06/06/2013 11:25 am ET Updated Aug 06, 2013

It's Festival Season! 12 Over-the-Top, Can't-Be-Missed Festivals


Bean Fest and Outhouse Races

Saggy Bottom Boys cooking up a mess of beans at the Arkansas Bean Fest

The aroma of beans and outhouses fill the mountain air -- it's time for the Bean Fest and Great Championship Outhouse Races.

When: Halloween-ish

Where: Mountain View, Arkansas

Highlights: Bean cook-off (attendees eat for free!), costumed booths, outhouse races, the best mountain music you will ever hear! More info

Testicle Festival

Testicle Festival in Clinton, Montana

The Testicle Festival celebrates the Rocky Mountain Oyster, is not for the kiddies, and no doubt could not go on within the city limits.

When: August

Where: Clinton, Montana

Highlights: Eating Rocky Mountain Oysters, using inappropriate adjectives, drinking, drinking, and a bit more drinking. More info

The Manatee Festival

Save the Manatee Club at the Manatee Festival

The Orange City / Blue Springs Manatee Festival has been raising funds and awareness for 28 years.

When: January

Where: Orange City, Florida

Highlights: Wildlife exhibits, craft booths, music, bus ride to Blue Springs State Park for manatee viewing. More info

The Broom Corn Festival

The Lawn Rangers

We never expected to find a fest dedicated to something that we had never heard of... so there was no way we could pass up The Broom Corn Festival.

When: September

Where: Arcola, Illinois

Highlights: The Lawn Rangers precision lawn mowing team, The National Broom Sweeping Contest, broom making exhibit, Broom Corn Festival Parade, bacon dipped in chocolate. More info

The Courir de Mardi Gras

Courir de Mardi Gras

Courir de Mardi Gras, translates to Fat Tuesday Run and traces its origins back to medieval France and the fête de la quémande or feast of begging.

When: Fat Tuesday

Where: Church Point, Louisiana

Highlights: Dancing on horseback, early morning drinking, chicken chasing, tree climbing, drinking, great Cajun music, parade, drinking. More info


Fulton Texas Oysterfest!

Oysterfest is an oyster-eatin', beer-drinkin',
music-listenin'-to and two-steppin' raucous good time.

When: March

Where: Fulton, Texas

Highlights: Raw oyster eating contest, live music, dancing, midway and rides, parade, booths. More info

The World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade

The kazoo band fires up the crowd!

Where can you have the most fun in the shortest distance? The World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

When: St. Patrick's Day

Where: Hot Springs, Arkansas

Highlights: Wacky celebrity Grand Marshalls, International Order of Irish Elvi, a kazoo marching band, bar hopping. More info

Magic Week Festival

Colon, Michigan - Magic Capital of the World

The "Magic Capital of the World" is not where you'd think. Magic Week Festival is in a little burg of 1,200 people - with a surprising history of magical proportions.

When: August

Where: Colon, Michigan

Highlights: Magic shows, street magic, tours of magic shops, late night drinking in the bars with magicians. More info

Gullah Celebration

Gullah Breakfest, oyster stew, grits, whole fried fish

Gullah Celebration

commemorates the culture of the Gullah People of the Southeastern US Sea Islands, past and present.

When: March

Where: Hilton Head, South Carolina

Highlights: Gullah Ooman (woman) Kitchen, Freedom Day Parade, Ol' Fashion Gullah Breakfast, liturgical dancing, demonstrations, historical lectures. More info

The Dungeness Crab Fest

Crabfest in Port Angeles, Washington

On the northern coast of Washington, the The Dungeness Crab & Seafood Festival is
definitely the place to be for any decapod-chowing seafood lover.

When: October

Where: Port Angeles, Washington

Highlights: Grab-a-crab Derby, Crab Feed, food vendors, located in the town where Twilight's Bella bought her prom dress. More info

Tulip Time

It's Tulip Time in Holland Michigan!

decades of tulips. EIGHTY years. This is no amateur
operation; this is serious stuff. It’s Tulip Time, and when it comes to festivals, these
people don’t mess around.

When: May

Where: Holland, Michigan

Highlights: A ridiculous amount of tulips, amazing authentic Dutch Dancing, fatballs, traditional costumes, the Wooden Shoe-Be-Do, street scrubbing, international music acts, three parades. More info

The Marathon Seafood Festival

The seafood at the Marathon Seafood Fest

The Marathon Seafood Festival features amazing, fresh local seafood slung out of booths on paper plates for dirt cheap.

When: March

Where: Marathon Key, Florida

Highlights: Eating, music, art booths, watching kids crash into each other in giant bubbles. More info

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YOUR TURN: Have you been to any of these? Which would be first on your list? Any that we've missed?

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