The Worst Food and Drink Super Bowl Commercials Ever Made

02/01/2014 06:42 pm ET | Updated Apr 05, 2014

On Super Bowl Sunday, you'll find four types of people tuning into the game. There is of course the fan who actually loves football so much he tunes in to watch the game no matter who is playing. There is the eater, who is thankful for any excuse to eat wings and guzzle beer all Sunday.Then there is the music-lover, who only tunes in so they can gossip about the halftime show the next day. And finally, the commercial junkie, who waits all year to see what hilarious ads will air during breaks.

The anticipation is valid, as this is the time when companies' marketing teams get the chance to really strut their stuff. A slot during the game is an extremely coveted spot, so much so that companies are willing to pay up to roughly $4 million dollars just for less than five minutes of airtime. And with roughly over 100 million viewers tuning in, it isn't hard to understand why. Naturally, it is fair to expect that a Super Bowl commercial will be of another level of quality. And often times we are rewarded with great commercials that have us chatting about them around the water cooler the next day.

  • Upsidedown Clown (2003)
    Click Here to see The Complete List of Worst Food and Drink Super Bowl Commercials Ok, so it was kind of a funny concept, but in the end, the whole thing just proved to be a little too creepy for our taste. A guy taking a huge sip of cold Budweiser through what looks like his butt—doesn’t exactly scream “refreshing.” Photo Credit: youtube/SuperBowlSammy
  • Disrespecting the ‘Bird’ (2010)
    LeBron James and Dwight Howard battle for a bag of McDonald’s on the court. There are so many things wrong with this sentence it isn’t even funny. First off, we doubt these two super fit, super healthy, rich as anything, star athletes would fight over a bag of McDonald’s. We also highly doubt if Larry Bird came to steal their lunch that they wouldn’t know who he is! Photo Credit: youtube/ Mcdonals All American
  • Where’s Herb? (1985)
    Click Here to see The Complete List of Worst Food and Drink Super Bowl Commercials Burger King’s Super Bowl commercial was beyond a total flop. They were going for mystery and intrigue and instead created a completely nonsensical commercial. Who is herb and more importantly, who cares? Photo Credit: youtube/splicerproductions
  • Goat 4 Sale (2011)
    Doritos’ commercials aren't exactly known for their artistic finesse. But this commercial involving a murderous, Doritos-eating, screaming goat really was utterly pointless and sort of just made us feel sad for the man who turned to a goat for companionship. Photo Credit:
  • Farting Horse (2004)
    Click Here to see The Complete List of Worst Food and Drink Super Bowl Commercials Bud Light often has hilarious ads, but this one was just a little too weird. We appreciate that the young lady in this commercial has an appreciation for fine, cheap beer, but really don’t understand the message behind a horse farting in her face. Photo Credit: Youtube_Be2fit4U

Then there are the commercials we wish we could turn back the clock on and reclaim those wasted two minutes of our lives. Like the silly SoBe Lifewater dancing lizards of 2008 or the ridiculous "Where's Herb?" campaign Burger King launched in 1985. In hopes of being treated to a successful round of commercials in 2014, we rounded up some of the worst over the decades to remind you just how awful it can get. Check out the worst food and drink commercials we found in the accompanying slideshow.

-- Lauren Gordon, The Daily Meal

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