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Jed Lewison

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Jed Lewison


Sarah Palin Winks At America

October 2, 2008 10:56 PM

Sarah Palin sure did wink a lot during the debate.

My question is, why? Was she trying to woo America?

Or is she trying to pull something over on us?

Here's some video:

Jed Lewison


Palin Survived, But Biden Won

October 2, 2008 10:33 PM

My instant take on the debate:

Sarah Palin did not offer specifics, did not reassure those who have questions about her readiness, and most importantly did not defend John McCain (other than repeatedly calling him a "maverick"), nor did she make a case for how she or McCain will deliver the change this country needs.

More importantly, Joe Biden turned in a performance of a lifetime. And he was on offense all night, focusing on John McCain. He was direct, and honest -- ironically, the straight talk all came from him. He talked about change, and he was credible.

Bottom-line: Sarah Palin did not have a calamitous moment, but if the question is who made a better case for change, Joe Biden clearly won.

Jed Lewison


Sarah Palin Won't Defend John McCain, Won't Answer Question

October 2, 2008 10:00 PM

Sarah Palin refuses to defend John McCain's record on deregulation.

It's almost like she thinks she's running for 2012.

Jed Lewison


Palin: "How Long Have I Been At This? Like Five Weeks?"

October 2, 2008 09:51 PM

Sarah Palin on why she doesn't have many specifics to offer:

Jed Lewison


CNN: Biden Wins Debate, 51% to 36%

October 2, 2008 09:51 PM

CNN's post-debate poll shows that 51% of debate watchers felt Biden won, compared to 36% for Sarah Palin.

In CBS's post debate poll, which Biden also won, 98% thought Biden was knowledgeable on the issues, compared to just two-thirds for Palin.

Here's video of the CNN poll:

Jed Lewison


Frank Demolishes O'Reilly: "Your Stupidity Gets In The Way Of Rational Discussion"

October 2, 2008 08:51 PM

Barney Frank just demolished Falafel Bill O'Reilly on "The Factor."

It was a thing of beauty from the start, and peaked when Frank told O'Reilly that O'Reilly's "stupidity gets in the way of rational discussion." Frank even used the L-word, telling O'Reilly that he was "lying."

O'Reilly had invited Frank on the show to sandbag him, but in the end, Frank thoroughly ruined O'Reilly's plans. Here's video:

Jed Lewison


Obama Campaign Releases Debate "Pre-Buttal"

October 2, 2008 08:32 PM

The Obama campaign, hoping to get out in front of expected McCain campaign attacks during tonight's debate, released the following "pre-buttal":

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Jed Lewison


Paranoia Strikes Camp McCain: Accuses Katie Couric Of Editing Interview To Make Palin Look Bad

October 2, 2008 07:57 PM

Looks like McCain-land wants to take their defense of Sarah Palin into a new level of paranoia: they are now accusing Katie Couric and CBS News of leaving Palin's strongest moments on the edit-room floor.

The accusation came from McCain's top economic adviser, Douglas Holtz-Eakin just a few minutes ago on Hardball.

Here's video:

Jed Lewison


President Bush Slams John McCain's Pre-Debate Spin*

October 2, 2008 07:02 PM

Bush decries* what he calls "the soft bigotry of low expectations" emanating from Camp McCain as the Palin-Biden debate approaches:

* Just kidding: Bush's comments were made in 2007 and had nothing to do with tonight's debate. But you get the point.

Jed Lewison


No, Sarah Palin Never Met With The British Ambassador

October 2, 2008 05:41 PM

John Cole catches another incredible act of foreign policy resume padding: Sarah Palin's aides claimed that she had met with Sir Nigel Sheinwald, the British Ambassador to the United States.

Only one problem. The meeting never took place.

Jed Lewison


Strangest Pre-Debate Spin Ever?

October 2, 2008 05:12 PM

Just a quick question about this Michigan announcement -- that McCain is pulling out of the state. Does this mean McCain-land is the first campaign ever to make their pre-debate spin be "we're going to lose"? I guess the good news for them is that it lowers the bar...

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Jed Lewison


McCain Says "I'm Not A Rich Man"

October 2, 2008 11:41 AM

John McCain was joking around on Morning Joe earlier today about gambling on the baseball playoffs and let loose a verifiably false claim, saying "I'm not a rich man."

Now I know he just trying to say he wasn't a good sports bettor, but if he can fun around, so can I.

So here's the result -- a video, reminding John McCain exactly how rich he really is:

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Jed Lewison


Nothing To Say

October 2, 2008 08:06 AM

After rewatching the Katie Couric-Sarah Palin interviews, it occurs to me that Palin's real problem is that she's got nothing to say.

I mean that figuratively, but as this video I put together shows, at times it's also literally true:

Sarah Palin's got the ambition to be Vice President (or President), but it's pretty clear that she doesn't have a clue why, other than a vague commitment to the religious right coupled with a touch of conservative populism.

She's probably got the charm and basic memory ability to muddle her way through the vice presidential debate tonight, but she's given no indication that she has any particular insight to offer on any of the fundamental problems facing this country -- economic, foreign policy, or anything else.

Although I have no doubt that she seriously wants to win, she is the most unserious candidate for national office in my lifetime.

And that makes John McCain even worse -- because he's the guy who picked her.

Jed Lewison


Homer Simpson Tries To Vote For Obama (VIDEO)

October 2, 2008 05:10 AM

Homer tries to vote for Barack Obama, but runs into a few problems.

Posted on YouTube by user "deebold08."

It's a good reminder -- get out and vote everyone!

Jed Lewison


The Feud Continues

October 2, 2008 04:24 AM

David Letterman was in top form again tonight, ripping into John McCain from every imaginable direction.

This video clip starts off a tad slow, but it really gets going around one minute in.

I'll try not to be too much of a spoiler, but you really have to hear what he says about how doing debate camp in Arizona helps Sarah Palin on the foreign policy front.

At the end of the clip, there's a funny new fake McCain ad about conserving energy, and a hilarious video clip of John McCain and George Bush getting lost on stage.

Here's the video:

Jed Lewison


I Dare Her To Say This During The Debate

October 2, 2008 01:09 AM

Sarah Palin, on Monday, claiming to be (in her words) a "normal Joe Six-pack American":

Palin said if she and John McCain win, they will "put government back on the side of the people of Joe Six-pack like me."

Palin said she and her husband, Todd, have been affected by the economic downturn.

"The relatively low number of investments that we have, looking at the hit that we're taking, probably $20,000 last week in his 401(k) plan that was hit. I'm thinking, geez, the rest of America, they're facing the exact same thing that we are," she said.

Note that in 2002 (the most recent year for which I could find data), the median household net worth -- excluding  home values -- was $10,500. Palin lost twice that amount in one week alone. And she thinks that her financial situation is typical normal?

Apparently so:

"I know what Americans are going through," she said a day after a record 778-point plunge on Wall Street. "Todd and I, heck, we're going through that right now even as we speak, which may put me again kind of on the outs of those Washington elite who don't like the idea of just an everyday, working-class American running for such an office."

Palin makes $125,000 yearly as governor, and her husband makes about $90,000 a year combined from his commercial fishing business and his part-time job as a production operator on the North Slope.

Palin said her husband's 401(k) retirement account lost probably $20,000 in the last week as the market dropped.

According to the most recent state financial disclosure forms, filed March 10, 2008, the Palins had about $164,699 in a private investment account and $198,102 in a separate retirement account.

I don't mind the idea of rich people running for office. Heck, Barack Obama is rich. But don't tell me your financial situation is typical when it's not.

The scary thing is that Palin might not be lying. Instead, she may actually think that having $365K invested in the stock market is typical, and she might actually think that losing $20K is just having a bad week.

There's a lot of people who'd love to have $20K to lose.

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