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College Hook-up Culture Part II: He Says

(0) Comments | Posted October 18, 2011 | 11:20 AM

Hollywood gave me the very factual impression that people don't always get what they want. Tom didn't end up marrying Summer in "500 Days of Summer," George Clooney gets his heart broken in "Up in the Air," and let's not forget "He's Just Not That Into You."

The problem...

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College Hookup Culture Part I: She Says

(12) Comments | Posted September 29, 2011 | 1:49 PM

Hollywood gave me a very false impression of what I should expect from the college-dating scene: the frat boy with the heart of gold, just waiting till the right strong-willed, funny girl comes along to show him what he has been missing? These things don't exist where I live --...

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All Around Amherst: Exploring a College Town

(3) Comments | Posted September 7, 2011 | 3:23 PM

The town of Amherst really has it all. Pizza, ice cream (in multiple locations), fair trade, Starbucks, CVS, Chinese food, quirky street people. And these are only the beginnings of its offerings.

The Bleacher Report named Amherst, Massachusetts as the second coolest college town to watch football...

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Professors Who Swear

(5) Comments | Posted September 7, 2011 | 10:52 AM

Swearing, cussing, using expletives -- whatever you call it, I can honestly say I've never met a swearing professor that I didn't like. It's odd, I know, to focus on that one quirk when there's such a spectrum of professorial personality. There are professors who subscribe to the Socratic Method...

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Dynamics of a Lobster Bake

(0) Comments | Posted August 24, 2011 | 4:24 PM

Bowdoin's annual lobster bake is not merely a lobster bake. The anthropology of our arthropod fête will tell you everything you need to know about the College.

It begins with the victorious march of returning students, as ships approaching port (if port was the welcome lap of Bowdoin Dining...

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