09/03/2013 09:53 am ET Updated Nov 03, 2013

The Best (Worst?) (Inappropriate?) Pope Swag in Italy

It started with a bobblehead. From there our obsession grew.

Pope Bobbleheads in Italy

Our most recent trip to Italy included a stop in Rome where we had a day planned to take in the Eternal City's most treasured sites. And we spent way too much time distracted by the somewhat odd souvenir tributes to the new Pope.

Pope thimbles

Pope thimbles: a little Papa pinky protection!

Pope souvenirs in Rome

We may not be art experts... but obviously things have changed since Michelangelo's day.

Pope calendars

Thumbs up to the Pope calendars.

Pope refridgeration magnets

Bless this food: Nothing says fresh like Pope Francis refrigerator magnets

Buy a Pope postcard and mail it from the Vatican zip code!

Pope postcards: Buy one and mail it with The Vatican's post mark of approval!

Pope souvenirs

Vessels of virtue: Holy water and rosary bead containers

Pope Keychain

Pope key chains: Never lose your keys again!

The pièce de résistance of swag -- for us anyway, as lovers of the cheesy tourist diversion -- were the Pope Francis cigarette lighters. With so many to choose from, we ended up purchasing one of every kind that we could find. C'mon Papa light my fire.

Pope Francis cigarette  lighters

Could this be the ultimate stocking stuffer?

David & Veronica,

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