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'Brothers' Web Series Premieres Its Second Season

JamesMichael Nichols | July 3, 2015 | Gay Voices
It's not often that you see authentic portrayals of the diverse experiences of trans masculine men. For this reason, we're big fans of the web series "Brothers," which released the first episode of its second season this week. We brought you news about the first season in 2014,...

Randy And Phillip's Story From RaiseAChild.US 'The Let Love Define Family' Series

JamesMichael Nichols | July 3, 2015 | Gay Voices
As they say, everything’s bigger in Texas! In today’s Huffington Post Gay Voices RaiseAChild.US “Let Love Define Family™” series installment, contributing writer Beth Hallstrom shares the story of a gay couple, their adopted children, and the village of loving friends they’ve enlisted as their extended family. Call it...

The Deadly Cost Of Austerity On Greece's Health Care System

Charlotte Alfred | July 3, 2015 | World
For over four years, Greece has implemented strict austerity measures as a condition of the major bailout deals keeping the country afloat. The Greek government is currently locked in a showdown with its international creditors about how much further they will have to tighten budgets in order to...

Catholic Colleges In No Rush To Divest From Fossil Fuels After Pope's Encyclical

Dayana Morales Gomez | July 3, 2015 | Politics
WASHINGTON -- Students at Catholic universities across the United States are hoping the pope's encyclical on the environment, which lays out a moral argument for addressing climate change, will help them persuade their schools to drop investments in fossil fuel. “We know that technology based on the use...

Tousled Updos, Sexy Wavy Hair, And More Celebrity Looks We Loved This Week

Dana Oliver | July 3, 2015 | Style
Photo credit: Getty Images Summer temps are steadily rising and celebrities are showing us how to keep it cool with wavy hairstyles. Nicole Scherzinger let her honey blonde locks hang loose for an appearance at the AOL...

Here's How You Know If Your Partner Is Really The One

Jade Walker | July 3, 2015 | Weddings
Relationships can come and go, so how do you know when you're in the one that will last?

Why We Can't Remember Phone Numbers Anymore

Jade Walker | July 3, 2015 | Technology
Could you recite your child's phone number off the top of your head? How about your spouse's number?

Palestinian Authority Arrests 100 Hamas Members In The West Bank

Jade Walker | July 3, 2015 | World
RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — Palestinian Authority forces arrested over 100 Hamas members in the West Bank who were planning on carrying out attacks, a Palestinian official said, in the biggest raid of its kind in years. Spokesman for Palestinian security, Adnan Dameri said "We will not let Hamas undermine...

Mysterious Undertaker Riding A Coffin Appears On Australian Lake

Dominique Mosbergen | July 3, 2015 | Weird News
Does Australia have its very own ferryman of the dead? In Greek mythology, Charon carried souls of the deceased across the river Styx and into the underworld. This week, news has emerged that a mysterious man dressed as an undertaker has been spotted riding a...

A Potato Salad Recipe So Healthy It May Help You Burn Fat

Rochelle Nelson | July 3, 2015 | Dr. Phil
If you strive to eat healthily but often crave carbs, here’s one way to indulge without destroying your diet: healthy lemon potato salad. Nutritionist Keri Glassman shares her recipe in the video above for an alternative to mayonnaise-based potato salad, and explains how potatoes can actually help curb...

Brain-Eating Amoeba Kills California Woman

Dominique Mosbergen | July 3, 2015 | Healthy Living
A 21-year-old woman from Bishop, California, has reportedly died from a rare but devastating infection caused by a brain-eating amoeba. Inyo County public health officials told the Reno Gazette-Journal that the woman died on June 20 after being infected by Naegleria fowleri, a microscopic amoeba usually...

Aetna To Buy Humana For $37 Billion In Cash And Stock

Jade Walker | July 3, 2015 | Business
July 3 (Reuters) - Health insurer Aetna Inc said it would buy smaller rival Humana Inc for about $37 billion in cash and stock, in the largest ever deal in the insurance industry. The combination will push Aetna close to Anthem Inc's No.2 insurer spot by membership, and would nearly...

Russian Cargo Ship Successfully Launched; Will Bring Critical Supplies To International Space Station

Jade Walker | July 3, 2015 | Science
MOSCOW (AP) — A Russian booster rocket on Friday successfully launched an unmanned cargo ship to the International Space Station, whose crew is anxiously awaiting it after the successive failures of two previous supply missions. A Soyuz-U rocket blasted off flawlessly from Russia-leased Baikonur launch pad in Kazakhstan, placing the...

Jeremy Ringquist, Oregon Man Accused Of Killing Parents And Storing Bodies In Freezer, Dies

Jade Walker | July 3, 2015 | Crime
EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — An Oregon man accused of murdering his parents and storing their bodies in a freezer has died in a hospital after a suicide attempt in his jail cell, authorities said. Lane County sheriff's Sgt. Carrie Carver said Jeremy Ringquist, 38, of Springfield died Thursday night. County...

George Takei Calls Justice Clarence Thomas A 'Clown In Blackface' Over Marriage Equality Dissent

Dominique Mosbergen | July 3, 2015 | Gay Voices
George Takei has come under fire this week for calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a “clown in blackface” over the judge's stance on marriage equality. However, the “Star Trek” actor insists that his comment was not racially motivated. During an interview with Fox 10 Phoenix, Takei,...

Oregon Bakery Fined For Refusing To Make Wedding Cake For Lesbian Couple

Michael McLaughlin | July 2, 2015 | Gay Voices
The owners of an Oregon bakery must pay a $135,000 fine for refusing to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple, a state official ruled on Thursday. Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian agreed with a preliminary ruling that Sweet Cakes by Melissa illegally discriminated...

Drug Traffickers Get Creative When Mailing Meth To Hawaii

Chloe Fox | July 2, 2015 | Weird News
HONOLULU (AP) — Federal agents last month intercepted a package mailed to Hawaii from Southern California containing a toaster oven. Hidden inside the four-slice toaster, there appeared to be 6 pounds of crystal meth. Leland Akau Sr. and Allen Gorion, who allegedly received the package in Kapolei, pleaded not guilty...

When Greece Forgave Germany's Debt

Andrew Hart | July 2, 2015 | World
LONDON (AP) — Forgiving debt, if done right, can get an economy back on its feet. The International Monetary Fund certainly thinks so, according to a new report in which it argues Greece should get help.

This Is What The End Of European Democracy Looks Like

Daniel Marans | July 2, 2015 | World
Underlying the question of whether European leaders and the Greek state will be able to come to terms amid the financial crisis is one even more fundamental: Is there room in Europe for democracy? In January, Greek voters elected a government on a platform of anti-austerity, one that argued...

Black Church Fires In South Not Linked, No Criminal Act In South Carolina Blaze

Andrew Hart | July 2, 2015 | Crime
GREELEYVILLE, S.C. (AP) — As social media buzzed about church fires in the South, investigators announced Thursday that weather caused a destructive blaze at a predominantly black church in South Carolina. The State Law Enforcement Division said in a statement that investigators found no evidence of criminal intent in the...