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8 Unlikely Grill Foods

Posted: 05/27/11 11:15 AM ET


"Sure, let's throw it on the grill," is a phrase often heard around this time of year. While the foods being referred to tend to stay in the realm of burgers, hot dogs, steak, and chicken, there are plenty of grilling options out there. And no, I'm not just talking about grilling asparagus or corn (even though they're both delicious) or cooking fish instead of meat (again, another great option). I'm talking about foods you would never think of laying on those hot grates and branding with beautiful grill marks.

For instance, would you have ever imagined making Sunday brunch outside by grilling up some French toast? Or chowing down on barbecued lettuce? (It tastes better than it sounds.) The grill imparts a nice smoky flavor and char to foods, and more ingredients than you'd think benefit from this addition.

Sure, you could probably throw a griddle or a pan onto the grill and cook just about anything, but what about unusual foods you can just 'throw on'?

We've compiled a few of our favorites and asked two cooking enthusiasts, the Food Network's Aaron McCargo and Sam the Cooking Guy, for their most surprising items to grill. From grilled watermelon topped with smoky salt to grilled meatballs, we have plenty of new and exciting options for you to wow your friends and family with this cookout season.

Below, the 8 Unlikely Grill Foods slideshow.

- Yasmin Fahr, The Daily Meal

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Our Favorite Grilling Recipes

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"I think pizza is one of those great things that really benefits from being cooked on the grates outside," says Sam Zien. He usually takes raw pizza dough that he buys from Whole Foods ("It's cheap, it's all done, and you don't have to mess with all the flour and dough.") He says to take it out of the fridge about 20 minutes before you use it to let the glutens relax, throw oil on a baking sheet, put the dough down, and it will stretch out nicely.

You can also grill the raw dough then, when it's almost finished, top it with your favorite cheese and make a delicious cheese bread to snack on. (Another favorite of Zien's.)

Click here to see the grilled breakfast pizza recipe.

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