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The Daily Meal

The Daily Meal

Posted: November 17, 2010 04:16 PM

2010-11-16-MAIN.jpg The big day is coming and with it a barrage of guests knocking down your door with their stomachs rumbling. Whether it's the first time you've hosted Thanksgiving dinner or the 21st time, the preparations and expectations can be overwhelming. This guide is the procrastinating host's best friend -- it's all about having a game plan and we've got you covered on every angle.

10 Easy Thanksgiving Getaways
Chef's Favorite Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

10 Holiday Horror Stories & 10 Quick Fixes
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Every family has a couple of horror stories from Thanksgivings past. We've chosen ten classic tales of kitchen misery from readers, so terrible we don't want you to ever have to experience the same thing. And you won't if you follow these quick-fix tips. Underdone turkey? The microwave you only use for popcorn is now a lifesaver.
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Thanksgiving 911 Tips
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