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5 Grills You May Not Know About

Posted: 07/01/11 04:11 AM ET

2011-07-01-GrillworksIncGrilleryStandardCROPPED.jpgOne of the more notorious names in grilling, Weber made itself famous almost 60 years ago for its round and easy-to-use backyard grill that has become a staple in many households. Even though it has transformed itself beyond the original charcoal kettle grill into fancy gas grills, smokers, and more. it is best known as being a go-to basic grill. So, we decided to mix things up and look for some alternative grills that will deliver the same quality but add a splash of fun and excitement to your backyard.

- Yasmin Fahr, The Daily Meal

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The Big Green Egg
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Egg-shaped, easy to tuck in a corner, and the bright green color basically lets it blend in with nature, so you'll hardly notice it's there -- mmm, OK, maybe not so much. However, this funky grill is quite flexible and allows for almost any type of grilling: High-temperature (750 degrees) steakhouse-like heat or temperatures around 200 degrees for cooking ribs low and slow. But the biggest bonus? It's a smoker, grill, and oven all in one.

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