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Iraq-US Security Pact: Bitter Battles Ahead?

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The Real News Network spoke with Leila Fadel about the Iraq/US deal that will not allow residual forces to stay after 2011.

On Sunday the Iraqi government agreed to keep U.S. troops in the country for three more years although this does rest upon the approval of Iraqi parliament, who is meeting later this month. This agreement does not come without it's critics including disapproval from other government officials and Iran officials.

The Real News spoke to McClatchy's Baghdad Bureau Chief, Leila Fadel who seems optimistic about this agreement, "I think the way that this agreement should really be looked at is the end of what is deemed as U.S. occupation". Although she did express concern over the likelihood of the bill passing parliament stating "at this point it's unclear.....but there's still a lot of opposition" referring to the Sadrist and Sunni elements within the government who are vehemently against the proposed agreement. Yesterday discussions in parliament were canceled due to fighting over the proposed agreement.

Fadel feels that this agreement ultimately puts power back in the hands of Iraqi people noting it "basically says the Americans must withdraw" and this means "the Iraqi government will have a lot more say about what happens in their country." However, contestants are justifiably concerned over potential loops holes.

With such opposition to the agreement Fadel says, "I see a lot of bitter battles in the future once this agreement goes in to place".

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