08/30/2011 03:28 pm ET Updated Oct 30, 2011

The Leadership Question

Funny how I didn't even have to put Obama's name in the title and you knew who this column was about, right?

"Politics is perhaps the only profession
for which no preparation is thought necessary."

~ Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894)

If Barack Hussein Obama didn't read the above quote, he should have because he's the least-prepared president America has ever had.

Winston Churchill once described Clement Atlee, his Socialist Party adversary, as "a modest man with much to be modest about." Obama got the second part right.

Leadership? Of course he doesn't have any.

As Liberal pundits and the entire body Liberal start to question who exactly this man is that they've elected, Conservatives like me are aghast. How could it possibly have taken this long for Obama believers to finally start to understand their level of complicity in electing a President who will undoubtedly be looked back upon as America's worst President? Jimmy Carter, move over! Richard Nixon, prepare to be less despised. Bill Clinton, don't worry that you were the first president ever disbarred. It won't even be close. Obama will beat them all handily.

Of course Obama lacked leadership ability from the start. He's a follower all the way, the kind of guy who sticks his toe daintily into the water while others plunge right in. Have you seen him throw a baseball? For Pete's sake, I want my president to be able to throw a baseball like a man, not a girl. Have you seen him swing a golf club? Amazingly, this man -- who swings like he shouldn't be allowed near a bag of clubs -- has played more golf during his first term than any other president. How does he find the time?

Now, and only now, Liberals are starting to question whether Obama has the leadership qualities required to lead this country? Sheesh, it was obvious to me and millions of other Americans who didn't buy his "notion" that he could lead, a notion that was nonsense from the beginning, that not only did he not possess the crucial leadership skills needed to be president but he didn't even have the fundamental experience vital to lead a lemonade stand.

Mercifully for the rest of us, Liberals are finally arising from their bella-Obama-induced trances and starting their drumbeat.

In a post entitled "Obama's Wishy-Washiness Isn't Helping," Dana Milbank, a previously obsequious Obama Liberal writer, starts to really stick it to his progressive soulmate. "The most powerful man in the world seems strangely powerless and irresolute," Milbank laments eerily. What did Milbank expect? Obama was the man Milbank and the rest of the now on-the-run Liberal media said would "transform America," represented "hope & change" (then, presumably for the good, now discovered to be for the worse) and solve all America's ills from closing Guantanamo to getting us out of Iraq & Afghanistan -- none of which he's done. These Liberal Media manipulators were wrong and will now, as they always do, scapegoat the Republicans and deny, deny, deny. Oh, and "wishy-washy" Milbank? The mere use of the phrase says all one needs to know about its writer who would seem to be calling the kettle black in this instance.

In a recent op-ed piece, Liberal stalwart and Bush-hater Maureen Dowd strangely deserted Obama to chastise him gently. Like a mother telling a child to finish his or her peas, Dowd admonishes Obama by altering his 2008 campaign slogans a bit and using them against him, but nothing scathing. She evenhandedly includes copious mentions of W and his father H.W. to subliminally remind us that not much of this is Obama's fault. As a great writer friend of mine observed about Dowd, "Praising with faint damns, or a crow cawing from a tree top where she would wish to be seen as a canary in a coal mine."

Obama was a follower in leader's clothing from the beginning -- or, as Winston Churchill also said about Clement Atlee, "a sheep in sheep's clothing." Anybody who didn't see it then and who doesn't finally see it now is either not smart or easily deceived ... or both. These dupes include such highbrow pseudo-intellectuals as Dowd herself, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Andrea Mitchell, Keith Olbermann and regular White House drooler, Chuck Todd. All these fervent, preposterously loyal (for some bizarre reason) Obama supporters can be blamed for his being elected and continuing his debasement of this country.

Americans have only the Liberal Media to blame for the Obama disaster in which an unqualified, inexperienced person was elected to the world's highest office, based on those media constantly touting his capabilities. Americans should not let these media ignoramuses escape being called into account. While the Press should never be muzzled and the First Amendment is the foremost cornerstone of our or any free society, there will be extremes and these extremes must be identified and called out. Letting these journalistic degenerates virtually elect by proxy this, the worst president of them all, is clearly a great leap backwards.

It's been said -- and I believe it's true -- "a leader can only be born, not made." Obama is neither. Unfortunately he's not even close.