Angry Fans Attend Rangers-Twins Game Brandishing Firearms

08/18/2009 09:42 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

ARLINGTON, TX (Sportsman's Daily Wire Service) Healthcare protestors who've been showing up outside town hall meetings with everything from holstered handguns to semi-automatic rifles, have apparently inspired a number of angry, gun-toting sports fans in and around Texas. Before last night's Rangers game against the Minnesota Twins, at least six people identifying themselves only as "American sportsfans" were seen outside Rangers Ballpark brandishing firearms.

"Every sports fan in this country has a second amendment right to bear arms," said Rex Lee, a forty-two year old school bus driver. "So long as the Rangers got a shot at the wildcard, no one's gonna get hurt." The Rangers extended their lead in the wild card race to one game after last night's 8-5 win over the Twins.

Lee was joined by at least five other gun-brandishing protestors. One strolling the grounds outside the stadium wouldn't have been out of place on the set of a Sam Peckinpah film, holding semi-automatics in each hand, with two ammunition belts criss-crossing his chest. Another protester cradled an antique musket in an apparent homage to Texas hero Davy Crockett. Yet another wore a holstered pistol, with a tee shirt that read: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed..." (The wearer claimed that the full quote refers to Ty Cobb's statement, "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Yankees and Red Sox.")

"Carrying or owning firearms is part of our culture, it's part of our history," said Texas Governor Rick Perry, when he was asked if the public display of firearms outside the stadium might in any way impinge on the average fans' ballpark experience. "If this administration is going to continue to intrude on the lives of ordinary Texans...if the Federal guvmint lays a finger on Medicare, I'd go a step further and strongly urge grandma and grandpa to consider packing some heat. I mean, where does it end? Next thing you know a guvmint bureaucrat will tell (Rangers' manager) Ron Washington when to hit and run or which reliever to call in from the bullpen. Colsarnit, that's jut not gonna happen."