How To Clean Dried Mushrooms

02/15/2012 10:00 am ET | Updated Aug 31, 2012

Dear Lynne,

How do you get the grit out of dried mushrooms? Even after soaking and straining, my super expensive porcini sauce tasted like it had been through a sand storm.

Tommi in Chapel Hill


Dear Tommi,

You might have strained the soaked mushrooms instead of using this approach.

Put the mushrooms in hot water to cover them by about one inch. Soak until they soften, then lift them out of the liquid (don't throw it away) and rinse them under cold, running water while feeling for any grit so you can loosen it and rinse it away.

Cook the mushrooms however you wish. As for the soaking liquid, run it through a paper towel-lined strainer to remove the grit. Use as directed in the recipe, or freeze to use in pan sauce reductions and soups. It's like money in the bank.