12/10/2013 09:14 am ET Updated Feb 09, 2014

The Most Cutting-Edge Restaurants in the World

Curating a list of the most cutting-edge restaurants is definitely a challenge. I could have taken the easy route, satisfying any gourmand's wish list by including Noma, D.O.M, Eleven Madison Park, etc. But I have chosen to disrupt this chain of featured restaurants (we all know they are at the top of their game) and interject some up-and comers that I have been keeping my eye on. These are places where it's not just the food that is cutting-edge, but where the attention to design and concept also help to truly create a full sensory experience.

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Whether you are interacting with a meal or the environment, going out to dinner is no longer just about eating food. Restaurants are a destination and a form of edible entertainment, and diners are only getting smarter about what and where they choose to eat. This is why these chefs have set out to instill culinary memories, and they're succeeding. From playing a game to see what sauce you get at Breeze to simply taking a minute to appreciate a beautiful plate of food -- and trying their very hardest not to take a picture -- diners are finding new ways to appreciate a restaurant experience.


True culinary leaders are early adapters of new techniques that some people will probably find somewhat offensive at first. I seek out this element of disruption and highlight the places where innovation reigns over all else. These restaurants show creativity in flavor, plating, interior, and ingredients -- causing people to rethink dining and food as we know it. This list of restaurants will take you from Morocco to Singapore, New York City to Copenhagen, Australia to Bangkok, and back again. Some of these hidden gems are sprinkled right in your hometowns and you may not event know it. Explore and appreciate innovative chefs, as any one of them could become the next René Redzepi or Ferran Adrià.

-Emily Elyse, The Daily Meal

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