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8 Things Not to Miss in Prague

The heart and soul of the Czech Republic, as well as traditional Bohemia, are inseparably wrapped up in the amazing cultural confluence that is Prague. There has been a settlement on the site of the city for over 1,200 years.

Be Enchanted by Old Town Square

Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic

It's like stepping inside a fairy-tale picture book. The plaza seemed especially huge because of the contrast with the narrow streets leading into it. But size alone is not what makes the square so impressive, that task is accomplished by the remarkable architecture enclosing the space. Standouts are the Old Town Hall, with the world's oldest working Astronomical Clock on its tower, and the Týn and St. Nicholas Churches. More Old Town Square...

Have the "Time" of Your Life at The Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock of Prague

Every hour, on the hour, a huge crowd gathers as this mechanical marvel breaks out quite a conglomeration of characters -- including Death, Avarice and Vanity -- to commemorate the passing of another sixty minutes. Created in 1410, the clock shows time in four different variations, as well as the date, times for sunrise and sunset, the position of the sun in the zodiac, and the phases of the moon. More Astronomical Clock...

WATCH: Inside, outside and topside of the Astronomical Clock!

Hike up to Prague Castle

Prague Castle From Charles Bridge

From its hilltop perch the Prague Castle looms over the city and has been home to Kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperors, and presidents of both Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic since the first fortress was constructed here in the year 870. Heralded as the largest castle in the world by the The Guiness Book of World Records, it feels more like a walled city with two huge cathedrals along with countless palaces and halls within the ramparts. More Prague Castle...

Eat lots of Delicious Carbs

Delicious Czech Dumplings!

A big part of Veronica's desire to see Prague was to find the origins of her childhood dinners. Generations of her Bohemian ancestors had passed down traditional dishes, now we could experience the originals, almost all of which include dumplings. Dumplings are the undisputed heavyweight champions of Czech food and we found them answering the bell on almost every plate. More Czech Food...

Take the Trip to Kutná Hora

St. Barbara Cathedral, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

In a bygone era, Kutná Hora rivaled Prague as the main city of Bohemia, and several kings took up residence. Silver was coming out of these hills in massive quantities during the 14th century and the town was rolling in dough. And, as we know, kings like dough. St. Barbara's Cathedral dominates Kutná Hora from a hill overlooking the city and is certainly worth the short trip from Prague. In 1388, miners began an enormous project to build this Gothic masterpiece, replacing their chapel that had occupied the site for nearly a century. More Kutná Hora...

Get Chilled to the Bone at Sedlec Ossuary

Macabre Human Bone Church of Sedlec, Czech Republic

Words -- not even pictures -- can begin to explain what it's like walking through the doors of Sedlec Ossuary. The bones from tens of thousands of people adorn the walls and ceiling, in inexplicable formations. Stacks, pyramids, signs, crucifixes, candelabras and a coat of arms surrounded us, all made from the skeletons of the long deceased. Strings of skulls and femurs of the dearly departed hang like garlands over the arches and doorways. The creepy centerpiece of this macabre masterpiece, a massive chandelier containing at least one of every bone in the human body. More Sedlec Ossuary...

WATCH: You won't believe the macabre "artwork"

Visit the Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter in Prague, Czech Republic

When the Nazis invaded Prague during WWII, it was expected that they would destroy the Jewish Quarter, known as Josefav, but instead they decided to preserve the cemetery, town hall, ceremonial hall and several synagogs as an "exotic museum of an extinct race." Fortunately, their plans were foiled. The area has gone from settlement, to walled ghetto, to near extinction, to tourist attraction through the ten centuries of its existence. More Josefav...

Vow to Return to Prague on the Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge at night, Prague, Czech Republic

From the earliest days of Prague, this bridge across the Vltava River has been the focal point of the city. King Vladislaus II built the first bridge in 1170. In 1342, when the original structure was washed away in a flood, King Charles IV replaced it with the version that stands today. More than just a bridge, it's a history lesson, a performance venue, a shopping center and a place of supernatural phenomenon. St. John of Nepomuk was martyred here and, by rubbing his likeness, you will be certain to visit Prague again. More Charles Bridge...

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