Historic Tweets Vol. 1: April 14th 1865

05/15/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

4/14 7:30AM "Looks like a nice day. Had an egg."

4/14 9:00AM "Reading the papers. Beard itches."

4/14 11:00AM "Cabinet meeting."

4/14 11:10AM "Stanton wants to hang R.E. Lee."

4/14 11:25AM "Welles' toupee keeps sliding around his head."

4/14 12:20PM "Stanton wants to hang Chase."

4/14 2:00PM "Ate lunch and signed a pardon."

4/14 3:00PM "Met with Andrew Johnson. He didn't seem drunk but he fell down the stairs."

4/14 4:00PM "Grants can't go to the show."

4/14 5:00PM "Carriage ride with the wife. Less nuts today."

4/14 6:00PM "Ate dinner."

4/14 7:30PM "Have idea for healing the country. Will write it out tomorrow."

4/14 10:00PM "Play very funny. Rocking chair comfortable. Beard still itches."