12/01/2011 01:36 pm ET | Updated Jan 31, 2012

Obama Submits to W: How Painful Was That?

I was watching George W. Bush speak this morning at the World AIDS Day event in Washington, D.C. and was struck by the introduction TV commentators made of him. "George Bush is loved in Africa because of all he did to fight AIDS on that continent; all the trips; and all the funding he sent over there has not been forgotten," said one.

Here's something Liberals might blame on W.

Of course they won't ... because to them, small-minded fops that they are, W can only be blamed for something, not complimented for anything. Kind of like Conservatives feel about Obama but then again Obama's accomplished little and been responsible for making nearly everything worse.

So the really funny aspect of this morning's festivities at the Presidential podium in DC was that after W spoke, we had Obama coming on and having to speak in high praise and very glowing, laudatory terms about Bush when he's grown very accustomed to and comfortable with using Bush as his whipping boy. It was positively delicious watching Obama having to bite his tongue.

Painful to be sure, but for a Conservative it was a good kind of pain.

Conservatives and a mounting sea of anti-Obama Americans, were treated to the strained, pained look on Obama's face while he complimented a man I'm sure he hates. The irony was immense and the hypocrisy palpable.

But to just comment for a moment on the entirety of politics not just Liberals, this is the central, electable trait of politicians of any party: they must be able to lie through their teeth and make it look real and truthful while wincing is kept to a minimum.

After this nice little commendation session, Obama will quickly revert to blaming Bush for every ill, every fiasco and every poorly conceived bill as the "Bush made me do it" broken record drones on interminably.

As badly as every rabid, Liberal Bush-hater wanted Bush out of The White House for eight years, now Conservatives want Obama out with the same zeal, the same intensity and the same passion ... if not more.