07/30/2010 03:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bianca's Beautiful LA: Hour of Shower

Everybody is always asking me what my secret is to staying youthful. My response is always the same -- you are young as long as you choose youth. Maturity, in my book, is overrated; mature fruit is gross, although... movies for mature audiences... well now, that's when being mature comes in handy.

I'm 36 and I feel like I've been around for 136 years. My family has all gotten the same questioning about their youthful skin. So I'm going to assume I'm pretty damn lucky in that department. Although genes can be a huge factor in starting with a good foundation -- that foundation is what can deteriorate or wither if not taken care of properly.

Just last night my roommate and I were talking in our kitchen, and she was telling me how important it was for me to start drinking water. I argued that I drink plenty of liquids, and that there was water in the fruits, vegetables, juices and teas that I drink everyday. So while I agree that hydration is important, I don't think water is the only way to hydrate.

Another important thing I believe in and would shout from the tallest Los Angeles mountain if given the opportunity (and the biggest bullhorn) is... my daily skincare regime with my arsenal of clock stopping, bombshell beauty secrets I keep in the holy of holiest rooms in my house, the bathroom... where the beauty gets done.

step one- rise and shine and eat healthy hearty breakfast- because breakfast is the most important meal of the deal.
step two- shower time!!! getting wet and soapy and being sure to get in between every little crevice- i love to exfoliate with trader joes lavender salt scrub

- its cheap, smells like every french lavender should smell like, and leaves you so silky smooth and just the perfect amount of shiny healthy glow all over your beautiful bod-day!! if im not scrubbing one day- cuz i only scrub about once or twice a week- i use weleda wild rose creamy body wash

- its sweet rose smell smells very natural and is very soft and moisturizing....and bizzarely enough- i try to use a different soap on my feet- because lets face it- our feet are dirrrrrrrrrrrrty! and getting them clean should be a step all by itself- the soap i use is from chinatown- and its sandalwood- that too is super cheap and its not very moisturizing so that why i dont use it for other parts- just the tootsies...moving on up- shampoo- i hate using shampoos that dont lather enough or make me feel like its drying my hair out anymore than it already is- i even try not washing my hair more than i need to too- usually i wash my hair about three times a week- like every other day- those of you that wash your hair everyday- BADDDDDD!!! its killing your hair...we have all kinds of necessary oils that come from our body- and one of the really important ones is the one that lubricates our hair shafts- its gives hair that healthy sheen- and if we get too used to washing it away then we feel like our hair is "dirty" but really we should be getting used to having dirty hair...dry shampoo can be your new best friend if you feel like its too gross- so the shampoo i use that lathers a lot and is very moisturizing is goldwell kerasilk-

its ridiculous- and i dont know why more people dont use it- its not hard to find or anything but i feel like in talking to friends its not a real popular one amongst my own personal peeps...but that's just my peeps- and your peeps might be hip to it...hopefully.

and last but not least- when it comes to my hair- i cannot even think about showering anywhere unless i can get my hands on really great conditioner- ive always been passionate about the kind of conditoner i use on my tresses- ive been a huge fan of terax ever since i discovered it was the only brand that made my over-stressed hair look and feel healthy again- i have severly over processed and stressed my hair over the last 20+ years and nothing has worked better magic than terax

...although lately i have been using the goldwell kerasilik conditioner and i have been really loving it. i wont travel anywhere without a few things- grrrreat conditioner is at the very top of the list- get sum. To be continued...

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