Drivers Face Long Lines For Ticket Amnesty

03/16/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


The lines are out the door.

Drivers who have waited to the last minute to take advantage of Chicago's Parking Ticket Amnesty program are facing very long lines. Lines that are often extending outside Department of Revenue Payment Centers.

This morning, several hundred people stood in line at the North Side payment center located at 2550 W. Addison waiting to pay up before tomorrow's amnesty deadline.

In addition, traffic trying to access the payment center's parking lot, is also backing up, causing some traffic delays along Addison Ave.
Lines at the DOR Payment Facility at 400 W. Superior, we're just as long, but drivers at least had the luxury of standing inside. The building, which is nearly the entire block has a very long hallway and Chicagoans were lined up down the entire length of it. A quick sampling of people in line seemed to indicate wait times were easily exceeding an hour.

Tomorrow, Saturday February 14th, is the last day to take advantage of the ticket amnesty program.

The Expired Meter STRONGLY suggests you try to pay your tickets online.