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12 Bizarre Beverage Flavors

Posted: 02/ 3/11 11:44 AM ET

In a market where drinks like Pizza Beer and Tofurky soda actually exist, it's no wonder some didn't doubt MeatWater to be a real product. It's not, as it turns out. The fictional beverage line created a "comestible work of art," founder Till Krautkrämer explained to the Village Voice.

The appeal of a complete meal in bottle -- a commentary on today's consumer society. You know, a virtual 'tsk, tsk' to the over-eager food media and a kind of reality check for the über convenience-minded consumer. Still, aren't you just a little bummed that you won't get to try Wiener Schnitzel Water? After all, it would have been a good one to cross off the culinary bucket list. While we can't offer an exact supplement, here is a list of 12 equally bizarrely flavored beverages.

Mama Mia! Pizza Beer
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Slice of pizza and a pint of beer? Classic. Pizza as a flavor of beer? Now that's another story. Created by homebrewers Tom and Athena Seefurth, Margarita pizza is supposedly put into the mash and steeped like a teabag. Expect flavors of tomato, oregano, garlic, and basil from this savory "culinary" brew.

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