09/07/2011 03:24 pm ET | Updated Nov 07, 2011

All Around Amherst: Exploring a College Town

The town of Amherst really has it all. Pizza, ice cream (in multiple locations), fair trade, Starbucks, CVS, Chinese food, quirky street people. And these are only the beginnings of its offerings.

The Bleacher Report named Amherst, Massachusetts as the second coolest college town to watch football in. They should know its also one of the coolest towns not to watch football in.

As a student at Amherst College, which sits practically on top of the town, I can say with as much confidence as I say that Williams is a horrible college that Amherst is probably the coolest college town around.

See for yourself and take a brief tour of Amherst through this slideshow:

All Over Amherst: Exploring A College Town

If for some strange reason Amherst doesn't satisfy, never fear: Hadley and Northampton (in Western Mass. Speech: NoHo) lie only a short drive, bike or PVTA ride away. But that's a whole other story...