Posted November 23, 2012

Nepal celebrates a diverse population in terms of religion and ethnicity. And, amongst our differences we celebrate oneness, the grandeur of diverse culture, language, and faith.
Bob Burnett


Reappraising Obama

Bob Burnett | Posted November 23, 2012

Obama's reelection was remarkable considering the sluggish economy, the $1 billion plus spent to defeat him, and the fact that at the beginning of his campaign many Democrats were unenthusiastic. Obviously voters reappraised the president.
Radley Balko


Black Friday Links

Radley Balko | Posted November 23, 2012

-- Long Island town to 96-year-old man: Clean up your debris, or you're getting a summons. -- The DEA chief in Colorado has an interesting name. -- Headline of the day. -- Runner-up. -- Good post on the perils of...
Brian John Spencer


Call Me Stupid But Shouldn't Market Theory Apply When Choosing a Career?

Brian John Spencer | Posted November 26, 2012

If schools and policymakers were to encourage more market thinking and cross-communication we could begin to erect a more fluent society. A more top down society that facilitates an effective and more harmonious, uninterrupted flow between the education system and the labour market.
Melissa Steel


Why I Rejected a Grad Scheme

Melissa Steel | Posted November 26, 2012

One of the scariest things about graduating from university is the lack of structure and financial security awaiting the ex-student. So why on earth did I say "thanks, but no thanks" to the final round of a graduate scheme?
Hessie Jones


A Virtual Choir 2,000 Voices Strong and the Harmonious Connection

Hessie Jones | Posted November 22, 2012

One thread that unites individuals across this ether; one thread that bonds individuals despite the fact they've never really connected or known about each other. Sometimes, you don't need more than one thread to truly care about someone.
Nancy Colier


An Illusion of Togetherness

Nancy Colier | Posted November 22, 2012

If we want to experience the profundity that being and creating together can offer, we must actually be and create together. Everything else is just an idea.
Loren Pritchett


From Kara2Mijael: The Gift of Giving

Loren Pritchett | Posted November 23, 2012

"No matter how bad you think you have it, there is always someone else who has it much worse than you. It makes you feel good when you buy something for yourself, but the best feeling in the word is when you help change someone else's life. It makes your heart feel good."
Miriam Ezzani


Giving Back for Literacy and a Better World

Miriam Ezzani | Posted November 23, 2012

As I think of today's global challenges of illiteracy, it is clear that the difference between the poor and the prosperous lies in the power of words.
Maria Benitez


Viento revuelto en el Istmo

Maria Benitez | Posted November 23, 2012

"Tiene aire tu cabeza", dice la gente del Istmo de Tehuantepec, en Oaxaca, cuando alguien tiene muy revuelto su pensamiento. La cintura del país es una de las zonas con más corrientes eólicas en el mundo. De día y de noche el viento golpea puertas, ventanas y árboles, produciendo un ruido rítmico y cautivador, como el que hacen las olas del mar. Los vendavales más fuertes empiezan a principios de noviembre y culminan hasta enero "cuando deja de gustarte el viento, porque ya lleva mucho tiempo con su desmadre", dicen los pobladores.
Francesco Marchiano'


Per il bipartitismo è meglio la vocazione "proporzionale"

Francesco Marchiano' | Posted November 23, 2012

I dati mostrano che, nell'ultimo anno, un solo partito, tra i maggiori, mantiene, e anzi aumenta, la sua percentuale di voti, ossia il Pd. Questo vuol dire che il bipartitismo in Italia ha fallito e che dalle prossime elezioni dovrà per forza nascere un governo di coalizione.
Cecilia Marotta


Ci vediamo in chat

Cecilia Marotta | Posted November 23, 2012

SI chiama dating on-line è la tendenza contemporanea a vivere la Rete come la nuova agenzia di socializzazione. "80s SWM seeks LTR" (80 years old Single White Male searching for Long Term Relationship) è il titolo di un progetto fotografico su attempati cuori solitari in cerca di relazioni su Internet
Alex Corlazzoli


I tagli alla paghetta e la crisi vista tra i banchi

Alex Corlazzoli | Posted November 23, 2012

Questa settimana uno dei miei allievi mi ha mostrato un cartello che aveva fatto su un foglio A4: "Uccidiamo Monti, uccidiamo Monti, uccidiamo Monti". Ho chiesto lui di non affiggerlo, ho cercato di capire perché avesse scritto un intero foglio con quella frase...
Valentina Gallo


Come vengono assistiti i nostri malati con demenza?

Valentina Gallo | Posted November 23, 2012

Il 16 Novembre sono stata invitata a Roma presso l'Istituto Superiore di Sanità ad un convegno sulle UVA (Unità Valutazione Alzheimer). E' un incontro annuale organizzato dal Dott. Nicola Vanacore con la finalità di promuovere un confronto e la condivisione delle esperienze tra differenti figure professionali coinvolte nell'assistenza dei pazienti...
Corrado Ocone


Il neoliberismo è stato un errore, ma in Italia abbiamo bisogno di politiche liberiste

Corrado Ocone | Posted November 23, 2012

Il neoliberalismo degli ultimi anni è un atto di fede verso ricette economiche considerate valide sempre e comunque. Un errore di pensiero prima che di politica, non conservatorismo, come pure si è detto, ma più propriamente un movimento reazionario.
Brendaliz Aviles


Amar es...

Brendaliz Aviles | Posted November 23, 2012

Amar es sentir una melodía que invade y da ritmo a tu interior. Es una mirada que te consuela y comprende; una mano que se extiende para ayudarte a levantar. Amar es tener una sonrisa que te conforta y que muchas veces te arrebata las tristezas y nostalgias.
Kate Webb

Sexually Abused? Proceed to Question 7b

Kate Webb | Posted November 23, 2012

A blanket ban on support for young adults would leave thousands at risk of homelessness - while any truly compassionate list of exemptions would be so broad as to make the policy redundant. Ministers should ditch this unworkable proposal now.
Karel Mayrand


Nos ressources naturelles paient-elles pour nos garderies?

Karel Mayrand | Posted November 23, 2012

Dans les nombreux débats qui ont eu cours ces dernières années à propos de nos ressources naturelles, un des arguments les plus souvent utilisés par les promoteurs privés est que le Québec ne peut se payer ses programmes sociaux sans exploiter plus intensivement ses ressources. Le programme de garderies à 7 $ est le plus souvent cité en exemple comme un luxe que les Québécois ne peuvent se payer sans ouvrir les portes aux industries d'extraction. La proposition des lobbys d'affaires est que le Québec n'a pas les moyens de ses programmes sociaux et que le gaz, le pétrole, les mines et les forêts sont notre planche de salut. Mais qu'en est-il vraiment?
Paul Doleman


Gamification - More Than a Buzzword

Paul Doleman | Posted November 26, 2012

Whenever I'm with clients, at an event or marketing function and somebody brings up the subject of gamification - the word is usually met with a wince or a grimace. The very word itself is received with either hatred or bewilderment.
Eric Whitacre


Part of Something Larger Than Ourselves

Eric Whitacre | Posted November 29, 2012

Our virtual family celebrates together, we mourn together, but through it all we are singing, connecting with each other in a way that only singing allows. And the community has begun spilling over into "real life" as well.
Phil Ramone and Danielle Evin


Dog Ears Music: Bankrupt on Selling Playlist

Phil Ramone and Danielle Evin | Posted December 7, 2012

This week our playlist includes music by Modest Mouse, The Velvet Underground, Fitz and the Tantrums, Sleater-Kinney, Honeycut and more.
David Emm


Social Networking or Identity Sharing: What Information Should You Give Away Online?

David Emm | Posted November 26, 2012

There has been a lot of debate recently about how much information we should give away online. Just a couple of weeks ago, Cabinet Office Internet security chief, Andy Smith, publicly suggested that we should use fake details online in order to protect our security. But is this really the right approach to staying safe online?
Shamira Muhammad


Where Paris Parties

Shamira Muhammad | Posted November 23, 2012

Paris gets down. Everything from Brazilian funk, jazz, hip-hop and R&B can be grooved to, along with your more traditional Edith Piaf. If you'll be headed to Paris for the holidays, try hitting up some of these spots.
Thomas Shomaker


Chinese Parks Are For Dancing (VIDEO)

Thomas Shomaker | Posted November 23, 2012

Weather permitting, these get-togethers take place just about every evening and generally fall into one of two categories: line or ballroom-style partner dances.
Adrianna Quintero


La mega-tormenta Sandy y el cambio climático

Adrianna Quintero | Posted November 23, 2012

Las imágenes del sendero de destrucción que dejo el Huracán Sandy en el noreste de los Estados Unidos me han traído recuerdos de los días que vivimos en la Florida después de que el huracán Andrew azotó mi casa en Miami en 1992 y el estado de shock es una sensación que recuerdo bien cuando veo las caras de quienes están pasando por el mismo dolor esta semana.
Kathy Buckworth


Seven Ways to Survive Baby's First Christmas

Kathy Buckworth | Posted November 25, 2012

Like most holiday seasons, many families are planning on multi-generational get-togethers, particularly if there is a "baby's first Christmas" to celebrate. But having a new baby around at Christmas can be as stressful as it is wonderful. Try to keep things nice, and not naughty by following this tips...
Massimo Bray


Le primarie di Luigi Bersani

Massimo Bray | Posted November 24, 2012

E se Pierluigi Bersani vincesse nettamente la sfida delle primarie con una numerosa partecipazione di votanti; e se questa vittoria dimostrasse che c'è ancora un popolo della sinistra riformatrice...?
Marlo Thomas


Online Shopping Tips For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Marlo Thomas | Posted November 23, 2012

Whether you want to shop online or actually hit the stores, here are the very best sites, services, and no-brainer tech tools to login, load-up, and start saving now.
Marlo Thomas


St. Jude Thanks and Giving: Dancing With Hillary

Marlo Thomas | Posted November 23, 2012

Today I would like to introduce you to Hillary, a courageous teenager with a wonderful spirit who also happens to be a patient at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
Jason Baker

Why We Should be Fur-Free Every Day, Not Just on Fur-Free Friday

Jason Baker | Posted November 27, 2012

Read More: Huffington Post
Electrocution sends a current through the heart and immobilises the animal, but it does not stop brain activity. When animals are electrocuted without prior stunning, they suffer the crushing, agonising pain of a full-blown heart attack until their hearts finally stop beating.
Jason E. Baker


Why We Should be Fur-Free Every Day, Not Just on Fur-Free Friday

Jason E. Baker | Posted November 26, 2012

Electrocution sends a current through the heart and immobilises the animal, but it does not stop brain activity. When animals are electrocuted without prior stunning, they suffer the crushing, agonising pain of a full-blown heart attack until their hearts finally stop beating.
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