Mind-Blowing Bacon Dishes

09/05/2012 09:04 am ET | Updated Oct 28, 2012


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There are few foods that elicit the same passionate response as bacon. Crumbled over a wedge salad, fried up in thick strips and piled on a BLT, or whipped up into a frothy milkshake, fans of this porky product will eat it in almost anything. And when it comes to an ingredient this inspiring, it's no wonder chefs across the country are dreaming up dishes that showcase bacon in unique and outrageous ways.

These days bacon has moved light years beyond its classic post alongside scrambled eggs - it's intoxicating scent is being featured in a fragrance, it's essence is being used in lip balm (perfect for those trying to attract fellow bacon lovers), and some particularly devoted fans are even tattooing strips of the stuff on their bodies. For those who are not fully satisfied simply ordering a bacon cheeseburger or spritzing themselves with bacon-scented perfume, the folks behind have created an online toolbar that allows users to adorn any web page with a slab of bacon.

The dishes on this list range from the excessive (like the Bacon Bomb from Paddy Long's in Chicago, a pork sausage meatloaf wrapped in a woven blanket of brown sugar bacon and slow cooked in a pig roaster) to the downright surprising (like the Melba pancakes from Shopsin's in New York City, featuring lime, raspberry, and peach preserves, with bacon and cream cheese.)

Considering the undeniable popularity and versatility of this delectable ingredient, the plates featured in this collection only scratch the surface of the outstanding bacon-centric dishes out there. If you know of a particularly noteworthy bacon concoction being served up on the regular, please share with a comment below.

- Molly Aronica, The Daily Meal

Mind-Blowing Bacon Dishes