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Lyme Disease Is Wracking New England. Why Isn't More Being Done?

Lauren Weber | April 19, 2015 | Politics
The following story was reported by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting, an independent, nonprofit news center based at Boston University and WGBH News, and published here in collaboration with The Huffington Post. Sign up...

Watch These Timid Chimps Look Both Ways Before Crossing The Road

Macrina Cooper-White | April 18, 2015 | Science
Look both ways before you cross the street! That life-saving precaution was drilled into us as children -- and apparently chimpanzees have picked it up too. The video above shows four chimps navigating a highway in Uganda. Watch as a timid youngster swivels his head from left to...

Secret Files Reveal The Structure Of Islamic State

Braden Goyette | April 18, 2015 | World
An Iraqi officer planned Islamic State's takeover in Syria and SPIEGEL has been given exclusive access to his papers. They portray an organization that, while seemingly driven by religious fanaticism, is actually coldly calculating.

Elite FBI Forensic Unit Gave Flawed Testimony In Almost All Trials Before 2000

Braden Goyette | April 18, 2015 | Politics
The Justice Department and FBI have formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000.

Relationship Sours Between Bush And Rubio As GOP Primary Heats Up

Braden Goyette | April 18, 2015 | Politics
NASHUA, N.H. (AP) — Ties between Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, political allies for more than a decade, are fraying as the Republican presidential campaign picks up. In public, mentor Bush and protege Rubio have avoided criticizing each other since Rubio announced his candidacy. But...

2,200 Walmart Employees Out Of Work Over Plumbing Problems

Braden Goyette | April 18, 2015 | Business
Read More: Walmart, Business News
Walmart surprised everyone and put 2,200 people out of work Monday when it temporarily closed five stores.

Finance Officials: Threats To Global Economy On The Horizon

Braden Goyette | April 18, 2015 | Business
WASHINGTON (AP) — World finance officials said Saturday they see a number of threats on the horizon for a global economy still clawing back from the deepest recession in seven decades, and a potential Greek debt default presents the most immediate risk. After finance officials wrapped up three days of...

9 Tidbits From George Lucas' Chat With Stephen Colbert At The Tribeca Film Festival

Matthew Jacobs | April 18, 2015 | Entertainment
The chance to see George Lucas discuss his career ranked fairly high in our Tribeca Film Festival priorities, especially with Stephen Colbert conducting the interview. Apparently we weren't alone: The festival sold out one of its largest flagship auditoriums for Friday's hour-long panel, part of the Tribeca Talks...

What GOP Hopefuls Think Of Tom Cotton's Claim That Bombing Iran Would Take 'Several Days'

Braden Goyette | April 18, 2015 | Politics
After leading an effort to derail the nuclear negotiations between the U.S. and Iran, Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., said earlier this month that the U.S. could significantly damage Iran’s nuclear capabilities in a short bombing campaign lasting only “several days.”

BuzzFeed Deleted 3 Posts Under Pressure From Its Business Department

Braden Goyette | April 18, 2015 | Media
Earlier this week, BuzzFeed launched an internal review of any posts that its editors or writers had deleted from the site since editor-in-chief Ben Smith was hired in January 2012. In an interview on Friday, and a memo sent to staff on Saturday, Smith revealed that the review has already...

Rand Paul Clashes With Military Hawks At New Hampshire GOP Conference

Braden Goyette | April 18, 2015 | Politics
NASHUA, N.H. (AP) — Rand Paul lashed out Saturday at military hawks in the Republican Party in a clash over foreign policy dividing the packed GOP presidential field. Paul, a first-term senator from Kentucky who favors a smaller U.S. footprint in the world, said that some of his Republican colleagues...

Who Needs Secret Service Protection? Mike Huckabee May Be Packing Heat On The 2016 Campaign Trail

Scott Conroy | April 18, 2015 | Politics
HUDSON, N.H. -- When he ran for president in 2008, Mike Huckabee famously traveled around the country with Chuck Norris in tow as his unofficial bodyguard. But as he gears up for his second White House run, the former Arkansas governor might consider acting as his own...

Ben Affleck Reportedly Asked PBS To Censor His Slave-Owning Ancestor

Erin Whitney | April 18, 2015 | Entertainment
The PBS series "Finding Your Roots" is all about uncovering the ancestry of the show's celebrity guests. But according to a hacked Sony email, one guest requested to have his family tree censored. Ben Affleck was featured in a "Finding Your Roots" episode from last October, "Roots of...

The Most Stunning Celebrity Spring Weddings

Lily Karlin | April 18, 2015 | Entertainment
You may have more than a few nuptials on your calendar this Summer, but wedding season is really a year-round affair, and Spring is just as good a time as any to tie the knot.

Ben Stiller Announced Penelope Cruz Will Be In 'Zoolander 2' In The Best Way

Lily Karlin | April 18, 2015 | Entertainment
Okay "Zoolander 2" fans, the flick just got a hot new cast member! Ben Stiller announced on Instagram and Twitter that none other than the beautiful Penelope Cruz has joined the cast in the fashion comedy.

Beyoncé Stuns In Bikini Pics From Hawaii Vacation

Lily Karlin | April 18, 2015 | Entertainment
Queen Bey has got that vacation life on lock. Beyoncé's Hawaii trip with Jay Z made Internet rounds earlier this month when a picture captured the star giving advice to a young fan planning to sing at her upcoming school talent show. Now, Beyoncé has taken to...

Kylie Jenner Debuts Cotton-Candy Pink Hair at Coachella

Lily Karlin | April 18, 2015 | Entertainment
Breaking hair news, again: Kylie Jenner has a new hair style for Coachella this weekend, which she debuted while at the arts and music festival with her rumored boyfriend Tyga.

Parole DENIED For Brett Thomas, Who Went On 9-Day Killing Spree In 1977

Andy Campbell | April 18, 2015 | Crime
SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — A convicted California serial killer who went on a nine-day rampage that claimed the lives of four people has been denied parole and cannot reapply for seven years. Brett Matthew Paul Thomas, now 56, and his friend, Mark Titch, were convicted in 1977 after committing...

White House Correspondents' Dinner Buries The Lede -- Its Student Scholarships

Julia Craven | April 18, 2015 | Politics
WASHINGTON -- What's the most important thing that happens at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner? Ask the people in charge, and they'll probably tell you it's the scholarships given to promising college students with money raised from the event. But a new documentary suggests that not...

GOP Presidential Contenders Go After Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire

AP | April 18, 2015 | Politics
7 p.m. (EDT) On the question of what to do about Islamic State militants, hawks were heard the loudest at the New Hampshire forum drawing a multitude of Republican presidential hopefuls. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said in his keynote address Saturday night that threats posed by radical Islamic terrorism won't...