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20 Best Hotel Restaurants Around The World (PHOTOS)

It used to be that a hotel was the last place any serious eater would venture to dine. That started changing about two decades ago when hotels began recognizing that their in-house restaurants could be an asset, crafted into destinations in their own right. And it's not just a matter of adding to the hotel's draw for travelers. While guests may come and go with the seasons, hotels that have invested in their restaurants have seen they can keep their tables booked year-round with locals or folks like us who might actually even visit a hotel specifically for the food.

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The Daily Meal's first annual 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World seeks to pay homage to the world's most exemplary hotel feasts. This is our comprehensive look at hotel restaurants that have consistently set the benchmark by which other hotel restaurants are measured. in August we asked for your help to rank the list. You responded in great numbers.

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Our list was carefully curated by consulting the Michelin Guide and other trusted sources and through recommendations from The Daily Meal's editors, who have traveled and dined extensively around the world.

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For the purposes of compiling the list, price was no object; but the fact is that the majority of restaurants that made the cut are located in luxury hotels with equally luxurious tabs. We did not discriminate on location; no island, nation or province was off the table.

-- Lauren Mack, The Daily Meal

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20 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World
20 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World