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The Best Store-Bought Stuffing Money Can Buy

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, cooks across the country are finalizing their holiday menus. Right alongside the turkey and mashed potatoes is stuffing, one of the staples on the dinner table. We've rounded up 10 of the most popular and well-known store-bought stuffing mixes and put them to the test, and ranked them based on taste, texture, and appearance.

Here at The Daily Meal, we're always offering tips to make dinner quick and easy, without losing quality or taste. With the stress of day-of cooking and trying to spend time with the family, why not turn to a store-bought stuffing mix to ease the Turkey Day chaos? Take a look through our slideshow and make sure you buy the right (and most delicious) brand.

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    365 Organic Stuffing Mix with Chicken Flavor
    This Whole Foods Market Brand came in fifth on our list. It was described as being bland and could have used more salt. It was also a bit lighter in color, and reminded one person of Wonderbread. It was also a bit dry and could have used some more moisture. $3.39 Photo Credit: Click Here to see The Complete Results from The Best Store-Bought Stuffing Taste Test
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    Bell's Traditional Stuffing
    This brand came in fourth on our list. It was not the most visually appealing stuffing mix, as it had a slight green color and was mushy. But it was very flavorful and had a good amount of herb seasoning and salt, although some argued that it was overly salty. $2.49 Photo Credit:
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    Great Value Chicken-Flavored Stuffing Mix
    Click Here to see The Complete Results from The Best Store-Bought Stuffing Taste Test Walmart's brand came in third on our list. Many people enjoyed the texture and taste. It resembled a traditional stuffing and was seasoned very well — but some argued that it had a bit too much salt and herb flavoring. $1.00 Photo Credit:
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    Kraft Stove Top Stuffing Mix for Turkey with Real Turkey Broth
    Stove Top came in second on our list. This reminded everyone of traditional stuffing and looked the most like homemade stuffing. It had good flavor, but some argued that it was too salty and was too moist. Overall, it looked better than it tasted. $1.98 Photo Credit:
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    Arrowhead Mills Organic Savory Herb Stuffing
    Click Here to see The Complete Results from The Best Store-Bought Stuffing Taste Test This brand is the winner of our taste test, coming in at number one! This stuffing mix was thick, hearty, and had a nice golden color. It was moist and seasoned well with good chicken flavor, without being too salty or herbaceous. $3.19 Photo Credit:

Some of the mixes we tested resembled homemade stuffing and were golden brown and seasoned with herbs. However, other brands were mushy, bland, and dry. Some were too salty and some weren't salty enough. Staffers tasted all the stuffings in a blind tasting to ensure unbiased results.

Stuffing is bound to a part of your Thanksgiving spread, as it's one of the most iconic Thanksgiving Day foods. So whether you're stuffing your bird or serving it as a side dish, make sure you are using the best brand. We tasted them all -- the good, the bad, and the ugly -- and here are the results.

Click Here to see The Complete Results from The Best Store-Bought Stuffing Taste Test

-Emily Jacobs, The Daily Meal

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