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Celebrity Dress Size Secret That Will Make You Feel Better

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Trying on clothes isn't always good lighting, perfect-fitting jeans, and slimming mirrors. It actually kind of sucks sometimes. At some point or another, everyone has experienced the shock -- and downright anger -- when the size you think you are doesn't fit you. Well, make that everybody but celebrities.

Recently, More editor Lesley Jane Seymour let the Today show -- and the world -- in on a little secret: Fashion editors cut the size labels out of clothes on fashion shoots, as not to damage the oh-so-fragile egos of actresses. She said, "When we go to shoots it's all about the ego. If a celebrity says she's a size 8 and we know she's not we cut the sizes out because we know she won't put it on if it says it's a 10."

And you thought you had issues.

Sure, it's a blow to the ego when you wind up purchasing a pair of pants in a size 10 instead of an eight, but if they fit and look good, who cares? It's a well-known fact that all designers' "size charts" are not created equally. (But it sure does feel good when they run big!) Could you imagine not buying a dress or a pair of jeans that fit well because of the size? That's lunacy, I say!

So, if celebrities refuse to try on clothes that "aren't their size" on shoots, they must be missing out on a lot of great things when they head out shopping on their own. "Oh my God, this Marc Jacobs dress is to die for. Oh, they only have a size 10? Next." As a lover of fancy fashion that I'll probably never get to own, this hurts me.

And what do they do when they get married? Everybody knows wedding dresses run big (except if you get yours from J.Crew, like I did). Will an actress bride not wear the Monique Lhuillier of her dreams because it's "not available" in her coveted size four?

Get a grip, ladies. You're all, like, a size negative zero. If you need to wear that "dreaded two" once in while, suck it up. You know you're going to look good -- and less delusional.

What do you think of editors cutting the size labels our of their clothes?

Written by Nicole Fabian-Weber for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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