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Teletubbies-Joy Division Mashup Will Give You Nightmares

Ed Mazza | March 30, 2015 | Comedy
TV's "Teletubbies" have always had a sort of stoner appeal to them, but this new video might be more of a bad trip. The clip shows the characters from the beloved British TV show in black and white, and set to the funereal tune of...

Taylor Swift Wins Artist Of The Year At IHeartRadio Awards

Kelly Chen | March 30, 2015 | Entertainment
The iHeartRadio Music Awards should be called the iHeartTaylorSwift Awards. The pop singer cleaned house at the show Sunday, winning artist of the year and song of the year for "Shake It Off," and even assisted Madonna by strumming her guitar onstage while the pop icon sang a new song.

The Most Gracious Responses To Common (And Rude) Situations

Lindsey Keen | March 30, 2015 | Healthy Living
Whether you live in the nation’s most polite state or its rudest, boorish people are all around. No matter what you do, you likely will find yourself in a position every now and then where someone does something so obscenely impolite that you are at a loss for how to...

Here's How Gratitude Affects The Human Body

Graham Nelson | March 30, 2015 | Healthy Living
"Thank you." These two little words may not seem exceptional on their own, but they can have an enormous impact on your mental and physical well-being. According to a number of studies, gratitude can actually make you calmer, thinner and overall healthier. Check out the infographic below to learn more...

2016 Hopefuls And Wealthy Are Aligned On Inequality

Kelly Chen | March 29, 2015 | Politics
Appearing at a candidate forum in late January, three likely Republican presidential contenders — Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul — all made a striking confession: They considered “the increasing gap between rich and poor” to be a problem.

Rihanna Rocks 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards In Versace Green Fur Coat & Thigh-High Boots

Dana Oliver | March 29, 2015 | Style
When Rihanna posted a photo of Lil' Kim on her Instagram account Thursday, we had no idea that she'd recreate the rapper's style at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Riri looked like she stepped straight out of the 1997 music video for "

The First 'Fear The Walking Dead' Trailer Looks Intense

Bill Bradley | March 29, 2015 | Entertainment
Coming off the shocking season finale of "The Walking Dead," AMC released the first trailer for the new spinoff, "Fear the Walking Dead." From the video, it seems like there's a strange virus going around. Hmm ... wonder what that could be? The new show is set to...

John Oliver's April Fools' Day Pledge Will Restore The True Meaning Of April 1st

Ed Mazza | March 30, 2015 | Comedy
John Oliver wants to bring back the true meaning of April 1st — and it's got nothing to do with pulling an April Fools' Day prank or hoax. It's "the day we traditionally look at our calendars and think, 'Oh shit, I really have to do my...

16 Shocking Allegations In Scientology Documentary 'Going Clear'

Erin Whitney | March 29, 2015 | Entertainment
The Church of Scientology has long been a controversial institution among both the religious community and entertainment business. But the latest documentary from Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney, "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief," explores the secrets of the organization through interviews with former high-ranking officials and...

Iran Backs Away From Key Detail In Nuclear Deal

Kelly Chen | March 29, 2015 | World
LAUSANNE, Switzerland — With a negotiating deadline just two days away, Iranian officials on Sunday backed away from a critical element of a proposed nuclear agreement, saying they are no longer willing to ship their atomic fuel out of the country.

Hillary Clinton Wants U.S.-Israel Relationship Back On 'Constructive Footing'

Igor Bobic | March 29, 2015 | Politics
WASHINGTON -- Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday that relations between the United States and Israel, frayed in recent months over nuclear negotiations with Iran and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress, ought to return to a "constructive footing." In a phone discussion with Malcolm Hoenlein, executive...

Coney Island Cyclone Roller Coaster Gets Stuck On Opening Day

Ed Mazza | March 29, 2015 | Crime
The Cyclone, the famed wooden roller coaster at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York, got stuck on its first operating day of the season on Sunday. The coaster at Luna Park got stuck near the top of its first big hill, and about a dozen...

Answering These 13 Life Questions Will Make You Wiser

Nico Pitney | March 30, 2015 | Healthy Living
Earlier this year, HuffPost launched Sophia, a project to collect life lessons from fascinating people. We've asked some brilliant and accomplished individuals -- best-selling authors, Nobel Prize-winning scientists, top artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, and more -- to share practical wisdom they've learned in the course of their lives...

Apple CEO: Pro-discrimination ‘religious Freedom ’ Laws Are Dangerous - The Washington Post

Alana Horowitz | March 29, 2015 | Politics
There’s something very dangerous happening in states across the country.

White House To Benjamin Netanyahu: Your Move - POLITICO

Alana Horowitz | March 29, 2015 | World
A dozen Jewish House Democrats laid it out for deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes during a meeting in the Longworth House Office Building last week: Enough. They’re just as upset about what Benjamin Netanyahu said ruling out a two-state solution, but President Barack Obama didn’t need to keep reminding...

Syria's President: Islamic State Has Expanded Since Start Of U.S. Air Strikes

Kelly Chen | March 29, 2015 | World
WASHINGTON, March 29 (Reuters) - Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in a U.S. television interview that Islamic State, which has seized swaths of territory in Syria and Iraq, has been gaining recruits since the start of U.S.-led air strikes against the militant group. Asked how much benefit he was getting...

Major 7.7 Quake Strikes Off Papua New Guinea, Tsunami Warning Issued

Kelly Chen | March 29, 2015 | Green
SYDNEY, March 30 (Reuters) - A major earthquake with a magnitude 7.7 struck off Papua New Guinea on Monday, official monitors said, and a tsunami warning was issued soon after. The epicenter of the 33 km (22 mile) deep quake was near the town of Rabaul in the northeast of...

Ted Talks In New Hampshire: Can Ted Cruz Cajole His Way Into 2016 Contention?

Scott Conroy | March 29, 2015 | Politics
NASHUA, N.H. -- When he's out on the campaign trail in public view, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) likes his hair gel extra-shiny, his wife and two adorable daughters close to his side, and a microphone attached to his body at all times. The former college debate national champion knows a...

Duke Heads To Final Four After 66-52 Win Over Gonzaga

Kelly Chen | March 29, 2015 | Sports
HOUSTON (AP) — A special group of freshmen is taking Duke and Coach K back to the NCAA Final Four. The Blue Devils and their trio of freshmen starters are going to their 16th Final Four, a record-matching 12th for coach Mike Krzyzewski, after a 66-52 win Sunday in the...

Carrie Underwood Shares Adorable Photo Of Baby Isaiah Michael

Lauren Zupkus | March 29, 2015 | Entertainment
Does Carrie Underwood have a future athlete on her hands? The country singer gave her 1.7 million Instagram followers an adorable first look at her baby boy, Isaiah Michael, on Sunday. In the sweet shot, Underwood showed her support for her hockey player husband, Mike Fisher, and...